Turkey Syria Earthquake

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When you finished reading this message, make sure the help reach the common man who lost everything on this unfortunate event we must never forget. May you know every moment is so valuable.

When I write for these quake thorned people, I have only one thought in my mind: How can I live this moment for them?

My philosophy is to stand for goodness,

I only state what the heart beats will remain so trusted for the honor of one common plan for our common home,

The promise come from every precious life is the most awesome true love of every lost moment,

Your trust as long as it takes to find out that so many painful moments pass before us,

Request in our rescue mission that there is nothing to hide, but each milestone we cross in the name of humanity, there is something written in God’s book of untold accounts searching such stories a human birth ever dreamed of,

Your missed love touch on someone’s living bodies beneath the concrete rubbles moves many heartstrings through the tracks within never travelled,

Not again into memories we regret when we find such divine moments to secure their existence thirsting for the material water of life,

Are we making an effort to have them back in any moment in life so vulnerable?

Underneath the concrete rubbles the dream build by every man was shattered in a moment tremble one hearts pain,

Here rescuers never stopped a deep breath on this mission like I am nothing before the weaning of a spectator so unpredictable to search again,

We consider it a pious act for one birth to come together to save every life for the sake of humanity,

Meanwhile we saw something unexpected,

A father holds the hand of his dead daughter still under the buried rubbles and prays that his beloved child may rest in peace in the heaven above,

No one can recall what went through Him watching the buried faith beyond holding the hand freezing denied living life again defined in the limitless human soul,

Without anyone seeing what happened under the pieces of concrete stable a new born lost his mother birthed under the cry to a spirit of the new world,

As we heard the cry of that unseen birth in the trembling winter, we lost the feeling found itself hunkered down in everyone’s facial expressions,

We held both hands welcome this infant together shall be the joy of one heartbeat,

However, a rescue dog couldn’t understand the path of politically voted thorns with forgotten love seeing the sadness faded away like delusion to conquer the darkness will wake up to see this moment hiding its paws,

When I opened my eyes, I began to feel the human touch has brought me the new vision to tell you this memoir,

They cried with joy that we have found one more person in the desert-like concrete remains of an unseen earthquake,

My mind was waiting another unforgettable moment I never knew will bring the faith to seek out our loved ones,

Once again one common home joined us for a rescue mission without any extra financial aid,

We valued time we save will help everyone on this land from the terrible debris unafraid to see the dark rituals ever waiting for,

Our human expressions can rebuild a new community this story will reunite humanity in a time we are waging resources to finance an unending war,

I regret if these pieces of concrete remains, nobody can blame, will shatter a moment to think, we are still in a state of helplessness to do the good,

To tell you, if you look at the laws of war, and answer what an endless lookout for war can worth, this much only for hatred and regrets,

Our common home has answers where we hold the love of one humanity,

That we will fight war only against the evil who will compromise the humanity into unbearable torture again into the sin,

Where we commit only for the regrettable hatred cannot avoid that weakens the common plan before the living Earth with political and economic interests,

Today I call upon you that this message leaves us only for one question,

“Are we safe with this common plan whatever we have made on this living Earth for our common home is regrettable as we have time, resources and money for financing the endless war? But we only avoid what can financially aid for people who have lost everything on this Earthquake and still lost what can happen to their left generations? So, can I ask you, is it not your own responsibility that we don’t have an answer for this situation that own what have created our insecurity on this living Earth?”

There is someone intercepting my heart beats, that will fall forward for the good, so much shall the living Earth in the name of our creator, make every moment we give back in this trust, will ignite there is life living on our Lords eternal wish, that we are always united for a common plan in this common home, for the promised home gifts where we shine now. Let us raise this expectation in every heart, who honors the wish we are living together for our own people, whom we fight this pursuit for peace, hope and joy with unconditional love in the name of humanity on this living Earth. May one of us bring back endlessly in a life committed to save every upbringing for our generations ahead.

Submitted: February 10, 2023

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