The True Testament

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When you die, the choices are simple right? The golden city in the sky or the infernal flames below. But what if the Holy Text got it wrong? What if it all was a lie? What if Heaven was Hell and vice versa. What would you believe in? How would you choice?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The True Testament

Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012



Despite what you think or what you believe in, the truth itself is far more ambitious. From childhood we are taught to love a “higher power”, a being of pure light. I, like most of the world, took this a truth. Still some rejected the notion completely, questioning its integrity. Neither willing to accept the other’s, “truth”. But its only when you weed out the false in each belief and combine them will enlightenment open its gate. And as I’ve learned, truth is always subject for change.

From my earliest memories, I’ve always been able to see angels. They do great deals of work for mankind. But behind the scenes were unspeakable evils. There can be now bright light without the deepest darkness. Is what I was once told. I’ve always thought of this gift more as a curse. Had I taken it more seriously, maybe I would’ve seen this coming, miles away.

My name is Shia. Just a few weeks ago I was a normal, catholic, college student having just graduated from my old, catholic school and the environment it possessed. Within that time I’ve fallen in love, had my faith shattered, was nearly sacrificed to release Lucifer, and now I was alone at a temple in Hell staring at a crucified angel.

His body long since painted bold with blood. A pair of magnificent silver wings tamed and subdued to either side of the towering cross. Plunged deep within his chest was a blade nearly as big as me, as his body lay motionless. And even though everything around me was fading to midnight, my focus was completely fixated on what laid before me.

The ground underneath quaked hard, violently shaking me from my trance. My self-awareness returned to me all at once. If I stayed around I was going to die, in Hell. And that thought alone was scary. My eyes gave him one final glance before he disappeared from view.

Now I was running with all my might not giving myself the time to realize where it was that I was going. It wasn’t like there were any of those oh-so-useful neon exit signs just stationed around, and I was much too panicked to even think things through. For all I knew I was just going deeper into the Devil’s domain. But for now the only thing on my mind was avoiding this captivating darkness before it consumed me. But that’s just the thing. Try as you might, eventually it all catches up and I was gradually drowning in it.

You’re probably wondering how a girl would get herself into so much, in so little time. Well, I’ll tell you. Sit tight this is going to be a doozy.

Six weeks earlier.

“Did they include your dorm number?”

“Yes mom, it’s on one of those papers with my schedule.”

“Okay. What about your homeroom and the administrator’s office?”

“Both are on my schedule as are all my other classes in case you were wondering. And before you ask, I do have GPS for all of them.” I say jokingly looking towards the driver’s sit to my mother’s pearl blue eyes.


“Anything else… like the lunch menu?” I teased, poking fun at shear amount of food joints.

“You joke, but this place is a hundred times bigger than your old school. Don’t come crying to me if something bad happens to you if you’re going to be like that.”

“Sorry.” But in my head I was saying “Me, crying to you? Oh honey, bless your heart”. “But this is basically the same kind of school I’ve grown used to.” Even though I said that, St. Jules’ Private Institution was different from my Academy of Cardinal McCarthy and any other for that matter. In terms of size it was less of an academy and more a fully functionally city equipped with its own housings, shops, restaurants, and even a police station or two.

Its schools stayed within its confines as well. Elementary, junior high and high schools each with one for boys and another for girls. The college being the only one co-ed. And at the heart of it all was a massive church, a monument to god, easily the biggest and most impressive landmark on the grounds.

This was St. Jules. A prestigious community where, upper elite class, parents dumped off the unwanted baggage. They’re lives didn’t permit the proper raising of their offspring.

I opened the door and slid out. The window slowly came down to its sill, as I leaned over. “I’ll be fine, like I always have, you should be more concerned about missing your oh so important plane with your oh so important husband.”

“As much as I would like to argue you down, you’re right. If I stay any longer traffic will be hell. Have fun dear.”

The ignition roared to life, and after a silence filled goodbye the silver 2004 Volkswagen Jetta pulled away. A burial of relived sighs followed, courtesy of Shia. I didn’t hate my mom per se, it’s just that we don’t see eye to eye and she’s just much too busy living her life to attempt to fix things. Oh well, no love lost, onward to the dorms.

Room 293. If the number on the door was correct, I was about to step into a new world and with it cam e a chance at a new life. The excitement was bursting from my pores.

Just down the hall the sound of commotion stopped me in my track, seizing my curiosity and bent it to its will. My legs developed their own mind and forced me, weather I wanted to or not, stopping just short of the stairs.

“Sweetie these are girl dorms! As in, not boy dorms.” A proud Hispanc voice carried itself up the stairwell and planted itself between my ears.

“Come on honey, don’t be that way. We came all this way to see y’all.” The voices of several guys made their way up the stairs next.

“Is tht so?”

“But for a pretty thing like you, it’s no problem.” By now I had already made my way down the steps to see the smiling faces of a few much too young, thirteen maybe fourteen year old boys, faces lit up at their own moronic pick-up lines.

“That’s sweet. Unfortunately it’s a problem for me. You and your friends are certifiable creepers, see it’s on this certificate.” She held up an imaginary declaration. “And it seems everyone here is only interested in, well anyone who isn’t you.” Her tone was a mixture of sugar and spice, the perfect blend of sass. Brings tears to your eyes.

The guy looked around at his friends who instantly dropped quiet. Then his gaze caught me. “And what about you babe, want to hang with us?”

“Sorry, I’m married to reality.” My hand flew up showcasing my make believe wedding ring.

“Man lets go Shawn, while you still got some pride left.” And just like that his so called friends had turned on him and made him the butt of their jokes. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

“It was niceseeing you Shawny Poo, BUH-BYE!” My Hispanic friend giggled as she waved them away. Her personality seemed as eccentric as mine, if not more. “You’re the new girl?

“Yeah, I enroll into the college campus today.”

“You come included with venom. We are going to be great friends. I’m Ma`dre.”

“Shia.” I took her extended hand and returned her introduction.

“So Shia, have you become acquainted with the grounds of the academy?”

“Well, not exactly.”

“How about a tour?”

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