Only Girl

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Begining of This

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



OLIVIANA'S POV \"Zeeeep! Zeeeep!\" blares my alarm. I brought my left hand over the stupid thing and almost smashed it in half, almost. I jump out of my warm bed onto the freezing floors. 'At least it will be warmer in Kaisell!' I think. While grabbing my phone I walk to my closet and pull out my favourtie cream sweater and flared black jeans with white ballet flats. That warm shower heats me up instantly and I wash. I step out, towel dry my hair, curl it, then threw on my clothes.

I open the door to my bedroom door and stroll downstairs to be greeted by my brothers, Olsen and Oliver. They are my older twin brothers. \"Hey, Oli,\" Oliver said as he rustled my hair. So you know we have the same nickname. \"Stop Oli, I need to look good for my last day if you don't mind!\" I scolded. \" Oliver, stop jacking up Olivia's hair. Its her last day before Kaisell, make a good impression!\" Olsen scolded Oli.

If you haven't noticed yet Oliver is the troublemaker and Olsen is the protective one. Mom and dad died in a car crash not just 2 months ago. We have always been a rich family so we were able to get an apartment because Olsen and Oliver are 19. \" Well, bye guys and remember that my flight is at 5 so don't be late I have volleyball practice till 4!\" I yelled. I started walking over to my school Wooding Jay High, and keeping a mental note of what it looks like. As I walked in I saw Dawson come to me. Dawson is my best friend. \" Hey, whats up Olivia?\" he questioned.

Dawson already knew about Kaisell so its nothing new to him. \"Just anxious about Kaisell nothing else,\" I said. Dawson nodded in agreement then he popped. \" I did some research on Kaisell and you won't believe what I read!\" he exclaimed. I've always had this little crush on Dawson. \"What is it?\" I asked desperately. He whispered it in my ear and I swear my eyes bulged out my head. \" A-A-An all b-boys s-school?!\" I whispher/ yelled. I was shocked I thought it was an all GIRLS school!


DAWSON'S POV \"Hey, Olivia, I have good news!\" I yelled across the cafeteria. She spotted me with those perfect blue eyes and her flowing light brown hair. I've always had a thing for Oliviana. \"Hey, Dawson!\" she smiled \" What is it you want to tell me?\". \"You know that the school wants a second person besides you to attend Kaisell today?\" I question. She nodded her head like a toddler. I laughed and continued \" They picked that second person and it's me!\" I say. She furiously hugged my and I felt jolts of energy in my arms. I chuckled

\"Sweet, when does your flight leave?\" I ask. \" At 5, why?\" she questions. \" My flight leaves at 5, too! Can your bros give me a lift, sweet?\". \" Stop calling me sweet, Daws, and yeah they can!\"


OLIVIANA'S POV I called Ols and Oli to come pick Daws and I up early because of the volley cancellation. When they pulled up I slid behind Olsen and Dawson slid behind Oliver who's shotgun currently. \" How's school baby sis?\" Olsen asked. \" Well I found out 2 things. 1) Kaisell is and all boys school and 2) Daws is coming with me!\" I say. \" The fuck! No way in hell am I letting my little sister going to a school full of raping players with gia-\" Oliver cut him off \" Bro, let her go! Why the fuck would they rape her for real! I mean in not in incest but Oliviana is H-O-T! But I think they would have self control or protection!\" Oliver yelled. Daws held my ears the whole time but I heard Oli call me hot but it's a guy thing i understand. The argument went on and on till we got home.

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