The True Testament

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012



When I first heard her say tour, I was under the impression that she was going to show me around the local landmarks and teach me to navigate this unnecessarily huge academy. How naïve of me.  In reality I think she just wanted to go shopping in one of the many malls, which is the only place she has shown me so far.

I was beginning to grow tired of waiting, outside the shop, for Ma`dre to try on the millionth pair of shoes. I just didn’t get it, why do girls go through all the trouble of buying so many shoes just to go out next week and do it all over again before they even wear the ones they just bought. I’m, in no way or form, a tomboy. But I’m certainly no wasteful princess.

“What do you think?” I turned to Ma`dre who, not only had one too many bags, she also had changed into a green and black dress.

“Uh, what part of this is the tour? And as marvelous as that dress is, I think your chest might be a tad bit too big for it.” I smiled.

“You think so.” Her hands blatantly pushing up her breast, “Good.” My head waved side to side in disbelief as we both shared a good laugh. She took out her cell and after staring at it for a moment typed something and slid it back into her handbag. “Me and some friends are about to have lunch, care to come?”

“My first day and I’m already making friends.” We snickered again.

We walked into a small diner, and instantly the overwhelming aura of delicacies made my water. Hunger pains started hitting me hard. I hadn’t eaten since long before I awoke this morning, but I was still way hungrier than I originally thought. I was practically dying.

“Hey guys, I’d like for you to meet my new friend. This is Shia. She’s new to St. Jules.”

“Hi.” I waved to the crowd seated in the corner booth of the diner.

“From left to right this is Ranma, Casey, Dylan, Samantha…” Then she paused at a boy with small rectangular framed glasses. “This guy her is the cute mascot of our circle, Nico.” She smiled.

“For the last time, I’m not a mascot.” His voice displayed a lack of seriousness. I looked him over. He was kind of cute, for a guy he had really smooth looking skin. He had curly dirty blonde hair that stopped just below his ears. His eyes were a beautiful hazel that shone more green one second, and more blue the next. But the only feature that I was focused on was a pair of evidently transparent wings attached to him.

“I think your forgetting someone.” I pointed out the pissed off girl at the end.q2

“Oh, and this bitch is Rebecca.”

“You’re so funny, you know that. I should ask my mom to give you a comedy special.” Rebecca frowned.

“Her family is super wealthy and one of the main benefactors of St. Jules.” Ranma sighed shaking her long, single braided hair.

“A fact no one is allowed to forget.” Dylan and Casey laughed almost on point with one another. I dropped my gaze back to Nico who was happily smiling with one another.

Our meal was drawing to a close, as everyone else was discussing philosophical ideas and religious beliefs. “…Some even say that these holy lands are actually gateways into heaven.” Casey said, leaning back in his sit as if he had proved some kind of point.

“That’s stupid. The bible states that Jesus is the path unto heaven. There are no other “Gateways”, idiot.” Rebecca retorted, in that bitchy way that I would grow accustomed to.

“But you never know, there could be some truth behind it. Besides the bible could be all made up.” The last portion of his sentence caught me of guard.

“You don’t believe in the bible?” I blurted out before realizing.

“Not that I don’t believe in it as a whole, it’s just some parts are just too inconsistent.

“You’re so going to hell.” Rebecca snorted in mockery.

“But doesn’t he have a point.” Everyone attention went straight to Nico as he spoke. “You can’t believe everything you hear or read. Isn’t it better to lead yourself into damnation, than to blindly follow another man’s path?”

“Are you the antichrist or something?” Ma`dre dumbly asked, perplexed. “We’re friends, so that’s something I should know.”

“At any rate I’ve got some things I need to do before curfew so I’ll be on my merry way. See you guys tomorrow.” He got up pushing his glasses back to their position on his nose, and swiftly head out the door.

“We should split too.” Ma`dre grabbed her belongs, all while conversing with and texted. The world of today was “multi-talented” to say the least.

One by one we each stepped out of the diner. Everyone was going to head back to their respective dormitories. But then, from the corner of my eyes, I could see the massive wings that had me so enticed all day. It was then that my body decided it had other plans than just going to my room. I’d never been too much of a rebel, but for some reason I just couldn’t help myself.

As far as being a stealthy ninja goes, I was a long way from a master. I had only been tailing Nico for about five minutes and already I had lost him, and even worst I appeared to have even lost myself.

I knew before I set out on my adventure, I didn’t know the area very well, and getting lost was more than possible. Still, in my irrational thinking, I didn’t have time to ponder over things in a rational mind frame.

There was no way that I wasn’t skipping curfew. The sun died away and the cheerful sky gave way to a bluish night. There was no way for me to tell where I had landed myself this time, let alone find a way back to my room.

“Great job Shia. You should have just gone with everyone when you had a chance.” My voice cracked through my monologue. Still it was the only stipulation the kept me somewhat calm. On the surface I pulled off, but deep on the inside I was flipping out. Most people throw on a façade to the utter feeling of dread the dark gives off, I’m not one of them. I’ve seen enough movies to know a girl, left alone in the dark, wasn’t ending well.

My entire body stiffened and my heart ceased at the sound of something nearby falling to pieces. If you couldn’t tell I was freaking out before, you couldn’t miss it now. I kept telling myself to get out of there, but once again my legs were unresponsive to my will.

“Nico?” In every horror movies I’ve ever seen, I always yell at the idiot calling out to the killer. Yet that thought hadn’t stopped me from doing just that. Maybe it was a mental defense, people grab onto the hope that it can be something else. It was just a cat. I could breathe again.

“Are you following me? Stalker?” I whipped around startled to see Nico had turned the tables, and at the same time felt a faint sign of relief.

I tightened up and regained much needed composure. “Don’t flatter you say pretty boy, I just got lost is all.” I half lied.

“I really wish you hadn’t, you should go home.”

“Yeah okay, let me just have you draw a map.” I snapped defiantly.

“It’s too late now.” He removed his glasses. Then I could hear as footsteps eased on us, converging in at a deliberate pace. Panic and paranoia flared again after just settling seconds ago. Three older men stood in plain sight. Each one dressed in attire unfitting of St. Jules. Nevertheless the strangest thing that immediately hauled my focus, bold as day red wings. And these were far from transparent. They were real life angels. Oddly enough they gave off a different presence.

“It looks like he did show up.”

“Bishop knew huh? Damn?”

“Hope you don’t mind if we kill you now.” Of the three men, only the middle man was speaking, but all speech was halted in my mind when I noticed the spears they had been carrying. What was happening? I was no longer scared I was on an entirely new level from top to bottom. My mind went numb and was unable to determine if I had wet myself or not.

A beautiful white light emitted from my side. In a transcendent display Nico’s entire body was engulf in an angelic aura. His hair changed to a snow white, and those mesmerizing hazel eyes were replaced with a vengeful scarlet. And now his silver, hologram like wings were now full and real to the touch.

“Small fries like you? Eh, I’ve got time.” I giant sword without a hilt appeared in his hand. On the blade were the words, Bloody Rose.

I felt sick. The nausea was building up as I watched the brutal exhibition. I was horrified at the screams of the three men from being dismembered. I couldn’t take it anymore. I commanded my legs to move, this time they listened.

I did track and field at my old school for years, so if anything so even if I didn’t know where I was going if I kept running I’d eventually find something familiar. But I ran out of breath near a park.

I couldn’t think through my haze, an act that has been frequent throughout this script. I couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, and couldn’t believe. This place was already too much for me. Never thought I’d be the one to say it, but maybe my mother was right for once.

Bright lights blasted my eyes and a loud horn nearly destroyed my eardrums. Ma`dre’s head popped out. “I know you’re new and all but if you get lost here on your own, you get lost forever. Get in.”

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