The Dream Station Experiments Vol. 1

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Jorja's vivid and constant dreams make her the perfect candidate for a dreamer's paradise OR nightmare! *The characters in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead is strictly coincidental. *Special thanks to Danny Rodd for his 'artistic direction' and ideas.

Table of Contents

The Dream Tents

My first crack at Sci-fi. Forgive me, I don't know what I'm doin'!
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Rules and Regulations

Chapter 2: Rules and Regulations “Okay, I’m still not sold on the physical transporting thing,” Jorja said, pouring a glass of ... Read Chapter

Jorja, the Guinea Pig

Chapter 3 Jorja, the Guinea Pig  “Okay, wait a minute. Say you dream about space. How are they gonna call you back from the mo... Read Chapter


Chapter 4: Landscapes Julian began to explain the part of the report on different landscapes and scenarios “It says here that you h... Read Chapter

The Tour

Chapter 5: The Tour At last, the day came for Jorja to attend her tour. When she and Malia got to the tent station, they were surpris... Read Chapter

The Vest

Chapter 6: The Vest “Do you have any questions for me so far?” Stacy asked as they walked down a long ramp to the cold room. “Y... Read Chapter

This Sounds Like a Rip-off!

Chapter 7: This Sounds Like a Rip-off! “It’s amazing how much this vest can do,” Jorja said as she examined all the features. ... Read Chapter


  Chapter 8: Fees    DREAMSCHEMES FEES -AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Section iv(b) FEES Home base tent stat... Read Chapter


Chapter 9: Preparations “And finally,” Stacy opened a page of the contract, “As you can see here you have the option to&nb... Read Chapter

Some Final Thoughts

Chapter 10: Some Final Thoughts It had been nearly three weeks since Jorja and Malia had visited the Dream Stations. Jorja had been t... Read Chapter

Moon Talk

Chapter 11: Moon Talk At last, Friday came, and Levi, Malia, and Julian planned to take Jorja to the tent stations to see her off. As... Read Chapter

Take Off!

Chapter 13: Take Off! The four arrived at the Dream Station around 7:30pm. Jorja had to prep which would take at least an hour. They ... Read Chapter


Chapter 13: Success! Jorja awoke to the faint humming of her vest. It took her a few seconds to realize she was in a tent. ... Read Chapter

First Reports

Chapter 14: First Reports Jorja texted Levi, Malia and Julian. “It really worked! This is amaaaazing!” She then snapped several p... Read Chapter

Jorja Goes Exploring

Chapter 15: Jorja Goes Exploring After she’d eaten, Jorja got a ride to the village square. She decided to walk around a bit before... Read Chapter

Home, Sweet Home

Chapter 16: Home, Sweet Home Jorja was awakened by a blinking red light which indicated her return from her dream. She was now back a... Read Chapter

Second Trip

  Chapter 17: Second Trip When Jorja returned home that evening, she was excited to tell Malia and Julian all about her adve... Read Chapter

The Proposal

Chapter 18: The Proposal Monday morning meant back to work for everyone, including Jorja. She was fortunate enough as a freelance wr... Read Chapter

Door to Adventure (finis)

Chapter 19: Door to Adventure “Well, I have some reservations. I wasn’t very pleased to hear that the green light wasn’t given ... Read Chapter

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