A Trip To Magica

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - The Country Of The Young Girls

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




Chapter 6

In The Country Of The Young Girls


After about an hour of walking, our friends decided to sit and rest for a while. The weather was not bad that day.

“We would love to hear another song from Natasha, if that’s okay,” remarked the Friendly Statue, for he had grown fond of her.

Again, Natasha became very nervous, because now they had a new person with them.

Nevertheless, she consented, and with a ‘ahem!’ she began to sing.

There was no other voice except that of Natasha. It was filled with love and sweetness. It melted away the hearts of its hearers.

Again, happy tears fell from the cat’s eyes. Even George was crying. He put his arms around her and stood motionless for a minute.

The Friendly Statue, Don and Mr. Simple were all crying. But their tears were tears of happiness.

“And you keep telling me that magic is not a common thing in your world!” said the statue happily after a little while. “Your voice is magic!”

Then our friends continued their journey in high spirits. They were determined to find Magica City and the magician.

They presently came to a city that was filled with young girls. They were all between the ages of twelve and eighteen. This city belonged only to that kind of people. Its name was Young Girl, because all of its inhabitants were young girls.

“What are all those men doing in our city?” one of the inhabitants asked her friend.

“There’s only one girl with them,” said another.

“Well if that girl can prove to us that her men are not dangerous, then they may stay with us as much as they like,” remarked the first speaker.

So the queen of this city chose a band of her maidens and sent them to speak to the visitors. There were about twenty girls in that band.

Now when our friends saw a band of twenty girls coming toward them, they were afraid, because each girl was carrying two swords.

“Stay where you are!” shouted one of the girls at our friends. “We won’t hurt you unless you hurt us!”

Then, to Natasha’s shock, one of the girls came to her and said, “I need to have a private conversation with you. So follow me, please.”

The rest of our friends were motionless for a while. Fear was controlling them.

“You are welcome to our city!” cried one of the girl soldiers. “Come in and enjoy yourselves.”

Then, Natasha reappeared before her traveling friends and assured them that it was safe to enter the city.

“What did they want from you?” asked the Friendly Statue.

Natasha smiled and replied, “They don’t like to have men in their city. But I convinced them that you’re not dangerous to their city. So they finally agreed to let us stay with them only for one day.”

So our happy friends entered the city without any problem.

A maiden was sent to take them to the palace of the queen. The maiden ordered each one of them to wash themselves before they can meet the queen of Young Girls City.

When they were all ready, the girl servant returned and announced, “Her majesty, Queen Softy would like to meet her new visitors.”

Our friends did not say anything between themselves, although they thought that the name of the queen was a little funny.

The Statue thought to himself, “So she allowed us to enter her city because she’s soft?”

So they all followed the servant into the throne room. They were really nervous to meet the queen. Nevertheless, they knew what to do when meeting a royal person.

The room of the queen was the most magnificent room that our friends have ever beheld. It was filled with brightness. There was a strong smell of sweet perfume. Its walls were all decorated with rich gold. The floor was so soft that a person had to be careful when walking on it, lest he slips.

There was a very high chair that was also decorated with all kinds of fine things. In front of that chair stood a very beautiful table.

On this throne sat a fifteen year-old girl. She was wearing her golden crown. She wore golden gloves and golden shoes. She was also wearing a golden necklace. Her face was so bright that no one dared to get very close to her. Her name was ‘Queen Softy.’

Of course when our friends saw this beautiful young lady, they bowed before her. They did not know whether she would be kind to them or not. With all this beauty, however, it was hard to believe that she would mistreat them.

Our friends did not know for how long they must bow to her. But she said in her sweet and soft voice, “Now get up and let me shake hands with you.”

But when the Friendly Statue, with all his courage, got up, he could not get any closer to her, because her brightness made him very nervous.

“Don’t be afraid, sir,” she assured him in her sweet voice.

The Friendly Statue was amazed at being called ‘sir’ by a royal person. Nevertheless, he went slowly to her and said, “Your majesty, this is your servant the Friendly Statue.”

She held out her hand to him and he shook it cordially. Nevertheless, he trembled a little.

“Please tell your friends to get up and introduce themselves to me,” the queen said.

At this, the rest of the Friendly Statue’s friends got up very slowly and introduced themselves to her. She was very delighted to meet them.

A minute after that, the queen called for one of her maidens and said to her, “Take these visitors of mine and entertain them until lunchtime, for I would like to eat with them.”

“Your wish will be granted, your majesty,” was the maiden’s reply.

So our friends left the queen and went outside to be entertained.

Because the queen is very kind to these people, I will now try to describe her city to my readers.

The city of Young Girls was about two kilometers in length and two kilometers in width. But there were no buildings on the ground of this city, except the palace. So it looked almost like an enormous park. The people of this city spent most of the day in that park having fun.

There were about a thousand floors under the city. About seven hundred of them belonged to the people who lived in this city, while the remaining three hundred were preserved for the visitors.

Each of the seven hundred floors was owned by one of the inhabitants. They kept their belongings in these floors. They only came to these floors if they needed something or when they wanted to sleep. There was a magical elevator that took people from one floor to the other. It was so fast that it could go from the first floor to the thousandth floor within a minute.

The citizens of this city were all girls between the ages of twelve and eighteen. There were about seven hundred of them. These people did not work. Instead, they spend almost the whole day in the mainland of the city doing all kinds of fun things.

These girls never grew old, nor sick, nor did they die. It would be right to say that they were unusual.

The city of the young girls had four gates that led in and out of the city. The first gate led into the northern part of the city, the second was the eastern, the third was the western and the fourth gate was the southern gate of the city. Each of these gates was about four kilometers in height.

Whenever a person tried to break one of these gates to get into the city, a consuming fire would suddenly come from the gate and eat the perpetrator. That’s how this city was safe.

The palace of Queen Softy was very high and splendid. It was decorated with all kinds of fine things like gold, silver and other precious objects.

When lunchtime had come, all the girls were gathered in the mainland of the city, which was almost like a park. There were about seven hundred of these girls.

The maiden who was in charge of our friends said to them, “Where would you like to sit?”

But before they could answer, the queen suddenly appeared in her royal clothes. Everybody bowed as she past them.

“These friends of mine shall sit on my table,” she said in a sweet tone, pointing at Natasha and her friends.

Next, Queen Softy said, “My table!”

To our friend’s amazement, a table was seen flying over the city. Suddenly it landed where the queen was standing.

Next she said, “Six chairs!”

And there were six chairs around the table. These chairs were for the queen and her visitors. However, the donkey did not have a chair, because he was a donkey.

Natasha was invited to sit beside the beautiful queen. Next to Natasha sat George. Next to him sat the Friendly Statue, Mr. Simple and Caty the cat.

Then other people were asking for tables and chairs, and they were appearing like bees.

When they were all seated at their proper places, her majesty said, “What would you like to eat, my friends?”

Every time a person would say what he or she wants to eat, the requested food would suddenly appear in front of that person.

Full dishes and cups were appearing at other tables. So everyone was receiving their requests.

When the queen was full, she got up and said, “Don’t worry about me. Continue eating.” And she left.

Then one of her maidens occupied her place. Her name was Cathy.

When Natasha and her friends were done eating the maiden said, the queen wants to have a private conversation with you. So each person must enter her room on his own. After she’s done with that person, she’ll call another one.”

As the visitors were watching, everything disappeared all at once. They marveled so hard that they began to get dizzy.

After they were all seated in one of the cool rooms of the palace, her majesty called Natasha into her room. So she was the first one to have a private conversation with the queen.

Natasha gave the queen a summary of her life and her adventures in the magical continent. The queen was pleased with her.

Next was George’s turn to sit with the beautiful young queen. But because he could not see, one of the maidens led him into the room and he sat on a chair facing the queen.

Now it should be mentioned that as soon as George was in the presence of the queen, he bowed his head. His head was still down until the queen said, “Thank you. Now please look up.”

“How much vision do you have?” her majesty began.

“Nothing, your majesty,” was the reply.

“We’re friends now,” she remarked. “So please don’t say ‘your majesty.’”

“Okay, your majesty,” he laughed.

She laughed too and said, “I wish I could keep you in my country.”

“I wish too,” replied George. “But I can’t stay, you know.”

“And why is that?” she asked sweetly. She already knew the answer, but she wanted to tempt him to see how wise he was.

George replied, “Well first, I don’t want to forsake my family, and second, only girls are permitted to live in this country-O I mean city!”

The queen laughed and said, “Well this is both a city and a country, you know. But you have answered wisely.”

The queen asked him many other questions which he answered all correctly. She was amazed at his wisdom.

Next, the queen left her throne and went over to him. Putting her sweet arms around him, she kissed him and said, “May you be prosperous in your life, dear.”

Then she held his hand and led him back to where the rest of his friends were sitting. But before she could leave, he hugged her and said, “Thank you very much, your majesty.”

She laughed sweetly and went back to her room.

The queen called the rest of her visitors and talked to them. She found some of them to be weird. Nevertheless, she respected anyone that respected her.

Later that day, Queen Softy announced that there would be a great banquet in the city that night. So everyone began preparing to celebrate with her. The celebration would be in honour of her new visitors.

The queen asked to see George again in her room. When he was there, she told him, “At first, I liked Natasha more than the rest of you, because she’s a girl just like me. But now, I’m getting fond of you. Will you do me the honour of dancing with me, please?”

“I would love to!” he smiled.

Then the queen called for one of her servants and asked, “Do we have any royal dresses for a man?”

Luckily, they did have. So the maiden took George to another room and told him to change into the new clothes.

When he was ready, he was taken back to the queen who exclaimed as she hugged and kissed him, “Short live the king! You’ll be the king of this city until you depart.”

Then she put both of her arms around him and she led him gently outside the palace, where the whole population was waiting for her.

When the people saw them walking together, they all bowed to both of them.

Then Queen Softy motioned to them to give ears to her, and she pointed at George, saying, “Short live the king! He will be the king of this city until he and his friends depart.”

Everybody laughed. Even George’s friends were amazed to see him wearing royal clothes. He did look like a king.

After that, the queen gave a short speech that was as follows:

“Ladies and gentlemen-although I rarely say ‘gentlemen,’ because I only have girls in this country. So ladies and few gentlemen, we’re celebrating today in honour of our visitors. I’ve decided to make George your king until he departs. So have fun!”

There was a singer named Musica. She could not talk, except sing. Her voice was very sweet. However, she has many voices. So each time she sings, she uses a different voice. For choruses, she would use all of her voices at once.

Also, her hands made the sounds of many instruments. She could either let them make the sound of only one instrument, or many instruments at once. These sounds would come whenever she claps her hands. She was a magical girl.

So while everyone was waiting, Musica began to fly around the city and sing and make music with her hands. And the party began!

Queen Softy danced with ‘King George,’ as she called him. They were enjoying themselves.

Everybody was dancing. Even Mr. Don the donkey was moving very fast. It was certainly a great celebration.

Now it should be admitted that Natasha was jealous of George for dancing with another woman. Nevertheless, she enjoyed herself, because she was dancing with the Friendly Statue. Even though she and George were not lovers, yet they always danced together.

George was now the king of Young Girls. So when he commanded that the music be stopped, his command was instantly obeyed.

So everyone went and sat at their proper places. And the feasting began. Their plates were full of all kinds of food.

George sat with the queen of course. He felt proud of himself for sitting with a royal person. But he did not realize how proud of him the queen was.

When the meal was over, everybody began having fun in whatever way they chose. So the queen said to one of her servants, “Please bring me my baby. I want to show her to George.”

“Your baby?” said George. “How did you get married if there are no men in this city?”

“Well I didn’t get married,” she replied sweetly. “But my servants helped me to create a baby girl. She’ll stay a baby the rest of her life.”

George was amazed. But before he could say anything, the servant had returned with the little girl in her arms. Then she handed her over to the queen.

“This is my baby Cuty,” she said, putting the baby on George’s lap.

“Is her name Cuty?” asked George.

“Yep,” was the answer.

So George played with her. He loved her very much.

Then the little girl was taken to Natasha, who also loved her.

When the party was over, the queen said to George, “I have many rooms in my palace. So you and your friends must sleep in my building, especially you.”

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