God made man in His own image. 

So says faith in the creation of man!


Man came to life in mother's womb.

Her sacrifice and love by his side,

Gave shape and beauty to his soul!


God was so impressed with what to become of you, 


Marveling at your amazing soul,

He created all else in your image.


Your stability as a rock for the mountains

Your nurturing shelter of the majestic trees

Your generous warmth for the sunshine

And your cool comfort of the moon light!


With life's shallow worries kept at bay,

You are always calm as the depths of oceans.

Volcanos on ocean floor are your heart aches,

Tucked away deep inside, hidden from us.


We soar high with your uplifting words of wisdom

Faith in the mustard seed is never a match to your trust

Your power of letting go is the source of our flight.


Long after the time slipped past, I see all around,

Everything I know and understand is a gift of your love.

I am grateful for your eternal gift that grows for generations

In love and gratitude!

  Father in God.



Submitted: May 24, 2023

© Copyright 2023 sayijirao. All rights reserved.

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Father is only second to mother in my culture, third is the teacher to be worshipped as living Gods. The one that can not appreciate them can never find salvation! Gratitude is God’s image!

Sat, May 27th, 2023 3:15am

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