A Past with an Alien

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Iris and Erier come from very different worlds - one human, and one alien. A strange twist of fate brought them together and when Erier begins to coexist with humans and Iris, the two forms an unlikely bond. Soon, they both discover that they are unwitting pawns in an evil scheme orchestrated by a menacing alien leader as they go about their daily lives.

Iris and Erier join forces to stop the leader's evil plans and seek assistance from an alien organization based on Earth. They face numerous obstacles and challenges as they race against the clock, but their friendship and determination keep them going.

However, as the stakes rise and the danger grows, Iris and Erier realize they may be in over their heads. Will they be able to outwit the threatening alien leader and save the world from his experiment, or will they succumb to his evil plot? "A Past with an Alien" is a thrilling adventure about the power of friendship and the importance of standing up for what is right.

Table of Contents

I am Erier

ERIER January 1997 The golden disc of their star was sinking as the sky turned tangerine. I stared at the reflection of my hand i... Read Chapter

I am Iris

IRIS I'm staring at a vacant space inside a tricycle while the whirring engine is the only sound I hear. The wind breezes swiftly a... Read Chapter

The encounter

IRIS I spewed water from my mouth and coughed hard. The heaviness in my chest was gone, and I felt better. Although there was still... Read Chapter

The wedding memories

IRIS We arrived at Poblacion and stopped at the archway, which served as an entryway to our town. Thank goodness, I was already out... Read Chapter

The strange gorgeous guy

IRIS Fiesta was over, and I was back at work again. I tried to live every day, even though I woke up each morning feeling weak. Bef... Read Chapter

The second encounter

IRIS My three friends were busy the whole day, and no one bothered me. I'm going home alone, but before that, I want to do somethin... Read Chapter

Iris hardships

IRIS I climbed off the tricycle and paid the driver. As I went through our gate, a yellow Ferrari caught my attention. I grunted wh... Read Chapter

Erier's childhood memories

ERIER When I arrived at the house, we held another meeting. The 3D holograms of my team were all scattered in the living room. I co... Read Chapter

The first bond

ERIER I was standing before the school's blue gate, only to realize it was Saturday and there were no classes. I must account for c... Read Chapter

Erier meet Marinagua

ERIER Iris told me to drive her back to Poblacion after the dramatic bond we had at the cliff. I felt uplifted. However, she hesita... Read Chapter

The Nommos

ERIER We ended up in a vast, dark blue space between a gigantic wall of stone carved beneath the ocean floor. I glanced to my left ... Read Chapter

That awkward scenario

IRIS After work, I hung out with Mira, May, and Florencio. I never got to bond with them for almost a month, which is why I missed ... Read Chapter

The Alien Convention

ERIER I went back home with my shoulders hanging and looked defeated. I didn't stay with them for long. My goal of making Iris fall... Read Chapter

The dilemma

ERIER My vision came back, and the first thing I noticed was that they were all watching me. I glanced in my right direction, and a... Read Chapter

The dark revelation

IRIS I stared blankly outside the glass jalousie window. I dismissed my class early because of an important matter. And while I'm s... Read Chapter

What a day! For Iris

IRIS I had to get up and go to work even though my mind and spirit were not in sync with my body. I tried to cover my puffy eyes wi... Read Chapter

The horrifying abduction

IRIS It was nine o'clock when we decided to go home. Miranda looked so wasted that we had no choice but to carry her back home. I f... Read Chapter

Secret's revealed

IRIS I woke up and sat up after experiencing head-related dizziness and body pain. "Where am I?" My eyes looked around, and it to... Read Chapter

The exchange of knowledges

IRIS Hector narrated his story, and I listened to him. At first, It was hard to digest, but it left me no choice. He told me he cam... Read Chapter

Operation: Saving Iris Castillo

ERIER I was beaming from ear to ear when I arrived at the house. My feelings were overwhelming. Now, I don't need to hide my identi... Read Chapter

The moment of truth

IRIS My back and joints hurt. Where am I? I am still dizzy. The strong scent of acid lingers in my nostrils. I sit up in ... Read Chapter

The sacrifice

ERIER Iris screamed so loudly that my ears hurt. I put her down, and she ran in the right direction to hide. When the armor wrapped... Read Chapter

The pursuit

IRIS My head hurt, and I felt like a heavy weight was on top of my body. When I opened my eyes, I saw Hector's face. He was back in... Read Chapter

Erier's only way

ERIER I gathered more strength to stand up and noticed that thick white fog had enveloped the beachfront. What happened? ... Read Chapter

Iris and the Nommos

IRIS I'm dreaming again. This time, I was floating, light as a feather. "Iris," someone called my name. "Iris," a f... Read Chapter

Life at stakes

ERIER I never gave up. I ordered the car to bolt much faster. I raised the ring on my finger and talked to Marinagua. "Marinagu... Read Chapter

Lost hope

IRIS "Where is Albert?" I exclaimed. "Where is my family?" My voice was hoarse yet persistent. I had learned to set aside my fear a... Read Chapter

Battle it out, in the air

ERIER Four Alpha-Draconian spaceships pursued me through the air, and these jerks were damned well prepared. How did they know... Read Chapter

Crey's special chapter

CREY I shot all these worthless troops. Besides, I won't have any use for them anymore, and it pissed me off. Those two scumbags ha... Read Chapter

Safe and sound again

ERIER The Aston Martin entered the yard and stopped before the main door. Iris and I went out and rushed inside the house. When we ... Read Chapter

To the Alien Convention

ERIER I stood, staring at Iris, sleeping on the long sofa with both hands inside my pocket. I heard noises while she slept, which m... Read Chapter

Living in madness

IRIS A scent of root grass awoke my senses, and I jolted up, sitting from where I lay on a plain white couch. I turned my gaze ... Read Chapter

Iris last resort

IRIS The two girls accompanied me to another spacious room that reminded me of a warehouse. It was well-illuminated, and the ceilin... Read Chapter

Erier's last resort

ERIER I went back to the house to get extra armor. I told Alta not to leave Ieverin, which she assured me she wouldn't do. She almo... Read Chapter

The saver and the captured

ERIER In the turn of events, my team ended up safe and still had the strength to escape. They still had pieces of armor left on the... Read Chapter

The battle begins

ERIER We arrived at the house, and chaos greeted us all around. Pieces of furniture tumbled, and shattered glass covered the living... Read Chapter

Iris and Erier's worst scenario

IRIS Chords attached to my body retreated on their own. I felt an intense shudder, and the short aliens surrounding me ran away in ... Read Chapter

Fight on our way

ERIER I ran away from that place the moment I saw Iris. Besides, I don't want to put them in a dangerous situation. When I saw her ... Read Chapter

The aftermath

IRIS Crey throws me, and I end up rolling on the ground. I inhaled deeply to catch more air. He had almost killed me. I couldn't wa... Read Chapter

Back again

IRIS After visiting Hector, I returned to the station and saw him one last time. I might stay here for a while. The three leade... Read Chapter

One last time

IRIS The church bells rang in the background as I stood in front of a tall wooden doorway. My wedding was over. Albert and I had ju... Read Chapter

Xyleveria, at last

ERIER Xyleveria, at last, we made it. I stood at the spherical window of Ieverin, gazing at the vast space in front of me. We arr... Read Chapter

Life challenges

IRIS "And the best student of the year!" I stood in front of the crowd, and it was graduation day. "San Francisco Elementary School... Read Chapter

The life changing decision

ERIER After the trial, the authority permitted us to return to our daily lives. I heard that the trial was confidential, and the ... Read Chapter

Twenty years

IRIS I kept fixing the sleeve of my Filipiniana gown, estimating whether the cut was correct or sewn just as I expected. I couldn't... Read Chapter

A present with an alien

IRIS I am standing on the old bridge again, where we first met. Vehicles seldom pass through here anymore because our government bu... Read Chapter

The final chapter

ERIER I stared at Alta's face as she lay curled in my arms. We got married last week, and Gaeia made it possible for both of us. I ... Read Chapter