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Muzzled Dogma Tries To Bite

Chapter 1 - Muzzled Dogma Tries To Bite

CONTINUED FROM ABOVE ..Evil exists,I see it daily, we are force fed The 7 deadly sins morning noon and night and told we have to accept that this is how it is.(most people struggle to recite the 7 hevenly Virtues ) Its Madness on a global scale .From MTV Titz and glizts manipulation of young minds. Trying (but failing)to turn youth into sexual exhi... Read More

Submitted on Wed, November 4th, 2009 11:14am

Feelings of a Normal Person: Bullying

Chapter 1 - Feelings of a Normal Person: Bullying

As requested, I paid you a visit .. As a victim of bullying I understand where this is coming from .Although I do not condone violence (in a personal bid to really make this a peaceful world as only our actions are ours alone influence OUR surroundings.) The stab in the throat seems to be a metaphoric for silencing someone . Peace

Submitted on Fri, October 23rd, 2009 6:17pm

Even Fairy's can get lost across Neptune sometimes

Chapter 1 - Even Fairy's can get lost across Neptune sometimes

by air

Divide and rule is the education and blunted tool that tries so hard to separate all. In truth we are one, the air one breaths, the ground on which one stands . Ones words swirl like the wind Ones Light Warms All. x

Submitted on Tue, October 20th, 2009 8:10pm

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