Jane Cooper’s Career Of Solving Mysteries

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(This story was influenced from Agatha Christie’s Miss Jane Marple novel and drama of at Bertram’s Hotel)

Jane Cooper’s Career Of Solving Mysteries:

Jane Cooper had now a change of career as she use to work as a maid at the Bertram Hotel where she met Miss Jane Marple who was a guest at the hotel. Jane Cooper assisted Miss Jane Marple in solving a murder mystery at the hotel. Miss  Marple had inspired Jane Cooper as well as Detective Inspector Larry Bird and they even became lovers!

After solving the murder mystery at Bertram Hotel with Miss Jane Marple. Jane Cooper informed Miss Jane Marple about her idea of becoming a police officer. Miss Marple’s advice to Jane Cooper was for her to grow older as she would become intelligent and have experience. She also told Jane Cooper that she wanted to join the police force but instead decided to help in anyway she could.

Jane Cooper soon resigned from her job as a maid at the Bertram Hotel. Once the war had ended she signed herself up as a police officer and worked her way up to Detective Inspector. Jane Cooper knew that Miss Marple could solve murder mysteries better than any of the other police officers who’d been signed to the case. She believed that Miss Marple would had made a remarkable police officer. Miss Marple also had changed Jane Cooper’s life forever!

Unfortunately for Jane Cooper had to solve the mystery of Miss Marple’s murder and got justice for Miss Marple as well as the residents in the village of St Mary Mead!

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