Twelve-year-old Beth Clark and her younger brother Otto face each new day not knowing when the next assault will occur, only that it will be at the hands of the people who are supposed to love them the most. Beth strives each day to survive while being the brightest, most compassionate person she can be, caring for Otto and herself. From the house down the block, Marg and Frank Jones see what is happening and want to save the Clark children from the daily hell they live in, but find it’s harder than it should be to get the social system and law enforcement to cooperate. Will Marg and her family succeed in helping Beth and Otto before they fall through the cracks like many before them?

Table of Contents

Chapter One   May 1984 Many things fell through the cracks in Coverville, never to be spoken of or acknowledged. Politic... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Beth's mother reacts to Beth revealing family secrets.
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Chapter Three

Marg Jones poured boiling water from the electric kettle over the orange pekoe bags in the porcelain teapot. While the brew steeped, she ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Beth stopped at home after school on Friday only long enough to drop off her book bag and pick up Otto, and their duffel bags, which she... Read Chapter

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