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In this refference, kicking the can talks of the struggles of alcoholism. How hard it is to kick away a can of alcohol. While the poem itself does reflect death and religion, the main focus is about addiction. At the same time, the poem leaves us with a few lingering questions. Who was the first person to ever stop drinking? Who was the first "person" to die. Lastly, where did the saying "kick the can" come from?

Who kicked the can first?

A Poem by Joshua J Walsh


Who kicked the can first?

I've asked this question in multiple ways

But the interpretation always stays the same.

"Most likely a human that hurt." is what they say.

People sacrifice their vices for sad goodbyes. Not afraid.

To go off into the world in search for new answers.

Many may find constructive observations in a church. 

Which would be destructive to those who find religion to be absurd. 

What would Jesus do? 

Certainly not demand pensions from a damned persons' purse. 

What's worse is a hearse seems less likely to hurt for those who've had a flirt

With death and have kissed upon his lips a couple of times. 

So now our hands are tied behind our backs in a bind. So much that it hurts the wrists

like when two knots have been tied too tightly to become untwined. 

Some cannot even come to drink from the  blood of Jesus Christ

Because its made up of wine and our vices say "that is not alright."

 Some look just to be buried under the dirt as a sacrifice.

But my advice is this. "You won't be around to witness how doing that will never stop time." 

So I'll ask again. Who kicked the can first? 

Some questions have answers we're never destined to find.


Submitted: March 26, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Joshua J. Walsh. All rights reserved.

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