Reincarnated for an Apocalypse Store – a Shop Progression Litrpg

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Retail is hell, but hell might have been preferable.

A baseball bat to the head kills, and Arthur Clark is no exception. A former wage slave, he finds in his death that the dragon goddess and her children want him to keep working - to bring economic prosperity to a ruined city. Now he has gangsters, wannabe superheroes, and starving survivors as his customers, and an inventory to scavenge from the roaming mutated wildlife.

If only this was as easy as it’d been in his books.

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Table of Contents

Meeting with Upper Management

Arthur Clark shivered in the frigid 5am air and frowned at the sight that awaited him.  The door to the store he work... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: Taking Stock

Blackness enveloped him, leaving nothing to see even as he felt himself falling. Arthur wanted to scream, cry, or flail. To perform a... Read Chapter

Rats In The Warehouse

Clang! Thud! Screech! Arthur scrambled away from the now-closed gate as he did his best to catch his breath. With wide eyes, ... Read Chapter

A growing Inventory

Arthur stared at the screen. It floated before him. Wherever he moved his eyes, it followed. Which proved to him its importa... Read Chapter

Trickle-down economics

It appeared the goddess was listening to him, after all. That, or he got extraordinarily lucky. Either way, Arthur awoke to the s... Read Chapter

Pests out the back

Arthur needed to do something. A fact that made the pop-up now floating before him rather annoying. He ignored the list, selecting to... Read Chapter

Wholesaler’s Offer

He’d almost forgotten what a good night of sleep felt like. His body ached. A not-so-subtle reminder of what he’d been through th... Read Chapter

Corporate Espionage

Arthur did his best not to cower at the sight. His thoughts whirled as he attempted to process what was sitting in front of him. ... Read Chapter

Recruitment Offer

Even seeing the dragon goddess who sent him to this world was less surprising than watching the monsters before him kneel. Arthur mov... Read Chapter

Job Cancellation

I'm also launching my Patreon today. It's currently at 10 chapters ahead of the current story, and also has some stuff from my older works. If you can check it out, I'd appreciate it.
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Creating a Monopoly

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Employee Interview Part 1

Dr. Muriler remained sitting in the same spot they’d left him in when they rushed off to deal with the intruders. He was... Read Chapter

Employee Interview Part 2

The room was silent at that statement. Arthur wasn’t sure if that question was a rhetorical one or not, and none of the ... Read Chapter

Grand Opening

Arthur stared over the newly created canyon in the center of the vat room. Though it would need a new name now, he thought, seeing as... Read Chapter

Management Training

Time froze. He could tell because of the way Dr. Muriler’s tail stopped moving mid-swing. The way Nyssa no longer breath... Read Chapter

Outsourcing Opportunities

A week. That was how long it’d been since he’d made his hires. Arthur found himself currently lounged against a nearby building, ... Read Chapter

Information Broker

The answer to his question turned out to be more than Arthur had dreamed of. With each piece of information revealed, two golden disk... Read Chapter

An Abundance of Contractors

Arthur sat behind the counter, watching as another figure accepted the newly generated quest. The woman smiled at him. Her gaunt... Read Chapter

Letter of Complaint

Even more of the unaligned residents of Ashtown arrived almost as soon as the sun rose. They’d woken up Arthur with all ... Read Chapter

Parking Lot Brawl

Nobody spoke. Arthur raised an eyebrow at the man, who moved his horse into the center of the makeshift arena. Augustus st... Read Chapter

Powers and Pigeons

Arthur shifted in his seat as he stared at the dragon statue that decorated his counter, willing it to come to life. Pydes didn’t s... Read Chapter


Arthur started the next day, groggy and exhausted. Last night had not been one of his best. Time ticked by slowly, and his... Read Chapter

Backroom Dealings

Arthur sat alone in the dark as he cursed the situation he’d found himself in. After Riccardo’s cryptic question, they... Read Chapter

Sidewalk Therapy

People started screaming as a body hit the floor. Arthur wasn’t one of them, instead he stared in silent shock at the corpse that n... Read Chapter

RE: Grand Opening

The building they found was awash with light. It was on the same side of the street as the stall had been, about three sto... Read Chapter

Corporates Degree

Arthur watched as Pydes stomped in circles, his enlarged claws gouging into the concrete roof. Smoke billowed from his nose in dark grey ... Read Chapter

Chapter 27: Meeting the suppliers

Riccardo’s rickshaw turned up bright and early the next day. Arthur waited for him behind the counter, hoping that the b... Read Chapter

Otherworldly Journeys

Epyrth didn’t look angry as she stared at him from across the desk. Her face was devoid of emotion, a still mask that re... Read Chapter

Forging Alliance

As The Explorer led them towards the Watchdog Knights’ territory, he couldn’t help but marvel at what they’d created. ... Read Chapter

Sustainable Growth

By the time the Rickshaws pulled up outside, Arthur was in his spot behind the counter. Augustus was inside, a departure from his nor... Read Chapter

Hello From the Pit

“What the fuck?” It was all Arthur could think to say. After all, what else was there? As one of the two-headed mutant hounds... Read Chapter

Perks and Power

If not for the people still in line, Arthur would have laughed. Level 10, he’d finally reached it. The last sale had been ... Read Chapter

Monster Management

Arthur needed no additional encouragement to get moving. His legs propelled him forward, as something heaving landed behind him. When... Read Chapter

Funeral Parlor

Upon hearing the thump of something large falling over, Arthur realized he wasn’t dead. He cracked his eyes opened and tried to foc... Read Chapter

Business Expansion

Arthur was the last to enter the basement. The Heady siblings stood near the generator, hands moving as they held a silent... Read Chapter

Employee Transfer

As the fifteen-minute timer ended, silence filled the room. Arthur waited for his two guests to move first. However, neither seemed e... Read Chapter

Employee Counseling

His prediction was spot on. It took most of the night, but Theobold stopped crying sometime near dawn. The ex-squire watched the ... Read Chapter

Prepping for Close

The answer to Theobold’s question turned out to be a resounding yes. There was a lot to do in the last few days before t... Read Chapter

After Hours Emails

Arthur stared at Carina, hoping that his disbelief didn’t show in on his face. She didn’t react to his gaze. “Of course, we... Read Chapter

Shuffling of the Board

Arthur’s good mood soured fast when Riccardo entered the store. Carina walked beside him, her face devoid of emotion as ... Read Chapter


Make sure you read the previous chapter before this one. Otherwise, you'll get a spoiler and be sad. Arthur sat on the ground w... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 1: Customer Rumors

"Thanks for shopping at Apocalypse Assortments!" Arthur felt strange at how rote those words had become as he smiled at the man placi... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 2: Supplier Ambush

Arthur sat in the back of the rickshaw, glad that he’d gotten rid of the card that slapped against the spokes to create the fake e... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 3: Trade Route Deals

Arthur’s first thought upon seeing the kitchen they marched him to was cozy. His second was how wonderful it smelled. An... Read Chapter

Book 2—Chapter 4: Defense Negotiations

They arrived at the Museum to find the entrance under heavy guard. People were being corralled away by a series of knights... Read Chapter

Book 2—Chapter 5: Security Contract

Alyssa was out of her seat in an instant. “Report!” One knight saluted, her voice shaking as she spoke. “M... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 6: Job Negotiations

None of the Knights or their charges returned that night. Thankfully, the sewer dwellers arrived for the normal rounds of ... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 7: Bargains and Returns.

Arthur watched as the pigeon fluttered over and landed on the counter. It strutted around as it cooed and pecked at the box. At that... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 8: Stock Acquisition

It was a tense fifteen minutes while Arthur waited for Theobold to return from the basement. He waited while leaning on the counter, ... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 9: Investors Call

The night air was icy as Arthur stood on the street, looking down at the card the cultists had delivered. It’d taken mer... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 10: Business Lunch

Arthur let the other two start before him. Richard appeared to take this in stride. He grabbed one of the serving spoons a... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 11: Returning Customers

Arthur could feel the blood pumping in his ears. Derrick smirked, and placed his hands on his hips. His basic polo shirt a... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 12: Manager Meeting

Arthur remained half leaning on Nyssa, as Theobold and Augustus moved around looking at tables. “What do you think?” H... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 13: Updated Security

He watched the dragon warily as he finished his explanation. The anger was still there, but the obvious sign of triumph was visible a... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 14: Food Court Expansion

Augustus came back with the last table and jumped in to help them finish setting up their new food court/café area. Nyssa and Jemima... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 15: Knight Delivery

Theobold shook him awake, excitement shining in his eyes. “Wha?” Arthur mumbled as he yawned. He remembered that he’d been ... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 16: Cost of Information

As Arthur watched the ex-gangsters file into the room, he mentally reviewed the exact promise he’d made with Lady Pigeonette. From ... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 17: Super Sales

Two days later, Arthur smiled from his place behind the counter, putting down the pieces of crocodile hide Nyssa had been using to c... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 18: Poaching Employees

The first thing he did was turn off the alarm, much to everyone’s relief. Theobold and Augustus stared up at him as Leo thrashed ha... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 19: Economic Growth

It surprised Arthur that Pydes hadn’t met them in front of the store from the way the dragon was pacing about. As soon as they’d ... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 20: Multiversal Business

Nyssa’s face was as hilarious as he’d assumed it would be. She stood in the entrance, stunned, as she stared at the mural she’d... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 21: Corruption and Repairs

It turned out the mall security offices were the same no matter where one went. Arthur did his best to look around, even t... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 22: Seller's Alley

When Gastho mentioned it being called Seller’s Alley, Arthur made assumptions. He’d assumed it would be dingy. A place with lots ... Read Chapter

Book 2 – Chapter 23: Internal Investigation

“She had an entire mall we could have been purchasing from, and we’ve been eating sewer monster meat this entire time?” Arthur ... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 24: Triage Center

As people panicked, Arthur stood from his seat and moved towards the door. Over his shoulder, he called out to Thomas. “Into th... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 25: Diaboli Theatrum

On a small stage in the store's corner, a Boombox demon played soft music. Its soft notes disturbed Arthur as they filled ... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 26: Chairmen of the board

Arthur held a new mug of coffee in his hands as he watched Richard stand next to the pillar of smoke. The man looked profe... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 27: Dissatisfied Customers

Arthur was starting to understand a lot of the old money sayings as he looked into Penny’s beaming face. She stood in an empty stor... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 28: Cleanup on Aisle Street

As though someone was listening to his words, the sounds of firing stopped. He heard a loud voice, Captain Swordsman’s, demanding peopl... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 29: Supply chain Disruption

Neither Red nor Marble looked happy as he pulled the three bags of counterfeit coins out of his inventory and into view. T... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 30: Misuse of Stock

The longer he walked, the more worried he got. All around him, people chatted and laughed, but he couldn’t help feeling that he was... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 31: Company Policy

Nyssa took Splotch with her as they climbed up the fire escape. The little earth elemental squeaked from where it clung on... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 32: Org Chart Cleanup

He spent the next week focusing on profits and dealing with the store. His new trade network helped with some of that. Jessib from Do... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 33: Interview Process

“So, what makes you want to work here?” Arthur smiled as he asked, though it was more because this was the last time h... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 34: Corrupted Structure

Arthur waited in his office while Theobold and Leo dealt with Benny. They checked him over for weapons to start, finding none. Afterw... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 35: Dream Hires

“What do you make of this, then?” Arthur ignored the sun that beat down overhead as he looked at Pydes and held out the purple dr... Read Chapter

book 2 - chapter 36: workplace visitation

Arthur groaned, still tired, as something jabbed him in the side. With effort, he forced his eyes open to see Dr. Muriler ... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 37: Dodging Reception

The climb into Genomian Inc. took longer than Arthur had expected. Anger and worry churned in his gut, and he did his best to look ar... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 38: Office Warfare

Arthur peeked out of the office door to see what was going on. What he saw wasn’t what he expected. The security robot, ... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 39: Green Policy

Officer Gregory’s head didn’t take as much effort to pop loose as Arthur had expected. His cane was enough to do the job, poking ... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 40: Aggressive Negotiations

Their walk to the greenhouse had been suspiciously easy. Not a single mutant animal had come near them the entire time. Ar... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 41: Negotiation Cleanup

Arthur sat with Lisa, Augustus, and Nyssa in an adjoining room. Through the walls, he could hear Theobold yelling as his mother tried... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 42: Starting a Take-Over

Nyssa, Mike, and Dr. Muriler took the couch with the rat scientist in the middle. Splotch sat on Nyssa’s shoulder, watching everyt... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 43: Navigating Trouble

Arthur was third out of the elevator as they spilled into the room that held the corrupted grove. Trees grew in familiar l... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 44: Striking the Deal

“Let’s get down to business.” Arthur barely heard the dragon’s words over the sound of the imps that fluttered and... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 45: Take Over Complete

The air turned chaotic as George opened the crate. Squeaks and chirps sounded out as the elementals burst onto the scene w... Read Chapter

Book 2 - Chapter 46: Store Cleanup

It took two trips to get their entire party up in the elevator. Arthur went with the first group, a feeling of smug satisfaction cour... Read Chapter


The gray rat with its hat and cane stared at him from the back of the elevator wall. Arthur smiled as he saw the symbol. This was his... Read Chapter

Book 3 - Chapter 1: Mismatched Reports

Arthur barely paid attention to his surroundings as Theobold kept the rickshaw moving at a steady pace through the streets of Ashtown. ... Read Chapter

Book 3 - Chapter 2: Delayed Meetings

The sound of raised voices let Arthur know they wouldn’t be starting the meeting on time. “And why should you get it?... Read Chapter

Book 3 – Chapter 3: Decisions Pending Discussion

Tension hung in the air as Arthur made his way toward the alley that held the sewer’s entrance. As he walked, he could see people t... Read Chapter

Book 3 - Chapter 4: Worksite Health and Safety

Posted chapter 3 and this one simultainiously due to chapter 3 have issues. If you havn't read chapter 3. You should do so now. By t... Read Chapter

Book 3 - Chapter 5: Information For Sale

Gastho wasn’t anywhere to be found when Arthur appeared on the sidewalk outside The Multiverse Mall. He tried not to let... Read Chapter

Book 3 – Chapter 6: Combative Start

After waking up, Arthur needed to cover the front counter to help a harried-looking Adam. From what he could gather as they served cu... Read Chapter

Book 3 – Chapter 7: Experimental Management

The sheer warmth of the water from the decontamination shower surprised him as he turned the tap on. Steam filled the narr... Read Chapter

Book 3 – Chapter 8: Group Merger Negotiations

Captain Swordsman’s lack of facial expressions made it hard to judge the mood as he stepped forward to say his piece. "W... Read Chapter

Book 3 - Chapter 9: Secretary Trouble

Arthur spent the entire trip back from The Greenhouse mulling over what he’d seen inside the cupboard during his visit to The Assembly.... Read Chapter

Book 3 - Chapter 10: Visiting Corporate

Hi all, quick pre-chapter announcement to explain absences and so forth. So, I've been sick. Like. For the past five days missing wor... Read Chapter

Book 3 - Chapter 11: Office Interrogation

The head office didn’t have any sort of jail, to Arthur’s relief. He did his best to keep pace with the two guards, ey... Read Chapter

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This is an awesome start!! I love Arthur, lol, he's so funny in a dry, my life sucks way, lol.
Must say, never read a novel where the MC has to sell goods under Dragon management, lol.
I'll keep reading! ^^

Tue, September 5th, 2023 3:49am

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