Others have larger problems than most of us.

Fears and Hope 
My fears are so small
In the scheme of it all
Yet they shake me
Sometimes unexpectedly
Make me want to crawl
Just now I forgot my pin
My new computer 
Would not let me in
My stomach cringed
I almost cursed
And then I viewed
A bomber being destroyed
My eyes were glued
To the footage
My heart sank
People killing each other
Scared, taking cover
In an unjustified crazy war
While I am panicking
Sitting safely in my chair
It makes me feel small
My tiny human fears 
In the scheme of it all
But still my heart sank
As I had to think
Where is that pin
Why do I need this 
Stupid pin to begin
With; what a pain
I will not forget again
My fears are small
In the scheme of it all
Yet my thoughts are real
About things I have no 
Control; about the insane
Greed for power in
That unjustified war
Real people depend
On luck to survive
Real fear in their gut
As I write safely here
In my pleasant space
With my little fear
So I realize I must turn
My thoughts outward
To think more deeply
Of people whose lives completely
Are ruined their fear is real
Their lives out of control
As they shelter in holes
From bullets and bombs
I must focus and pray
For the safety of moms
Children and dads
Animals and pets
That their fears go
Away, that this stupid
War ends in a show
That the persecuted are 
The salt of the earth
While my little fears disappear
May their happiness reappear
That is my prayer
So heartfelt I declare
Keep them safe 
My focus is now right
Despite no real effort on
My part; Yes, yes I will delight
When the people in Ukraine can
Once again sleep fearlessly at night
That their fears go away
And once more
Their children can play
Free from fear
Full with hope.
By Edward Cole Joyner
March 23, 2023

Submitted: March 23, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Edward Cole Joyner. All rights reserved.

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