Tim, the Yowie Hunter Episode 24: Mandy and the Sex Cult

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Mandy tells her coworker of her time in a cult.

This is a work of fiction. All characters all fictional! This contains work of an explicit nature. Reader discretion is advised.




Tim, the Yowie Hunter Episode 24: Mandy and the Sex Cult



Jessica and Emily are alone in the break room early in the morning. It’s a couple days after the big game between the Devils and the Alligators.


Jessica: I’m sorry that you weren’t at the big game, Emily. I really would have liked to see you there.

Emily: Oh, um…I’m glad you guys had fun at the game.

Jessica: Yeah. How come we never hear anything about your background, Emily? You’ve got such amazing retro style. I want to know where you do all your shopping!

Emily: Oh (looks down). This? Points to skirt. This is just something I’ve had. Well, alright Jessica, I’ll tell you something no one knows. But only because no one else is here.

Jessica: What is it? (eagerly)

Emily: Emily is not my real name. It’s a name I took on when I came…here. But actually, you can call me Amanda.

Jessica: Really? That will be confusing for our coworkers, won’t it?

Emily/Amanda: Actually, it doesn’t matter, because the essence of who I am stays the same. But…I guess maybe they could can me Emma? Or Mandy?

Jessica: I like Mandy. We’ll tell them we’re going by your middle name now.

Mandy: Fine, Mandy it is!

Jessica: It looks like there was more.

Mandy: Yes, there is. A lot more. Tons! (looks around). (Quietly) So, um, anyway…after I turned 20, I joined a sex cult.

Jessica (looking shocked) What??? But you always seemed so…

Mandy: Conservative?

Jessica: Well…

Mandy: With my long skirts and retro outfits? Maybe it was just convenient to have you guys think that?

Jessica looks at her coworker. She thought she knew her, but as it turned out, she really knew very little.

Jessica: I mean, yes, I’m surprised to I want to know about this (lowers voice) cult.

Mandy. Ah, yes. I mean, the thing is, it didn’t start out all that bad. Sure, people were allowed to have multiple partners in our group but we never…we never wanted to do what those American polygamous cults were doing, where the women were treated horrendously. No. And certainly, it wasn’t something that was just for the men. Men and women both had multiple partners. People were free to come and go as they pleased. Women weren’t subjugated. Not at all. On the contrary, they were held up as a kind of exception. Nowadays, in internet slang, I guess you’d call that ‘simping’ but, it was for the women’s safety. Especially when I started to get involved in our group’s sex club.

Jessica: Wait, what?

Mandy: So, our group wanted to be a safe haven to all. A shelter, if you will. We recognized that all people have basic needs: food, sleep, recreation, and sex (which we called “being together” or “togetherness.”) Of course health too, but those needs were addressed in a separate building. Anyway, people came to our group. In this particular building, people didn’t even need to ask because the rooms were colour-coded. People just went straight to the rooms that they needed to. Green was for food, and that was the colour of the kitchen and eating areas. We had people in there cooking and preparing food, and they were always happy to have volunteers. Of course, you could eat if you needed to, but people were usually so grateful for a hot meal that they decided to help right away when they saw what we were doing there. Blue was for sleeping. Only sleeping (and this was enforced). Many people had travelled for days and days, some on foot, and they were immensely grateful for a quiet place to sleep, to lay their heads, and rest and recover. Yellow was for recreation. There were musical instruments there, and books, and art supplies, and board games…

Jessica: No computers?

Mandy: Well, computers weren’t as advanced as they are now. So no need.

Jessica: I thought we were the same age?

Mandy: Yes…(looks lost in thought) you could say that. Anyway, where was I?

Jessica: You were about to tell me about the red rooms?

Mandy: Oh yes. Well, that is actually a misnomer. The rooms themselves weren’t actually red, just the window frames and the door frames and wainscoting had been gone over in red paint to make it clear what type of room it was. From time to time, they had to be redone. So these rooms were for…well, we called it “togetherness” but you guys say “sex”. However, within this section of red rooms, there were rooms within rooms, and this section was closely monitored. Always. Because we were against the subjugation of womem, we took women’s safety very seriously. Besides, anyone who had been with the group for awhile could immediately tell if an outsider was, as you say, “sus”, if they wanted to hurt any of the men, women, or people who were in the red rooms that day for togetherness. Of couse, there were different types and levels of togetherness.

Jessica: Oh yeah?

Mandy: Yes. If you wanted, there was a room just for holding. I want to make it clear, this isn’t…nobody was employed here. Nobody was working against their will. In fact, we didn’t think of it as work. Nobody was in there who didn’t want to be. This, I’m absolutely sure of. Anyway, if you wanted to go in that room and just be held by the person who was in there (you had the ability to see through windows in there, like a one-way mirror?) You could see the person before entering, but they couldn’t see you. And so, there was no awkwardness.

Jessica: That’s interesting.

Mandy: It really worked. I had a friend who chose to spend her birthday like that. She saw a man in there that she liked the look of, a big strong guy if I remember correctly, and…she went in and spent the whole afternoon like that. Being held by him, occasionally getting up, stretching, holding hands, and talking together. No pressure, just being held and being together with this lovely big strong man, having a nice conversation. It was very relaxed.

Mandy: As I said (or did I say?) all of us did exercises and practiced meditation together. But this was on a whole other level, like nothing I’ve experienced here, not even when I went on retreats. We were “in flow”, all of us members. It was like we could read each other’s minds. And we very often did!

Jessica (looking shocked) Whoa…

Mandy: After I had been there awhile, I realized that I really wanted to take part in a particular type of orgy. But in order to do that, some ground rules had to be in place. This was reiterated when I floated the suggestion in front of the group leader. I think he was calling himself Dan? He reiterated that I would be free to leave at any point, if I ever felt uncomfortable, I would just have to say the word and I would be taken out of there. Like I said, they prioritized the safety of the women there and it was actually a beautiful thing to see. And needless to say, only adults were allowed, of course! Once you do that…once you see that a woman is safe and comfortable and healthy, beautiful things begin to happen. It opens you up to all types of experiences, both physical and spiritual. I chose to participate in the orgy under the agreement that it (my first) would last no longer than three hours. As it so happened, I wanted it to last much, much longer, but that would be for…later. I had to make sure that I was safe at all times.

Jessica: Please tell me that you were?

Mandy: Yes, absolutely. Violence would not have been tolerated.  Luckily, the guards were on the same page with us, and they had advanced physical, as well as psychic abilities, and would have been able to suss out bad intentions in a moment. For the ones who did participate with me it was…a truly unique experience. We had a clinic right on the premises, and all participants were tested for all diseases.

Jessica: But like, where did the money come from to fund all this?

Mandy: Where did the money come from? I’m not sure. Maybe it was a government experiment in another way of living? In any case, I let the leader, Dan, know that if I became pregnant, that was fine. We would (all of us in the group) raise the child with as much love and care as befitting their worth as a human being. And initially, I signed up for this because… as a multiorgasmic person, I knew that I’d get a lot of pleasure from it, and so would the guys. Funnily enough, the ones that showed up were..well, they’re well-known as members of the paranormal community now. But…I don’t want to name them. However, let me be clear: had things gone wrong, I’d have absolutely no qualms about naming names.

Jessica: So, um..how did the orgy start?

Mandy: I figured I’d start it off the standard way, being dressed, just to be comfortable. The first guy (I’ll call him A) knew what was going to happen. Still, he came in and was very kind and respectful, asking my permission for everything, asking if it would be alright to kiss me and I said yes. Of course, he was cute and nice. They all were. There was no rush. It’s not like there was a line, and even if there had been, I could have backed out at any time. So we kissed for awhile, which I really enjoyed because he was good at it. You know, all types of kisses, both slow and deep, and short and sweet ones all over. It was great. I allowed myself to be watched while this was happening, but I could have said no. I sometimes wonder if the guards were not some kind of robot, the self-control they had. But anyway…

Jessica (thoughtful) Please, keep going!

Mandy: Because from what I’ve seen, of the outside world, that kind of trust and respect…is hard to find. But I digress! O.k., so we were at this for awhile and we started to undress each other and I was really enjoying this experience. Where I’m from originally, experiences like this were…they only take place under a certain context, if you will..and sometimes they are hidden away. This was not like that at all. So we were both completely naked and kissing each other and then…like I’m so awkward, right, because I’m still so embarrassed and conditioned from these earlier experiences that I say, I tell him that he can put it in, when what I mean to say is that I really want him, you know, inside me. So, I like whisper that he can, but luckily he sees and can tell that I mean it. I also whisper to him that I know he’s brought the guy he works with (lets call him B) and well, let’s being him in. A makes a hand gesture, and then this guy B, enters the room too. He’s just as respectful as his friend and I allow him to kiss me while I feel his friend pushing deep inside me. I let B know that it is also alright if their other friend enters the room. Let’s call him C.

Jessica (looking shocked) Um….

Mandy: Now I’m sure you’re imagining this gets very messy…

Jessica: No?

Mandy: No, I’d never done this before. I didn’t really want to be covered in fluids. The thought terrified me, actually. So we’d agreed that I wouldn’t be…maybe another time.

 Jessica: Ah.

Mandy: So the first guy is moving faster and faster when I feel the first orgasm begin to build. His friend B, is gently licking and stroking my nipples and his other friend, C is kissing me on the mouth. It’s great. I remember thinking, This is it. This is what love is supposed to feel like. We weren’t meant to fear each other. Not at all. A sighs contentedly, slides out and his friend B slides in. He’s a bit thicker, and it feel nice to be filled, especially as I’m still orgasming, which he can feel. He too begins to move slowly, and the build up is quite lovely, especially as A is still there, kissing and playing with my ass while B rides me and I feel myself starting to come again and B feels it too. He smiles and throws back his head. I’m continuing to hold him whilst at the same time encouraging C to try. C is a bit older, and yet another size and shape, but just as nice. Still immensely turned on, I’m stroking his face and that bit of stubble there. I would not have done this if I found them repulsive. Believe me. They were a good group. A good group. I laid back a bit so as to be able to free up my hands to stroke their faces, their necks, their hair, their penises. I was able to feel all of them in a way that was profound and safe. The guy that was older had a bit of a, I guess you’d call it a dad bod but he had kind eyes and I enjoyed stroking his chin and chest. Anyway, this guy, who I’m calling C, he finished and was just sweet and emotional. The sweetest thing, he was. Then, the four of us just held each other and slept and talked and talked about the world and how it divide us, it keeps us apart it, how it..(becomes emotional)

Jessica: (putting arm around her) It’s okay.

Jessica could see how tough it had become for Mandy to tell her story, but what could she say? The real world was not like this. Not at all. It would moralize, it would put her down, it would police her values and hopes and dreams and feelings as a woman, but in this society…(holds back tears)

Jessica (sighs) So, what happened?

Mandy: Well, like all great things, it was not to last. Within a couple of years, I was looking for a way to escape. A new leader rose up after Dan…disappeared. One day. Just like that. It was really weird. He only went out for a hike, and was never heard from again.

Jessica: I’m so sorry, Mandy.

Mandy: So am I . So…who wants to be first to tell the coworkers my new name? But please don’t share this story with them.

Jessica: Of course not. I’m a woman of my word.

Mandy: I know you are.

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