A Trip To Magica

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Two Talking Animals

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




Chapter 3

Two Talking Animals


The Friendly Statue knocked on the door gently.

A cat opened the door for them. She found them to be a queer company.

“What can I do for you?” she asked.

“Can you talk?” was Natasha’s first question.

“Of course,” the cat smiled. "Can't you hear me talking?"

“Well we’re looking for something to eat,” the little girl told the cat.

“All I have is vegetables and fruits,” replied the cat.

“At least she has something,” George told Natasha.

So the company entered the cat’s garden. It wasn’t a house, but just a garden. There were all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

But there was a little room beside the garden. The cat put all of her stuff in it. She even slept there, because it wasn’t safe to sleep in the garden. The room had a little bathroom in it as well.

But our friends decided to sit in the garden, which the cat agreed to.

Then their hostess brought an enormous plate and put it in front of them. There were three knives on it, because the cat supposed that the statue was going to eat as well.

“What would you like to eat?” she asked her visitors in a kind tone.

Now George and Natasha had already thought about what they were going to have. So George answered, “We would like to have grapes, four apples, four bananas and watermelons, please.”

The cat smiled and stated, “Most people don’t speak kindly to me. So I’m surprised that you are kind.”

Then the cat took one of the knives that was on the plate and pointed it at a melon that had not been cut from the tree yet. Instantly the big melon flew to where the plate was. As soon as it had reached the plate, it burst open and many pieces of watermelon fell on the plate. Then the remainder of the melon went and fell into the garbage.

After that, the cat pointed the knife at four bananas that were still on the trees. The same thing happened. They came and fell on the plate.

The cat kept pointing her knife at the desired fruits until they were all on the huge plate.

“Is this a magical knife?” Natasha asked, marveling at what she was seeing.

“To be sure,” replied the cat sweetly. “But it only works with vegetables and fruits.”

“Aren’t you hungry, sir?” the cat asked the statue.

“I’m just a statue,” laughed the talking object. “I never get hungry, sick or tired.”

“But you’re the best statue that I’ve ever seen,” remarked the cat. “Most statues don’t talk or move.”

“In our world, cats don’t talk,” Natasha commented. “And they’re not as smart as you are.”

“I guess that they’ll be jealous of me if they ever meet me,” cackled the beautiful cat.

Meanwhile the two friends were enjoying their fruit lunch, as they called it. They ate everything that was on the plate.

Not far from the garden was a well. So after the two travelers had finished eating, the cat took them to drink water from that well.

“Who fills this well when it’s empty?” Natasha questioned the cat.

“It’s never empty,” smiled the cat. “It’s enchanted to be filled with water all the time.

Both George and Natasha were amazed at all this magic. They had never seen anyone doing magic in their world. Even magical objects, like the cat’s knife, did not exist in their world.

After they had finished drinking water, they went back to the garden. Then the cat asked them to tell her their stories. So they did.

“I think you should see Mr. Wishman,” she commented after they had finished telling her their stories.

“Who is he?” questioned Natasha.

“He’s a mighty magician,” was the cat’s reply. “I think that he can do anything that you’ll ask him.

“Where does he live?” asked Natasha.

“In this country, and in Magica City,” replied the cat.

“What’s the name of this country anyways?” was George’s question.

“The name of this country is Magica,” the cat told him. “The name of the whole continent is also Magica. The capital of this country is Magica City. That’s where the king lives. The magician that I told you about also lives there. He’s nicknamed ‘the royal magician.’ He’s also an adviser to the king of Magica.”

“How far is Magica City from here?” was Natasha’s question.

“It depends on your speed,” replied the cat. “If you stop a lot, it will take you longer to get to that city.”

“Let’s start at once, then,” remarked the Friendly Statue.

“I’m coming with you, if you don’t mind,” the cat told them. “I want to see the magician too.”

“What for?” asked Natasha.

“I want an invisible house,” responded the cat. “I want it to be wherever I am, so if I’m ever threatened, I would go into it.”

After that, she got up and went to prepare for their long journey. The other three helped her. They filled many bags with vegetables, fruits and water. Then they put them in two boxes.

The Friendly Statue asked to carry them, because he was very strong, and he never gets tired. So the cat agreed.

“Are you going to leave this beautiful garden?” George asked in dismay.

“An invisible house is much better,” laughed the cat. “It will be filled with magical things.

The cat owned a big sword that was used against anything that might attack her. She did not want to leave it behind, because it was a valuable tool. It would also help them in their journey. So she decided to take it with her.

The cat also had a magical map. You just have to say where you want to go, and it will show you the way. It even showed the closest and the easiest way to where you want to go.

When they were all ready to travel, the cat began crying. She said, “I’ve lived in this place for five years. And now I’m going to leave it behind. But I’m sure I’ll find a better place.”

Natasha went over to her and tried to comfort her, which proved useful. In fact, Natasha never failed whenever she would comfort someone.

Finally, they left the beautiful garden. But they did not leave from the door that leads toward the river. So they used another road. The cat kept looking at the map to make sure that they were going in the right direction.

The Friendly Statue was carrying the two huge boxes that contained their food and water. The cat had her sword and map with her. Natasha was helping George.

So they walked in the empty region merrily. There was nothing to interrupt their happy journey so far.

George whispered to Natasha, “Why don’t you sing for us? I’m sure the cat and the statue will love your voice.”

Now Natasha was a very shy girl. She did not sing in front of many people. But she sang for George whenever he asked her to. She did not feel shy to sing in front of him, because she regarded him as her brother. She did not have any siblings. So George agreed to treat her as if she were his sister, because he did not have any siblings either.

“Are you sure they’ll like my singing?” she asked nervously.

“To be sure,” he whispered back. “Even though they’re not human beings, but I still think that they would admire your voice. The statue has a big heart. So I’m certain that he’ll enjoy your voice.”

“Ask them and see,” she told him.

So George turned to the Friendly Statue and said, “I was thinking if Natasha could sing for us. Do you like music?”

“It depends on what kind of music it is,” replied the statue. “But I would love to hear Natasha singing.”

“Me too!” added the cat merrily.

Natasha became very nervous at that moment. But she cleared her throat and began to sing.

I wish I could describe her angelic voice to my readers. It was filled with love and beauty. It was the sweetest thing that the cat and the statue had ever heard.

When the song was over, the Friendly Statue put his two boxes on the ground and began to clap with his wooden hands; although it did not make a fine sound. Even the cat cheered for Natasha. George put his arms around her and began to cry.

The cat started crying as well. Even the animal was touched by Natasha’s lovely voice.

“I’m crying, too,” said the Statue. “But you can’t see me crying because I have no eyes. But I’m crying from the inside. Her voice made me forget the ten miserable years that I had spent on the ground in that park.”

Despite her shyness, Natasha went and put her sweet arms around the statue. You might think that it’s crazy to hug a statue, but the sweet girl was not thinking about that. She realized that his heart was filled with love.

Next, she went and hugged the cat.

“Your voice will melt even the heart of your enemies,” remarked the Friendly Statue, after he had recovered.

Then the statue picked up his boxes and the journey resumed. George held Natasha’s arm and they walked before the cat and the statue.

No one said anything. They were all thinking about the sweet girl who had melted their hearts with her excellent voice.

They were now walking in what looked like a forest. The road was a little crooked. So they had to be careful.

Suddenly the cat exclaimed, “I hear an angry donkey.”

“He might attack us!” cried Natasha.

“Don’t worry,” the Friendly statue assured her.

Then he turned to the cat and asked, “Could you please give me your sword so I can go first?”

The cat agreed. So he put his boxes down and ran toward the donkey.

The donkey was chained to four trees so that he would not be able to run. He tried to break the chains, but he was unable.

So when the Friendly Statue saw that it was harmless, he called to his other friends to join him.

“Who chained you?” the Friendly Statue asked the donkey.

“Please save me and then I’ll tell you everything!” cried the poor animal.

So the Friendly Statue used the cat’s sword to cut the cords. The donkey was finally free.

“Let’s get out of here!” exclaimed the donkey. Then he began to run. The others followed him.

Finally, he stopped and said, “Now that I’m free, I can tell you my story. But first, I want to thank you for rescuing me from that wicked man who enslaved me. This evil man was my master. He treated me harshly. Finally, he chained me and left me to die.”


“But how can you talk?” asked George. “In our world, animals don’t talk.”

“We’re not in your world now,” the Friendly Statue reminded him.

Then the statue turned to the animal and said, “Where would you like to go?”

“Well where are you going?” the donkey asked.

“To Magica City to see Mr. Wishman, a mighty magician,” was the answer. “Each one of us has a wish that we want the magician to fulfill. My wishes are to be restored to my proper form and regain back all of my magical powers.”

“My wish is to have an invisible house,” said the cat.

“My two wishes are to be able to see, and return back to my world,” was George’s comment.

“And my wish is to return to my parents,” said Natasha lastly.

“I have a wish too,” added the donkey. “If the magician you’re talking about can do anything, I want him to transform me into a wooden donkey instead of meat. Then I wouldn’t worry about eating, drinking, sleeping, getting sick or getting tired.”

“Well you’re welcome to come with us,” the Friendly Statue told him.

“Wait a minute!” cried the cat. “We’ve lost our way. We’re not walking according to the map!”

Then she said to the map that was in her hands, “Magica City!” Then the map showed them a road in which they should walk on.

Now I must tell you about the families of George and Natasha. When George’s mother woke up the next morning, she opened the door of George’s bedroom, but he was not there. Even the statue was not there.

She looked everywhere in the house for him, but George was nowhere to be found. So she began to get worried.

Then she went upstairs to search for Natasha. She discovered that Natasha’s parents were also searching for their daughter and her statue.

So now, both families were worried for their children. It was impossible to guess where they might be.

The news of the disappearance of George and Natasha spread quickly throughout the city. Even the police looked everywhere, but the two friends were nowhere to be found.

Now, we must return to our traveling friends.

They had walked nearly two hours when Natasha said, “I’m tired.”

“Me too,” added the cat.

So they found a nice place and they sat on the grass. It had a pleasant smell.

The Friendly Statue, on the other hand, did not get tired. So he did not sit, but kept going around them.

Next, they took some of their food and began eating. They even gave some to the donkey and he ate it.

But the donkey also ate grass, which tasted beautiful.

After that, our friends made up their minds to continue their journey toward the magnificent Magica City. They promised to help one another until all of their demands are met.

After the travelers had walked nearly five kilometers, the cat said in a wondering tone, “Didn’t we have two big bags of food? Where’s the other one?”

“Indeed,” replied the Friendly Statue. “I remember carrying two bags until we stopped to rest.”

“So we’ve lost the other one,” added George.

“So now we have less food and water,” remarked the cat sadly.

“It’s all my fault,” confessed the statue. “After you were ready to resume the journey, I picked up only one bag. I forgot the other one.”

“Well we still have one more,” said the donkey. “And then we’ll starve to death together.

“We might find someone to give us some food,” the cat said in a hopeful tone. “Not everybody is mean, you know.”

“So what else do you know about the magician?” was Natasha’s question to the cat.

“I don’t know much about him,” the cat admitted. “But I know that he can do many things that are considered impossible.”

“Do you think that he can make me see?” George asked eagerly.

“Probably,” replied the cat.

To their dismay, they came upon an enormous sea. According to the map, the only way to find Magica City is to cross this huge body of water.

“I don’t see any piece of wood this time,” remarked Natasha in dismay.

“Never give up my friends!” the Friendly Statue told them. “We can conquer anything if we only have faith in ourselves.”

George and Natasha laughed at this statement. They said to themselves, “How can we conquer this gigantic sea?” Luckily, the Friendly Statue did not see them. Even the cat and the donkey were busy chatting.”

Suddenly, the statue’s eye fell on a walking stick that was on the ground not far from them. So he exclaimed, “Let me see this stick!”

“It’s just a walking stick,” murmured George aloud.

“It could have some magical powers in it,” commented the donkey.

But when the Friendly Statue had picked it up, he was disappointed to realize that it did not have anything written on it.

“Well put it in the water and see what will happen,” stated the cat.

George and Natasha laughed at this crazy idea. But when the statue had done according to the words of the cat, the sea was parted. There appeared before them a dry land. The water was on the other side of the sea.

To their amazement, there appeared a sentence on the stick that said, “You have ten minutes to cross.”

So without a word, the Friendly Statue picked up his big bag and started running. Then the others followed after him. Even George and Natasha did not have time to marvel at this miracle. It was like when Moses had parted the Red Sea.

Finally, George and Natasha realized that the Friendly Statue was right when he told them to have faith in themselves, and they would be able to conquer anything. Even though it was only a statue, yet it had a lot of wisdom in its wooden head.

After they had crossed safely on the other side of the sea, the Friendly Statue threw the stick into the sea. Suddenly, the stick disappeared and the water reappeared.

They all stood marveling for a minute. It was certainly magic!

So the journey was resumed. The Friendly Statue was still carrying the box of fruits, vegetables and water. The cat had her map and sword with her. George and Natasha were walking together.

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