Say It Ain’t So - A Cancer Poem

by Charles Stromme


She’s gonna die soon son

Say it ain’t so

There’s nothing to do son

You’ll have to let go


A second opinion

There’s really no need

It’s growing inside her

A poisonous weed


Say it ain’t so Doc

Say it ain’t true

It can’t be her time yet

There’s so much to do


There’s so much to see yet

There’s so much to feel

So much I ain’t said yet

Please say it ain’t real


Up in Seattle

They’ve found something new

And sometimes it works

But not likely for you


Surgery first

By a medical group

Chemo is next

It’s a poisonous soup


Her hair will fall out

Have you ever seen that

She’ll shiver and puke

At the drop of a hat


And when it’s all done

Should she live until then

Radiation is next

She’ll be dangerously thin


It’s very expensive

And it hurts like a beast

So don’t get your hopes up

No not in the least


This isn’t a promise

We can’t guarantee

Anything will work out

It’s just wait and see


It’s just wait and see

But I’d take any chance

To stay with the girl

That I brung to the dance


The fourteen years since then

Have gone by so fast

Her sixty days left

A bad memory passed


I often forget about

How much I’ve prayed

For the things that I have

And how little I’ve paid


But when I go to bed

I’ll remember to say

Honey I love you

It’s been a great day

Submitted: February 08, 2023

© Copyright 2023 charles stromme. All rights reserved.

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I lost my aunt to cancer, and it was terrible to have to watch her suffer and it was even worse to watch her go. This poem really hits home. Beautiful.

Thu, February 9th, 2023 12:30am


Thank you, Chloe. I know your grief.

Wed, February 8th, 2023 7:44pm

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