Into the Bright, White, World

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A poem about unique relationships.

Into the Bright, White World

She poured herself into her
jeans like a nice glass of Chardonnay.
I wanted to pound it, but we
had errands to run.
The sun was out, but it lied.
It was February, and cold;
real cold, like her
heart could be.
She wanted to set us free.
She found she couldn't
tame me.
Who the hell likes a
caged dog?
One thing's for sure,
The dog doesn't.
I pulled her close
and growled.
She bit my neck
and then
we were off
into the bright white

Submitted: March 19, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Thomaswcase8'.. All rights reserved.

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I'm excited to find Booksie, and have a new venue to publish my poetry.

Sun, March 19th, 2023 10:46pm


You can contact Thomas W. Case at

Sun, March 19th, 2023 10:52pm

Clever PEN.

Definitely a new way of lookin' at things, nice poem!

Fri, March 24th, 2023 9:49pm


Thank you

Fri, March 24th, 2023 3:29pm

Joshua J. Walsh

I enjoyed how you stay true to yourself throughout the poem. I especially enjoyed the part you said. "Who the hell likes a caged dog? one thing's for sure. The dog doesn't."

Sat, March 25th, 2023 7:53pm


Thank you for the kind comment.

Sat, March 25th, 2023 2:02pm


I love the similes and personification in this poem....

Tue, March 28th, 2023 1:20am


Thanks I appreciate it.

Mon, March 27th, 2023 6:29pm

cmichael potter

Visceral. Confrssional. Grounded. Inspirational, the
"Pouring herself..."

Tue, March 28th, 2023 1:05pm


Again, thank you so much.

Tue, March 28th, 2023 7:26am


Very seductive.

Tue, March 28th, 2023 3:47pm


Thank you so much for commenting.

Tue, March 28th, 2023 2:27pm

Dan Turner

Lots of thoughtful lines in this one. Good job.

Sat, April 1st, 2023 11:47am


I appreciate the kind comment, thank you Dan

Sat, April 1st, 2023 5:25am

frances gaudiano

I liked the image of pouring like a glass of wine but the next line (pounding) didn't work for me.

Sun, April 2nd, 2023 8:25am


Thanks for the comment

Sun, April 2nd, 2023 2:17am


At first I thought this was a poem about white privilege, because of the title, and the cover picture, but now I'm guessing it's about death, and thee other side for the tunnel after living with a woman? But I liked it. I can be tamed though. I'd do whatever a girl tells me. "Lick here," "lick there," "lick everywhere." I guess that's why I'm single. I'm too dependent on their commands. L.O.L.

Mon, April 17th, 2023 8:33pm


Funny. Thank you for the kind comment.

Mon, April 17th, 2023 3:15pm

Nihil List Christo

I like this one! It makes me think of John Wilmot (Earl of Rochester)!!!!

Wed, April 19th, 2023 12:47am


Thank you

Wed, April 19th, 2023 7:38am

En Raiter

Very true no one likes a caged dog, especially the dog. I dug that line, but sorta related question is self mastery a cage?

Nice piece well done!

Wed, April 19th, 2023 10:46pm


Hey, thank you.

Wed, April 19th, 2023 5:23pm


The way you have expressed the stuff in the poetry is really amazing.. I loved it!

Thu, April 20th, 2023 5:20pm


Thank you so much Dolita, I really appreciate it.

Thu, April 20th, 2023 10:28am

Feng Li'29

Nice poem, I really like it

Sun, April 23rd, 2023 10:29am

Origins and Tall Tales

"It was February, and cold; real cold like her" -simply beautiful! Great writing and a great poem! Also, thank you for the comment!

Mon, April 24th, 2023 1:50am


No problem, and thank you.

Sun, April 23rd, 2023 6:55pm

Criss Sole

Great metaphors.
I loved how you were able to describe a simple, everyday situation in such an exotic, and even erotic way.
Beautifully written!

Sat, April 29th, 2023 7:38am


Thank you so much Criss

Sat, April 29th, 2023 3:43am


I love the figurative language and vivid descriptions in this poem, especially the metaphor and symbolism of the "cage dog" that represents all of us who have been boxed in and want freedom in order to make a difference in society at large. Thank you for sharing and I will definitely read more of your works of art.

Sun, April 30th, 2023 12:57pm


Thank you for the kind comment.

Sun, April 30th, 2023 6:13am


I like this one. The imagery is consistent and obvious to the reader like it should be.

Your writing is very sultry. Like some of mine - the perspective though is different. I can definitely tell your poems were written by a man. I enjoyed that. Mine is obviously from a woman’s perspective.

Sun, April 30th, 2023 1:45pm


Thank you. I really like your writing as well. It definitely has a female vibe, which I appreciate.

Sun, April 30th, 2023 7:00am


I enjoy use of similes and aggression. well done

Sun, April 30th, 2023 6:57pm


Thank you

Sun, April 30th, 2023 12:52pm

Francis Kryptonyt

That opening line is a welcome. Great poem. Pulled in me further. Nice work

Mon, May 1st, 2023 3:17pm


Thank you for the kind comment

Mon, May 1st, 2023 8:34am

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