A Trip To Magica

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This is my first fantasy novel. Please let me know what you think!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Mysterious Statues

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




Before we go into the first chapter of this novel, I would like to speak a few words.

First, I’m blind. So I don’t have a lot of description. Second, my English is not perfect.

So if you find any mistakes in this novel, or if you want to improve it, please let me know.

You can either comment below or email me at: faisalfransu@gmail.com

Also, I’m thinking to write more books based on the same people and locations of this novel. So if you have interesting ideas for the other novels, please send them to me, and I’ll try to put them in the other novels.




Your friend,


Faisal Fransu



Chapter 1

The Mysterious Statues


Two friends were walking together in one of the streets of Summer City. The name of this city has nothing to do with the season of summer. It was located in southern Canada.

These people were George, a thirteen year-old boy, and Natasha, a thirteen year-old girl who lived with George. They were neighbours who lived in the same house, because their wealth did not permit them to have their own houses. Therefore, they worked together, and they shared everything together.

George was a visual impaired young man. He was born on July the fifteenth, 1999. His parents tried every doctor in the country, but they all said that there was no hope for him. However, the boy did not complain about it. He was as happy as any other child.

Despite the fact that he could not see, yet he was very wise and usually had clever ideas of how to fix his problems and that of others. He was even considered the wisest and smartest person in Summer City.

Because he was so kind, George taught his parents to love and help those who could not help themselves. That’s how his parents accepted the family of Natasha to live with them.

George found ways to do a lot of things on his own. For example, he cooked the family meals, washed his clothes and those of others, and numerous other jobs. That's why his parents were proud of him. They thanked God for giving them such a wonderful son.

George did whatever he could to please everyone. That’s why he was loved by everyone.

He did not fear challenges, because he was very wise. One of his favourite quotations was, “You cannot fight challenges unless you face them.”

Natasha was a very shy girl. She was born a day after George. She was a very sweet little girl. Her favourite hobby was singing. She loved to sing, especially for her friend George. She had a soft and sweet voice.

George wrote songs for her. Then she would take the lyrics and just start singing. She put them to music so perfectly that George admired her for her cleverness. But she did not use any kind of instruments, because her voice alone was enough.

Natasha lived in the same house with George, because her family could not afford to buy or rent a house. They lived with George’s family for free. But they had to help with the house work, of course.

George and Natasha spent a lot of time together. She often took him to restaurants, parks, and other interesting places. It should be noted, however, that they were not lovers, but simply best friends.

So now, they were walking hand in hand in the busy streets of Summer City. They often did that to amuse themselves. The weather was very nice that evening.

After they had bought a coffee for George and a hot chocolate for Natasha, our two friends made up their minds to go to a nearby park. George enjoyed walking in the grass and smelling the beautiful aroma that came from the trees that surrounded the park. Natasha, on the other hand, enjoyed the same things that her companion did, but she also loved to look at the pleasant trees. Of course George could not see them; nevertheless, she sometimes explained things to him. But since they had visited this park various times in their lives, George did not need her to explain them to him. He remembered everything that existed in that park.

Then she sang a song for George. Even though he was used to her voice, yet every time he would listen to it, it would be new and sweet.

Not long after they had thrown their empty cups into the garbage can, Natasha suddenly exclaimed in a tone of wonder, “I see a wooden statue on the ground not far from here! Let me go and get it! It’s really beautiful!”

“Please let me come with you,” demanded George. “For I don’t want to be left here all alone.”

So she took his arm in her sweet one and they ran to get the beautiful object.

To some of my readers this might prove that these people worshiped idols. But contrary to what you think, these people worshiped the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Nevertheless, they were neither Jews, nor Christians, nor Muslims. They simply believed in the creator of the Heaven and the earth. But they did not know much about this God.

So the two travelers reached and picked up the statue. Then they kept walking.

Now the statue was made of wood. It had two arms and two legs. But it did not have a nose, or eyes, or ears. Its face was very bright. But you could not tell whether it was a boy or a girl. There was no hair on its head.

Next, Natasha gave it to George to carry it. Even though he could not see it, yet he loved it. So he asked, “Can I have it to put it in my room, please?”

The girl did not want to lose it, for she loved it dearly. Nevertheless, she agreed to give it to her best friend. She would be able to see it whenever she was in George’s bedroom.

Now George realized that his good friend wanted the statue very much. So to make her happy, he said, “You can take it.”

“That’s okay, dear,” she replied in her usual sweet voice. “You can keep it, because I can see it whenever I come into your bedroom.”

Not long after Natasha had agreed to give the statue to her friend, she looked far in front of her and behold, there was another statue on the ground. So she started running to get it.

“Please slow down!” cried George, for Natasha was running with all her might.

“I’ve found another statue!” she told him after she had stopped near the object. Then she panted for breath, because running very fast had stolen all her strength.

As she was resting, the sweet little girl picked up the statue and began to examine it.

“O it’s the brother of your statue!” she explained after a little while. “It looks exactly like yours.”

“How can an idol have a brother?” he asked wonderingly. “It’s only a picture of something.”

“But I believe that both of these statues were made by the same person, for they look exactly the same!”

Now these statues were heavy to carry. So they put them on the ground and pushed them. Each person pushed his or hers, and continued walking around the park.

“It’s getting dark,” commented George after an hour of walking. He had never walked that much without stopping for a second.

His good friend was puzzled for a second. Her statue was too heavy for her to push with one arm. So she would not be able to hold unto George’s arm.

“Try to move it with one hand first,” suggested her companion. “And then we’ll know whether you can push it or not."

She did. To her amazement, she was able to push the statue with one arm. So she said in a shocked but happy voice, “Give me your hand then.” And the two friends walked home together as they had frequently done.

“What are these two beautiful things?” George’s mother asked as the two friends had entered the house.

“Can’t you see that they’re statues?” laughed George. Now to some of my readers, George’s manner of answering his mother might seem disrespectful. But the mother knew how much her son loved her. So she trusted that whatever disrespectful thing he says should not be taken seriously, because she understood that he was only joking.

Then, Natasha helped George to put the statue in his room. After that, his bedroom looked the most beautiful room in the whole house.

So then, she kissed him good night and disappeared to her own room. Now kissing was a common thing in Summer City. Boys and girls kissed one another even if they were not lovers.

After his wonderful companion had disappeared to her own room, George went to the kitchen where he ate a fine supper and then went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, when Natasha had gone to her room, she found her own meal on her table. So she ate everything cheerfully and then threw the rest in the garbage can.

She had also put the statue in her room. It looked very bright. So now, there were two rooms in the house that were really beautiful.

I think that it is time for me to describe the house for you. It consisted of four bedrooms, a dining room and a kitchen, of course. Two of the bedrooms were located upstairs.

The people who lived in that house were George’s father and mother, and Natasha’s father and mother. So in total, there were six people living in that house.

George and his parents slept in the rooms of the first floor, while Natasha and her family occupied the two bedrooms of the second floor.

The two fathers who lived in that house worked together. They owned a farm that sold chickens and cows. They raised a lot of chickens. Some of these animals were killed, cleaned and sold, while others were kept for eggs and milk.

The mothers, on the other hand, milked the cows and collected eggs from the chickens at the same farm. So they sold these eggs and were very successful. With the milk, they made cheese and yogurt and sold them.

That night, both George and Natasha had strange dreams. They saw that they were walking together in a strange country. Of course they did not understand what these dreams meant.

The next morning, George was eating breakfast with the rest of the family when his mother asked, “Are you sure that you did not steal the statues from someone?”

“Definitely,” replied George in his sleepy voice. “No one could’ve forgotten such big things in the park.”

“So I guess their owners didn’t want them anymore,” added Natasha.

At the breakfast table sat George’s father and mother, and Natasha’s parents.

As the two mothers were cleaning the breakfast table, George said to Natasha, who was sitting beside him as usual, “I think that there’s something special about our statues.”

“And how’s that?” asked his friend.

He answered, still talking in a low tone, “Well I’ve never walked for a whole hour without stopping, except when we were coming home last night. I didn’t even get tired from walking. Also, as you know, these statues are very heavy to carry. But last night, you were using only one arm to push yours.”

Natasha realized that he was right. So she began thinking about what could possibly have done these strange things?

After that, George decided to take everyone to his room to show them his beautiful statue. So they all followed him.

“I think that kings would give you their palaces in exchange for this statue,” remarked Natasha’s father to George. “Yes, they’re really beautiful, dear."

Likewise, Natasha took them to show them her statue which was placed between her bed and the wall.

“It looks exactly like that of George!” said her mother in a surprised tone. “Were they beside one another when you found them?”

“No they weren’t,” replied the sweet girl. “In fact, when we saw the first one, we walked for a little while, until we saw the other one.”

“So how are we going to discover the secrets behind the two statues?” Natasha asked George one day, while they were walking in the same park where they had found the statues.

“I don’t know, dear,” replied the boy in a tone of uncertainty. “But I’m sure that there’s something unusual about them.”


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