The Husband, the Wife, and the Ghost Daughter

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A couple just finding their way in life.
A little ghost girl looking for help.
5 handsome young men.
10,000,000 dead people.
How will these misfits survival the apocalypse?
Find out now...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Girl

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013




As he thought about his girlfriend Brooke, Ed began to cry. He loved her so much. He couldn't stand to be away from her this long. Brooke had been gone for six hours now, shopping.

All of a sudden, a small familiar voice said,

"Help me!"

Ed jumped in his comfy chair. The voice was familiar to him, yet he didn't know whose it was. He couldn't name it.

"Help me!" The voice said again. It was faint, but Ed heard clearly.

"Show yourself!" Ed was terrified. He stood up. Mum always told him to be on his guard when someone unknown was in the house.

A little girl stepped-or more like appeared-into the room.

"I need help! I'm scared, lonely, and whoever I touch, they always say they're cold," the girl was pale. ghostly pale.

"W-who are you?" Ed asked the girl.

"I don't remember. I don't remember!" the girl looked frightened. As if Ed would strike her.

"It’s okay sweetie," Ed lowered his raised arms. "I won’t hurt you.''

The girl looked slightly relieved, but Ed knew she was still on edge. So was he

"Now, do you know your name?"

‘‘I remember it starts with an A.'' the small child thought for a moment.

‘‘How’s Ava? Do you like that name? Ava?'' Ed always wanted a daughter. Even if she was dead.

‘‘It’s pretty'' the girl-Violet-smiled.

‘‘Pretty name for a pretty girl.'' Ed smiled too. How did she die? Did she even remember?

''Violet, dear, do you remember how you died?'' Ed asked, sitting down in his comfy chair again.

‘‘Yes, I was poisoned.'’

‘‘By who?''

'' I don' sister. She poisoned me so I wouldn't bug her anymore. But I just wanted to play''

‘‘Okay so-'' Ed started, but he was cut off by keys at the door.

The door opened and in stepped Brooke, with a bag of groceries. She closed the door, turned around, and screamed as she dropped the bag.

''W-what is that thing?!'' she shrieked.

‘‘She’s not a thing; she’s a ghost girl who was poisoned by her sister. Her name is Violet, dear. She appeared here for help.''

‘‘Okay, I feel a little better knowing that.'' Brooke said calmly, closing her eyes and sitting next to violet. Violet, swaying back and forth, was staring at her like Brooke was her mother.

‘‘Okay violet, what was your mummy's name?'' Brooke asked her.

‘‘Well, I think it was...Brooke, my mummy's name was Brooke. Brooke Rogers.''

‘‘That’s my name.'' Brooke gasped. ‘‘Sweetie, how old are you?''

''I'm four.'' violet held up five fingers, and then Brooke put her thumb down for her.

''Addison? is that y-you?''  Brooke asked, a little nervous, and scared at the same time. The little girl stood up.

‘‘Yes! That’s my name! I remember now! My name is...Addison, I think is how she-'' she pointed at Brooke, ''-said it!'' Addison started jumping around the room quietly saying ''My name is Addison! My name is Addison!" over and over again.

‘‘Okay sweetie, sit down now.'' Brooke said, slightly excited.

‘‘Okay.'' Addison said softly. She sat down next to Brooke again.

''Ed?'' Brooke asked.

''Hm?'' Ed replied.

‘‘Can I talk to you for a mument please?'' she waited a second and then said firmly, ''alone.''

‘‘Yes, dear.'' Ed answered. Turning to Addison, he asked, ‘‘Can you stay right here for Edy?'' Addison nodded her head.


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