Growing up fat means getting compliments 

Elaborated and exaggerated 

You were juvenile and ignorant 

Too old to be so innocent. 


But you sat up high

With your head to the sky

And a sparkle in your eye 

Why is everyone telling you to change or you'll die? 


The compliments you receive 

Are meant to deceive 

And it all crashes down 

The day you find out

These compliments you are given 

Between selfish tongues they are bitten 

It is not because they mean it 

It is because they think you need it







You're told numbers are insignificant 

We only base all of your worth on it 







One less meal, one less pound

Just keep your head down

Look at the ground

Block out the sound

It looks like you've finally come around 


For a while we were worried that you let yourself go

But look at you now, I bet now you know

That the numbers you see 

Showing up on that screen

Should always stay low 










Come on kid don't sit and mope

I know that number is always bigger than you hope 

But wouldn't you be so pretty

If you were that skinny?


Don't be dramatic 

You're acting erratic 

I'm trying to help you why are you calling this traumatic?


All you have to do is

Just put down the spoon

And sleep until noon 

Don't listen to your body you don't have to eat

Take a deep breath 

Drink some water 

Take that diet pill

Rinse and repeat 










You were doing so well kid what happened

How did you let yourself get like this again

Don't you want love

And respect

And kindness

Because if you look like this

You'll never ever find it


Why are you crying

Don't be sensitive 

I'm just trying to help

Don't be argumentative 


Just base your life around these numbers

And maybe you'll be fine

The only number we never care about

Is that you're only nine.

Submitted: May 03, 2023

© Copyright 2023 katiecrawley. All rights reserved.

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