Tuli is a novella prequel introduction to upcoming Trilogy: The Three Sisters.

Table of Contents

Things Hidden, Things Found

'The introduction of Vampirism to the worlds took place long after the First Incline having resulted in the near total destruction of the... Read Chapter

The First Awakening

Tuli awoke face down on the floor, draped in her rags, with a stomach aching worse than the rest of her, a large scar from... Read Chapter

Progress/Not Progress

The quarter mile walk to the stables was Tuli’s first chance to feel her new body at work, carrying an awkward load helped he... Read Chapter

Learning to Fly

As they worked at breaking the ward, the tall long-bearded Magelian dispelled Inspector Franks, and the other officers ideas about a powe... Read Chapter

Two in One

The trolls felt it first from the earth, which as the twilight faded to black came alive in a way unknown, as if the earth was fear, and ... Read Chapter

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