the throne of pharaohs

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its not every day that you provoke an ancient god and get your brother sent to the underworld. the throne of pharaohs is a fantasy novel in which a 16 year old girl provokes the wrath of an egyptian god called aphophis. she must venture across the underworld to find the true book of the dead and resuce her brother. will she be able to stop the forces at work and save her brother before the gate to the mortal world closes and will she discover why there is a strange connection between herself and aphophis

Chapter 1 (v.1) - the throne of pharaohs

Submitted: February 18, 2012

Reads: 146

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Submitted: February 18, 2012




Well, I guess this story starts wheni releasedthe evil god aphophis. Yeah, you heard me.
Now that I think back, I guess I should have listened to what Arianna had said but I was too young, too brash to understand her. Would I have listened to her if I had understood her? Probably not, what with my brother being trapped in the underworld and all. Who knew that one mistake would send someone to the underworld.

"this is it, alexandra. Aphophis. he is here i can feel it." whispered brandon, i folowed him towards the sarcophagus , i didnt know what drew me but it felt that the sarcophagus was calling me. before i knew it i had reached the sarcophagus of Aphophis. and stretched my hand towards it.

"Stop! alexandra, dont touch..." too late,i touched the cold surface and the world exploded around me.

I hit the wall and drifted in and out of conciusness, when my vision cleared a figure stood over me. He was tall and dressed in deep redrobes. when i looked up his face was distorted, as was the rest of the room, there wasnt really anything wrong with his face, to anyone he looked like a normal person, but when he smiled i gasped, he had fangs,as in snake fangs.

"so you awakened me from my rest, but i am guessing you dont know what you have done. you have just doomed the world to chaos and now i shall destroy this mortal vessle trapping you!" said aphohis, his voice radiating with power, his eyes focused on me and i found myself entranced, they were the deepest purple and the only thing that didnt look evil about him, they also triggered a memory, a long forgotten memory. He raised his arm and in his hand appeared a long, scary looking sword but before he could do anything my brother jumped at him. aphophis turned and grabbed him by the throat.

"you think you could stop me, ha, you will do to feed to my pet." he laughed hollowly, then he turned to me" i shall be back for you later il mio amore, then we shall see if i can break the curse held upon you." he reached his hand towards me and disappearedwith my brother, i got up onto shaking legs. what had just happened i thought as my mind reeled. not knowing what to do, i ran to the only safe place i knew, and even though i hated him, it seemed it was time to pay a visit to the god of evil set.

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