Shocking Love

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Sara thinks she is finally in love. Liam is the only thing that she could possibly want in her life but will this last? Will their live spiral down hill like most relationships? Who knows...Better yet will this book be what you expect?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shocking Love

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



They were sitting by the fire snuggling together to keep in the warmth. Talking about their future, what they would do, where they would go, who they would end up to be. They never really talked about anything serious until tonight. Sara didn’t think that they had a actual relationship, she just figured that they were really good friends, best friends at that, until tonight. Tonight was different Liam made her feel so comfortable, so safe the way that he put his arms around her now that they were together as a couple. She was so happy and at ease to finally know where they stood on the whole relationship thing.
Tonight was special it was the first night that they have ever actually been “together”. As they finished their conversation they went silent both thinking about each other without the other knowing. After a good 10 minutes of the silence Liam turns to Sara and whispers gently in her ear “I love you.” Sara was surprised but flattered, they haven’t been dating until today. She knew that she had always loved him all along but never knew that he felt the same way until now. She turned so she was facing Liam and smiled, her cheeks turned raspberry red as the words just flowed out of her mouth like they were meant for her to say. “I love you too Liam.” she whispers back, making sure she was quiet enough not to wake anyone else that might be in the house. She looked down at the purple frayed rug that they were sitting on kind of embarrassed about how much she was blushing, she could feel it in her cheeks the flush, fiery red color that was forming at her cheeks threatening to make an appearance.
After a few quiet seconds Liam noticed her embarrassment and carefully lifted her face up to his level. Almost barley touching her, making sure that he was being as gentle as he could. She looked up into his eyes, they were so hypnotizing, so green like the ceiling of a forest. She sighed in complete and total happiness knowing that this is what she had wanted all along, to have Liam as her soul mate, to know that she doesn’t have to share him with anyone else. Just as she sighed he leaned in to seal the gap that was between them. Sara leaned in for the kiss but just as their lips meet sending electricity through her whole body she was jolted awake.

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