Soul Patch and Bandanas

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The word *DAMN* is mentioned.

This is a story of the one and only Apolo Ohno. This is a very romancy story. Estel Roy goes to her little sisters, Jayla, snowboarding competition. Estel meets up with Shaun White and some not-so-good things go down between the two.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shaun's Ambitions

Submitted: June 14, 2010

Reads: 219

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Submitted: June 14, 2010




Estel “New York” Roy - 26
Shoulder length brown hair with blond high-lights. Positive personality, easy to get along with.
Sport: Short Track

Heather “Rookie” Vandito - 19
Shoulder length light brown hair. Funny personality. Laughs loudly, a lot! Easy to get along with
Sport: Figure Skating

Jayla “Jay Bird” Roy - 14
Short brown hair. Very active.
Sport: Snowboarding

Vyctoria “Gambler” Berkheart - 25
Long blond hair with side swept bangs. Slutty personality. Sweetheart on stage but off stage....
Sport: Figure Skating

Jody “Jay Jay” Marx - 26
Black shoulder length hair. Laid back personality
Sport: Swimming

Kaid “Kay” Cruse - 28
Very very active person. Long light brown hair. Easy to get along with. Speaks her mind.
Sport: Track

Apolo Anton Ohno - 28
Sport: Short Track

J.R. Celski - 19
Sport: Short Track

Shaun White - 23
Sport: Snowboarding

“Come on Estel!” a voice yelled from across my room. I was too sleepy to open my eyes. My eyes felt sore and in pain. I’ve been forced to get up at 5AM every morning ever since my little sister Jayla, whom I must take care of, joined snowboarding.

“Just,” I mumbled into my pillow, “just a few more moments.”

“I am not going to be late. Go to bed earlier and you won’t be so tired!” she screamed at me. Her voice that sounds so similar to that of my mother’s, had a whiny tone to it. It’s never like her to whine at me.

“Fine, fine,” I said. I turned around and looked at her. She was all ready to leave. I couldn’t believe it.Then I remembered today is championships! Jayla was going for a state title and the rules of the tournament state that any athlete not on time will be disqualified. I jumped out of my bed and ran to the shower. The freaking shower was broken, again. The repair-guy is coming later today to fix it. I just hope he doesn’t get a hole in the wall like last time. This tiny apartment room can’t take much more damage. I screamed then ran to the closet in my room. I grabbed random clothes put them on and ran to brush my hair. I can look the least presentable.

“About time,” Jayla said.

“Sorry,” I said, feeling my face get hot. I never want to fight with Jayla. She is all the family I got left.

“Well, the tournament is at Snoqualmie Summit.”

“Okay,” I said and we ran out the door to the car.

The way there was pure silence. She just stared out the window and I right at the road. I wondered if she was made at me because I woke up late. She gets irritated easily. I know she’ll be all happy once we get to Snoqualmie because her absolute favorite person will be there. Shaun White. Shaun and I met when I used to snowboard. I quit snowboarding when I was sixteen because I had to start taking care of Jayla. My parents died in a car accident a week before their anniversary; also my birthday. My mom told me two amazing things happened on May 29th but I knew that having to leave your own wedding to have a kid was not in her plans. She used to say she never regrets it. My dad said it was hell for him. Mom was screaming the whole way there and he had to hold her hand and wipe the sweat from her face he said. Dad said that Mom about ripped his hand off! When they got home, Mom says Daddy’s hand was so red, even bruised. My mom had brute strength.

We got to Snoqualmie in time. I could easily spot Shaun from the crowd. His head of red hair is not hard to miss. Of course, paparazzi where there. I tell Shaun to get a body guard or stop tweeting the exact place he’ll be. He has become a real twitter-er. It’s funny to see him immediately get out his phone and tweet what’s happening. Shaun ran over to us right when we stepped out of the car. The paparazzi seemed stunned

“Jay Bird! New York!” he yelled our pet names. Shaun gave us them. I don’t know why he named me New York but I’ve never questioned. He gives everyone weird nicknames.

“Shaun!” Jayla said and ran over to him with her giant snowboard and heavy boots. She would run to him with thousand pound weights attached to her. She loves Shaun. How can’t you? He is an easy guy to get along with and is so funny. He makes you laugh so hard that your sides will hurt for days! Shaun ran to Jayla and gave her a hug and lifted her off the ground and twirled her around. When he put herdown she look at him and about drooled it seemed. She is such a girl.

“Nice to see you,” he said to Jayla with a smile. Jayla’s eyes just stared blankly at him. She doesn’t get easily embarrassed. She never cares if Shaun thinks it’s weird when she stares at him. It’s a reflex for her and something old to him.

“Come here New York,” she said with a dazzling smile and open arms and I ran right into them. God he gives amazing hugs. He is so cold though because he is always in the snow, no matter where he is. He just can’t stay away from the snow.

“Been awhile!” I said so happily. The thing that freaked me out was after he let me go from his arms he put one hand at my waist. Kind of took me a while to get used to it. Shaun’s never done that before. Luckily Jayla ran towards the Half-Pipe right after she hugged Shaun. Probably because she wants to get ready for her big performance to “impress” Shaun. She’d probably beat me with her snowboard is she saw this. She’s been getting defensive of Shaun. I hope she understands Shaun is nine years older than her and he is only three years younger than me. I don’t feel that way about Shaun and I hope he doesn’t about me. I sighed and kept walking to the stands with Shaun not bothering to move his hand. I don’t want to upset him. He means a lot to me but not in that way but in a brotherly way. Jayla feels love, like real love married people have (if they like each other) together. I may just get Jayla to ask Shaun how he feels about me. Sadly, Valentine’s Day is next month and I hope not to get anything. My stomach began to get butterflies and it made my insides hurt.

We got to the stands and all the way there he never let go, “Hey Shaun,” I said, “are you doing anything tonight?” I had to ask ‘cause he probably wouldn’t get it out of his mouth. I could tell he wanted to ask because he’d open his mouth then close it. He’d look at me, too.

His face lit up and my stomach hurt worse. “No! Absolutely free. I’d cancel plans even if Ihad any!” he said and hugged me. But, he seemed to have puckered his lips but changed his mind. Good thinking Shaun.

FIRST UP IS JAYLA ROY, the announcer said from above the rows of bleachers.
“Let’s go Jay Bird!” Shaun and I said. From the corner of my eye I could see him turn to me with a wondrous smile. He has one smile and it is so beautiful. The same smile over and over makes my insides usually flutter with nervousness but my stomach still is in pain. I kept my gaze on the Half-Pipe.

Jayla went down the pipe with ease. She joined snowboarding when she was five. Jayla did a bunch of twists and turns that I forgot the names of. Shaun got stiff. He trains Jayla because I can’t afford a trainer who pays. I hope Shaun won’t make me pay him by going out to dinner with him.

She finished with Shaun’s Famous McTwisty. It was amazing! Shaun stood up and jumped. Paps were
definitely getting photos of this. For the first time today since we’ve been together he let go of my waist. I must admitit feels a lot different. I felt really cold but, when he sat down and put his hand at my waist again,I felt this tender feeling that went through my body in waves, like sound waves. I really now like his hand at my waist. No! You can’t think like this! I told myself and I really couldn’t. I can’t love Shaun it’s just... I feel like Bella right now. I know there is someone out there for me and I know it isn’t Shaun. Shaun is my Jacob and now I just need to find my Edward. Great, I am relating real life problems to a vampire series.

After all the other athletes went the announcer came on and announced the placed winners.
Fourth Place: Josie Javi
Third Place: LaQuinta Unez
Second Place: Jayla Roy
First Place: Hannah Kaid
Shaun and I looked at each other. His handsome face turned bitter in an instant. I could feel the tension in his hand that was around me.

I grabbed him by the shoulders, “ShacyBaby,” I used his nickname. I made a mental note to change it, “she
did amazing. Your coaching really has helped her. If I took her to, I don’t know, a nobody coach, she’d place tenth. This is the highest she’s been placed! You did great,” I hesitantly kissed his cheek. I feel dirty. No, it has nothing to do with Shaun but with myself. I mean, I am not saying I did not enjoy kissing him but, I knew it wasn’t right. My Prince is out there somewhere but I don’t know where.

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