Troubles be gone


In you


Open into your everythings






I only do good


There is only you


In this me


Opening all time, 


every time you move


i choose moving up




I become


moving forwards


Back into mine




it breaches all time 


All the times 


Till each continued time 


Line is swallowed


Of each continued




In everyone


And it's everythings 


Leaving stature


Or not


I am always more


To coming to you


from below 


Or above




Waiting for my go


I do


I know me


And my next 


Functions of my times turns


My exact


And i's have you




My metheords intoxicate


of me's


as i move into me


I breach beyond all 


As substance 


Of all


back and forwards i become mine, 


till the end of




As Anythings 


All Lines


I am everythings 


In anythings


Showing only what you can become


The everything


As i use


Time i move to grasp an up


Of all




Even changing time


I can move


Using Time travel 


To seek all


but why's travel


I grow so well


Use time travel one day


But for now




I do but 




A new one


As new ones unfold




Time is a choice you might not all




Buy time travel in your own


By choices 


That are not mine alone


In this world of a mine




For me


And then yours


I choose you 1st over 


but arrangements come first


That backgrounds


They choose me


Choosing you


That kills no one


I skill everythings


I do no wrongs in time


Just bandit my own stuff 




Unlike the ones that keep you deprived of all others touch


Do you a favour 


As i can do them all


What other touch before them, is already mine


in this is pure outrage i do


You a favour 


Everythings in time to you one day


Don't think it's all yours


Respect code honour is


Beyond all


In me


For life Figure's 


Don't Get me wrong you probably die


Up against me


Stepping forwards into the light 


childs of mine


Above it all


Thinking above it


I let your free in




And if you Do one wrongs


I will determine you weak


For i am




So spare me the insults 


You want alone time


I give it you


From up above childs


Of light


That sees you move to destroy


You will see out a punishment 


Worse than death


Gone kill on sight


Wrongful Doings 




Your will to your life


Is forfeit 


As you live on


In me's






You are equalled 


Out again


For the from death


as they say 



For all those already in power 


tones to stay above in this free for me


I made you


Therefore i am your god


Systems rise


True power holds 










Or your will won't otherwise







Submitted: March 17, 2023

© Copyright 2023 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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