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She was a year and change younger. Despite that, I am little brother, she Is big sister. My temperament is mild, hers decisive. That tran... Read Chapter


Mother comes from down her room, Raynn and I are in the main hall, it's too big to be merely a room. I'm reading to her, a deliciously fu... Read Chapter


Neither sister nor I care about world events, or local events for that matter. We do discuss them as intellectual or philosophical exerci... Read Chapter


Besides her occult pursuits, mother has another occupation, we guess occupation. She travels every few months, not long, two or three day... Read Chapter


Mother returns on the third day, her travel suits must be in the luggage, she's in an ankle length skirt, ivory blouse, wedges, no hat. ... Read Chapter


Mother goes off to swim, the main hall has floor to ceiling windows, clear now. She goes out, strips off her shirt and socks, stands with... Read Chapter


After dinner, Eisheth says she's going back to the circle, 'The most recent incantation seems to be doing something.' 'Where do you get... Read Chapter


While Eisheth is out running the grounds, Raynn is doing my makeover. Doesn't take long, dark blue eye shadow, line of black mascara, fin... Read Chapter


Eisheth flies off to Whereverland, not a part of Disneyland which is in an entirely different direction, or Neverland, Michael Jackson's ... Read Chapter


Demon mother is home, 'Ate on the flight, no lunch. Private is so much better, I had vegetable stew, a warm crusty baguette, a hunk of ex... Read Chapter


Two years fly by. Raynn is nothing if not persistent, diligent. We say the words so many times they are tattooed on our brain. Then a mon... Read Chapter


Madam disappears, slowly, a fading shimmer, then gone. Raynn, ‘That was different.’ ‘Do you feel different?’ She’s still ... Read Chapter


Three demons in the circle, two brand new, one progressing past toddler  to elementary school. We sit, not in a row, facing out, bac... Read Chapter


We stayed up shooting the breeze, past Eisheth’s bedtime, past ours too. I haven’t seen one in the morning in I can’t recall. We li... Read Chapter


Home, Raynn and I go to our rooms and deconstruct. I’ll take my new clothes to the laundry room later. Look for Raynn, find she and Eis... Read Chapter


Eisheth researched, found three homes on three Caribbean islands, two of which were built but never occupied. Interviews with island real... Read Chapter


With the new house and arrangements we’ve just gotten around to the second Flavia book, The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag: I am... Read Chapter


A full moon sparkles the calm ocean while we gumbo on the patio. Raynn, ‘I could live here full time but I would mightily miss the Vi... Read Chapter


Nicely tanned and toned from a winter of swim and Caribbean sun, we close up and fly back to the Victorian in late April. Eisheth, ‘W... Read Chapter


Raynn and I are outside cruising the property then sitting on a boulder looking out over the valley and what appears to be an endless sta... Read Chapter

Twenty One

We pass a not quite normal week, Raynn and I practice invisibility, take mental snapshots of each other, of Eisheth. The zoom part will t... Read Chapter

Twenty Two

Eisheth is laughing as we recount our minor foray, ‘Good first start, and without any direct communication Raynn knew just what to do.... Read Chapter

Twenty Three

Thus endeth my virginity. Raynn hovers invisible while Eisheth and I explore, taste, touch, lick...and, to be blunt, fuck. We don’t for... Read Chapter

Twenty Four

We rouse ourselves, we were in bed for the chat. Now we do morning things, then dress and go in search of hot caffeine. Eisheth is alread... Read Chapter

Twenty Five

Eisheth, ‘From now on, we go public, we go disguised, even to the market. I’ve ordered a few sets of fat sunglasses, tuck hair under ... Read Chapter

Twenty Six

I wake first, Raynn still on her back, Eisheth fused to her, one leg over Raynn’s. They show no sign of impending consciousness. I ease... Read Chapter

Twenty Seven

We’re checked into the Ambassador something in downtown Kansas City. Aside from a toiletries bag, a bag with a couple of blouses, a s... Read Chapter

Twenty Eight

At the hotel, lounging with a pleasant sated feeling, armed with a beer for me, wine for Raynn, couple of vodka minis over ice for Eishet... Read Chapter

Twenty Nine

Must be a school day. We don’t come across any teens, girls, boys, or any of the miscellaneous genders. Our final surreptitious home sc... Read Chapter


Eisheth makes a few trips, mostly entertaining herself by spying on mortals. She refrains from entering homes, as when we saw the dog thi... Read Chapter

Thirty One

Korona shows up, ‘Is the offer still good?’ Eisheth, ‘Of course, when do you need to get to university?’ ‘Not going, you ga... Read Chapter

Thirty Two

I’m at my coffee post when Raynn comes along, ‘Morning Mistress, a good night I trust.’ ‘Splendid, and no, you don’t get deta... Read Chapter

Thirty Three

We do a post lunch chill, then a swim while I do my tour of the grounds, today at a trot. I don’t notice anything going on that shouldn... Read Chapter

Thirty Four

A week later a tiny mite shows up, all of five feet, weighing in at nothing. She’s in black, long sleeve pullover, jeans, work boots. B... Read Chapter

Thirty Five

Three days later we’re unloading. Neither girl had much, they did need the trailer. When the car and the trailer are empty, Eisheth ret... Read Chapter

Thirty Six

We move through time, meeting the future waiting for us. It takes nearly a year, but we have a functional bot. While she’s still, well,... Read Chapter

Thirty Seven

I know I’m stubborn, single-minded, and obsessive. But those are all traits of great writers. Yes, and serial killers — what’s your... Read Chapter

Thirty Eight

To the Caribbean. The techies wanted in, the only decision was whether to fly private or use Demon Air. We decided to skip the plane, the... Read Chapter

Thirty Nine

As Raynn is occupied, Freida and I go up to her room. After oral and oral, me giving first, we go straight to missionary. My style is to ... Read Chapter


We sun and read for an hour, then move under the canopy. I bring ice water, as I'm settling in there's whisper in the air, then a fuzzy d... Read Chapter

Forty One

I don’t believe in heaven or hell. But I do believe in revenge. I usually serve it warm with a side of pain. Wednesday Addams We ... Read Chapter

Forty Two

We drop in. Woman, 'Well, well, demons visit, to what do we owe the honor?' The kids stand, come over to inspect us. 'I am Raynn, t... Read Chapter

Forty Three

Akaoni is Japanese for red demon, now the girl has a name, one she selected. Days have passed, she knows names now, is familiar with th... Read Chapter

Forty Four

After a stretch of Caribbean chill, our techs are full bore into the new projects. Breaks for meals, bit of swim to clear heads swimming ... Read Chapter

Forty Five

I'm in bed with Raynn, 'Our Demon Doll seems to be adjusting well, Wednesday and Cassandra's doing.' Raynn, 'Wednesday is her daytime n... Read Chapter

Forty Six

We set out, Raynn, 'Madam and Demonides have apparently moved on, we have not seen Madam, Eisheth says Demonides has not been around eith... Read Chapter

Forty Seven

An evening of frolic goes down much as Raynn anticipated, although Korona demanded a second go after she practically devoured Raynn. I ... Read Chapter

Forty Eight

If we see Akaoni, we see Snowy. She's spent a month with the bird and is quite proficient. She trains me on the tablet, doesn't take much... Read Chapter

Forty Nine

A month later the Great Horneds are ready, three, all identical. These are full sized, same as the real owls. The five foot wingspan is i... Read Chapter


We are of the view, previously discussed, that past, present, and future are on one continuum, meaning the future is already set and we i... Read Chapter

Fifty One

When I wake, Madam has moved on. Roll out to the brush and flush, then shower. When I turn off the tap, the mite hands me a towel. She ha... Read Chapter

Fifty Two

She winds up having to steal a plane, a twelve passenger Learjet. The executive airfield is empty, nobody in the tower, no crews, no one ... Read Chapter

Fifty Three

Raynn and I alternate, one of us walks with Wednesday, the other floating ahead. Two small detours, one cabin which appeared empty but we... Read Chapter

Fifty Four

A month of civil wars near too numerous to count. In America, there's no point in shutting down the power grid, that helps neither side, ... Read Chapter

Fifty Five

Raynn and I are pretty crummy, we go up to shower before we get caught up in recounting events. Not much to recount, they watched the act... Read Chapter

Fifty Six

My sleeping buddy wakes, then I wake to find Akaoni straddling me, 'Get moving Azrael, I'm hungry.' 'Cassandra will fix breakfast.' '... Read Chapter

Fifty Seven

Casandra, 'Wednesday reports two potential intruders, a man and a woman, both armed.' 'How'd they get past the owls?' 'If they came t... Read Chapter

Fifty Eight

We take off first thing this morning. Chauncey and Korona take the center, Raynn and I on either side. It will take awhile. We can go str... Read Chapter

Fifty Nine

Overheard talk among the exhausted militia was a harbinger. Other groups, an exaggeration to call them militias, must have had versions. ... Read Chapter


We are talking over the concept with Demonides and Madam. Demonides, 'A demon conclave, I should never have thought, but it can work, w... Read Chapter

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