The Legend Of Lin Ye -???- -Lin Ye Chuan-

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A writer from the modern-day gets trapped in a Xianxia game world where he takes the role of Xuan Zun who was destined to end up being captured by Wu Ye for revenge. He tries to prevent the story from having a bad ending by altering his interactions with Wu Ye. While doing so. they start getting used to each other, and so on...Bai Song dies and Xuan Zun ends up having Xiao Cai as a "disciple" but she was more of a companion that he could have personal, funny, and even sad moments with (because she was his AI conscious, so she could tell him how people feel about him and show other peoples stats)

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Authors Note;

Hello, Everyone. and thank you to anyone who is enjoying my fan book uhm, it might be a while before I do chapter 3, but also for a warning, there will be sex scenes, mostly known as Yaoi or Smut.
so- don't read if you don't like LGBT or gays or sexual things and yes this is 18+ so I'm taking time off to do the smut scenes to make it more readable and more detailed I guess.

please comment about what you think about my story! please and thank you!

*With love, there's and opportunity*
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Is he Wu Ye..or The dark Lord?

Xuan Zun and his disciple were at a tavern and met Xue'er (which is Wu Ye's Disciple.) Xuan Zun asked Xiao Cai (xiao Cai is Xuan Zun's Conscious, well- an AI conscious, to help him fulfill his
role) for his help to understand why Xue'er and Wu Ye aren't Married. Later that night, While Xuan Zun Was Sleeping, he had a dream, about Wu Ye, and woke up, with blood dripping from his mouth and
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Chapter 2.5 We Admit Our Defeat

- 15 days later - “Welllllllcommeeee tooooo the Sect Comuneeee…..Meettttinnggggggggg!!!!” said Ah Xia ( Ah Xia Is a Referee)&nb... Read Chapter

We Admit Our Defeat.

Sry, I couldn't finish chapter 2.5 so here's chapter 2 and I hope you guys will kinda like my story. also, if you guys want to watch the drama here's the link: ) it's
ENG subbed so hopefully you get where I'm heading. :) Also, The Rest of this Chapter isn't much (what I mean by that is.. it's literally not even a passage so like- it's just a short story for the
rest of the rest of chapter 2 so.. yee) so let's just say…I'm getting kinda…Lazy...
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Cure Me By Fufilling my Sexual Desire!?!

Please like and share my stories! I always wanted to be a writer, and sell my own books.. but I haven't fulfilled that role yet. hopefully, you guys will hype me up to do better with my stories at
least like some of my books please- T-T
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