Tophatman: The Story of A Hero

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue - The History of Creation

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



In the middle of space, near the sun, lies a pyramd-shaped planet that orbits the sun. This planet is empty, completely covered in nothing but a dark atmosphere. Out of the center of the planet shines a blinding light, and inside the center of the planet steps out the first humans to ever exist. A special sword was crafted from the light that existed in the blast. It's said that the sword was so powerful that it was able to slice into space and time, but shattered and turned to stone once it was used. The blast also was responsible for land forms appearing from the oceans on each face of the planet, but this was unknown to the humans at the time. The land they lived in was called Ahnswa, and was a dark place for much of its first 100 years, with humans learning their many functions and being smarter than average to learn about the world around them, with no sky and constantly feeling trapped inside a planet.

After many attempts to repair the sword, it was successfully defragmented and used once again within a portal called the Matchmaker Point. It was called this because it is in the exact spot where the four main mountains, said in legend to be the structure of the planet, intersect. When they sliced through the fabrics of time again and stepped through the rift, they discovered a bright land full of life and new hope. The humans there declared that Ahnswa be sealed away and they will learn and thrive in this new land, called Renswa. Some people, however, didn't care for the conditions of the land, so they migrated across the surface to other lands. These other lands were called Renzosz, Ezardha, Tidlanal, and Orpheus. Each land is special in its own way, along with the methods it was adapted to by the settlers.

The land of Renswa is sectioned for its different attributes. Skarkton is the capital of nature and harvesting lumber. Calronia is a mountainous land with lots of mines and gems, as well as proper materials to use. Morochiia is a soggy wetland with plenty of rivers, making it an excellent place for water and sugar cane. Pensland was formed due to border wars and quickly took advantage of all of the resources available to become a thriving metropolis. Sandran is a barren empty desert home to nothing but rushing sandstorms and an endless ocean of sand. Many secondary islands surround the region; such as Wintarius and Embreos, as well as a mermaid island that was abandonded during the year 226. The kingdom that was established upon Renswa's discovery is known for its many variable rulers. King Erzus, the first and the founder of Renswa from its underbelly of Ahnswa, is a top example of a ruler.

Despite being the first, Erzus gained control quickly and shaped Renswa to its best forms, putting four mayors into power, one of each brother in charge of each land. However, with the crowning of his son Emmett, things quickly changed. Emmett had no idea how to rule and therefore plunged Renswa into the dark ages for over 80 years and put the hundreds of mermaids of Renswa into extinction, along with setting a policy in which every person in Renswa must wear masks. Because he believed the reason Ahnswa was there is because people were sinful, so their sinful faces must be covered in the new land. He refused to give up his crown until he gained a son, but after many attempts he left the crown and title of ruler to the only daughter he didn't have executed: Emina. Queen Emina proved to be even better than her grandfather, striving to fix every inch of the region and return it to its former glory.

Though the mess of Emmett brought forth rather cold-hearted people. A man in the army of Emmett quickly turned against his ruler along with many apprentices and fled to Sandran, creating a large city and planning to overthrow the ruler. Though after having two sons and putting them into hiding, he was quickly captured and executed. Ten years of being away from people and only being raised by tribesmen, the two sons (Saryx & Sovis) were taught that anyone who is not a sworn part of Sandia is evil and must be imprisoned or killed. Saryx took these words to heart and followed in his father's vision, but Sovis felt that people needed to at least be heard out.

After plenty of feuding between the brothers, Saryx ordered Sovis to be banished to a cottage on top of the highest mountain of Wintarius, never allowed to return. Saryx's reign as a deadly dictator just increased and he killed more and more people who disagreed with him or tried to escape. But he eventually discovered a loophole in Emina's policies (there needs to be a certain amount of people alive in your region and you must be able to provide on your own with absolutely no aid), allowing him to secede and create Sandran as his own region to rule as he wished.

The two never saw eye-to-eye and they always feuded with one another, with Emina trying everything in her power to stop Saryx and Saryx doing everything to resist. While Saryx was causing such a commotion with the kingdom, the island near Morochiia that was unnamed was inhabited with refugees from Sandran, naming it Bahkan. These people, however, weren't used to being independent, so Bahkan became known as the filthy wasteland of Renswa. The people of Sandran despised Emina and the people of Bahkan didn't care anymore when they realized nobody was going to save them. But while this was happening, there were new mayors running the regions, with one of the mayor's brothers controlling the three islands off of the coast of Calronia, calling it Tri Isle when the explosive volcanoes pushed the islands above the water's surface.

Soon after everything seemed to simmer down and nothing was heard from Saryx, Queen Emina suddenly died of unexplainable causes and the whole region went into a panic, with Sandran and Saryx in rejoice. Though Saryx did get all of the blame, with people claiming that Saryx poisoned her or hired a hitman. Despite these claims, Saryx left his land of Sandran for the first time ever and went to the Great Skar Tree in Skarkton to publically say he had absolutely nothing to do with Emina's death. The proper solution was to quickly name her daughter Emmy as the new queen. But there was hesitation, for unknown reasons.

During the later years of Emina's rule before her sudden death, a lone Bahkan man in a top hat waited for the right time for a new ruler to be crowned. And when he found out, he did everything in his power to go see who it was...

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