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Let your days be blessed for every moment we are loved on this living Earth. Thank you.

Limitlessly I claim we celebrate this childhood awaits our lost living Earth,

I tell you a story befallen where your answers live in to be happy,

How soon the wreck-less sailor will land into a shore perfect in every way,

What would it look like?

Can you tell us a joker rearranges what you achieve in your personal life to be a joke?

How greater our devotion on a joke wrote the ultimate aim of human life is to be happy?

I ask the lead could wave a magic wand taken in human birth to conquer the self throughout human history,

What is bigger than this joke?

There is a circus where the show must go on,

Any level of health and energy can be your character to entertain every spectator who pays for the show,

I dip my body immensely ignoring what is going on, how much would that be?

And ask you, would you in any way change your family life work with worthy sustainable practices and deliver success sail you across the wiped out happiness on this living Earth?

We’re always here travelling for crossing a hurdle to reach a prayer for future,

“Nature needs no defence,
Only more defenders,
try to become one…”

Within this shore where every member of our family do what you should do,

I imagine there is a perfect world where these artists are made like us,

They never get better if things are always the same,

Who are committed to continuous improvement get any better,

All fortunes on this living Earth garlands an independence by saying something like this,

“God has a name when one question answers the greatness where His mercy owe this sowed love. To make His way back home, true love hides everything as one of us, for being human willing to work harder than everyone else. Yeah! He is great to be one of us. And always will make a common plan as the kindness for everyone struggling to cherish a lifetime in our common home. Wherever a joker deeply asks, do you feel they owned a lion’s share in these dealings? Like what is said, “whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap”, has every moment tell us to stop engaging in activities that lead us nowhere?”

It is not an accident we end up doing the things that constitute success for you. But what you want in life has the stairs open for you in advance. You will never live long enough to learn it all for yourself. Yet if you become a lifelong learner of this craft, your life will desire to tell you the whole truth, in a memoir our days became all you can be. May this enlightment pursue limitless path into a divine energy where the "will" of the supreme good be blessed where you are now. 

Submitted: March 21, 2023

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Yes. A better Earth I think that's what we all want, you wrote this well I really like it

Tue, March 21st, 2023 3:20pm

cmichael potter

This appears more a trickling prayer than a poem;
a lesson to depart to the clueless,
an enticement to mend one's negative ways with promised hopes of learning The Truth in the end.
It's hopeful but with a gentle warning to, from a lyric in a Godspell song (AND the Bible!) 'turn back old man, forswear thy foolish ways.' Never too passé to hear it again.

Tue, March 21st, 2023 3:31pm


What a beautiful poem would you like to read my poems? It's wonderful they are called Peter and Paul and I think you're beautiful

Tue, March 21st, 2023 5:42pm

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