Meet The Writers! [Booksie Catalog]

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A catalog for fellow Booksie authors to commune! We share everything from fun facts to helpful writing tips, as well as info about our writing personas, our work, and anything else we feel should be up. New questions are posted every Sunday in Raven Akuma's newsfeed (between 12:30 PM - 6:00 PM EST), and answers are posted in this catalog every Saturday (between 12:30 PM - 6:00 PM EST). For information about author profiles, please send a pm to the author.

Please enjoy, and feel absolutely free to share your own answers and opinions! We would like to include all the writers we can!

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Hello and welcome! This is to explain how this catalog works.
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"Who Are You?"

The first question of the catalog, appropriately introducing some of the talented minds here on Booksie!
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"Story Openings"

  A little low on responses this week, but hey, this catalog is technically still new. There will be more interesting, opti... Read Chapter

Author Profile: Meaghan Kalena

The first author profile! If you're interested in having your own profile/promo, comment here or send a message to Raven Akuma.
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