Only Girl

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Off the Flight and Meeting New People

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



OLIVIANA'S POV(AFTER FLIGHT AND JUNK) We got a ride from these guys that attended Kaisell Boarding School, Mark and Brendan. Mark had fiery red hair with black highlights in it. He has emerald green eyes with some freckles and and those black rimmed glasses, the big ones that make guys look cute. Brendan has brown and dirty blonde hair and warm hazel eyes with a dazzling smile that could make you melt inside. Once we got to Kaisell I couldn't believe my eyes. It was 10 STORIES and you could see a private lake. The sun shone over it so it wouldn't be dark in places.

\"Come on, babe!\" Brendan said holding his hand out to me. I grabbed his hand and I felt Dawson tense up a bit. I let go and decided to ask questions. \" Bren? Do you know were we are going to stay?\" I asked when we walked through the doulbe glass doors. \"You and Dawson are going to be in the same room with 4 other students,\" he said handing me the keys. \"You'll be on the 10th floor, 1st hall, room 010. I'll bring you guys' bags,\" he replied again smugly. Me and Daws got in the elevator, pressed #10, and walked down the first hall to room 010. I slid the card's keypad and walked in to find 4 super handsome guys. The one with black hair that covered his eyes spoke first. \"Heyy, roomie!\" he said in his fake gay voice. I giggled as he spoke again, \"Anyways I'm Shay Asher,\" he said.

\"I'm Aiden Woods,\" the guy with blonde hair said. He reminds me of Niall Horan. \"I'm Ace Pollins,\" said the guy with dark brown hair said. \" And I'm Leo Winters,\" spoke the last guy with light brown hair and a green beanie with green eyes. \"Hey, I'm Oliviana and this is my best friend Dawson!\" I say with nervousness. \"Sup guys,\" Dawson said and they did some weird guy handshake. I took time to explore the big apartment like thing and tried to find my room. I opened a dark oak door and saw my room. It had a queen sized bed, high tech computer, a flat screen, and the best view of the lake and sunset. I took off my backpack and took out a sign that said '?Oliviana's Room?' and I thumb tacked it to the front of the door.

Soon enough everyone was walking through the hall trying to find a room. I stood at the frame and was stopped by Ace. \"Somebody found their room,\" he said. I saw his earphones and ran over to him and pulled one out and listened to the music. I realized it as 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' by Green Day. \"My gosh Acer! This is my favorite song!\" I squealed. He looked at my shyly and said \" Me too, what else do you like?\" he asked putting the earphones away. \"I like Little Talks, Radioactive, Paradise, A Thousand Years, Carry On, And We Are Young,\" I replied.

\"Wow, those are MY favorites, too! It's like we are twins!\" he said. \" I have 2 twin brothers at home. Olsen and Oliver are enough for me!\" I exclaimed. \"For real, I have 2 twin sisters and Amiee and Ashleigh are enough for me! How did your parents react when you boarded?\" he asked uneasily. I felt like I could trust him. \" They...they weren't there..\" I trailed off. \" Where were they?\" he asked. We stopped walking. \"They died no less than 2 months ago in a car accident. It's just me Olsen and Oliver,\" I said holding back tears. \"Oh my god, I'm soo sorry Oli, I-I didn't know..\" he trailed again. I was about to cry and I guess he got the memo so be pulled me^ in a tight hug. \"My parents d-died, too. In a car crash,\" he said hugging me I felt wet on my cheek and noticed he was crying, too. I had a feeling we were going to be good friend. We dried our tears and continued to find him room. He opened a door to a room similar to mine, minus the view.

\" Go get some, Acer!\" Shay yelled down the hall. We shook our heads and Ace responded,\"Shay, you dumbass! I couldn't 'get any' if I wanted to anyways!\". I laughed and sat on the bed or shall I say his bed. This day was going to be long.

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