A Kiss...

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Basically, the story is a tragic wolf relationship that has no way of surviving but Dianna and Derrick try to avoid the truth that they can never truly be together with Alexandria in the way.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Kiss...

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013






A kiss… that’s all I asked for. A bloody kiss that would intertwine our destinies forever, but instead he’d rather for me to live… normally. Humanly, I should say.

Why would I want to live without him? He’s the reason that I put up with this crappy life that I am unfortunate enough to be cursed with. I want to be like him. I want to be eternally his. I want to understand him in all aspects, to understand how it is to be a creature of the night, Nightwalkers, as he calls his pack.

We officially met in the forest around midnight as I ran in an attempt to escape my problems that for some reason to keep following me.

 He patrolled around the path that I ran. He tried to transform, so that I wouldn’t see him, but his transformation took too long and I caught a glimpse of him in the midst of his transformation.

His body shined a yellowish color as his body began to shift to human form. Before me stood a silvery wolf in the process of becoming a human that I’ve known for only a matter of weeks.

Derrick had moved to this hell-like town  in the middle of the school year and went by unnoticed because of his exclusivity of friends.

Derrick is dark and mysterious, but people stay away thinking that he’s weird or dangerous. I, for one, notice Derrick, but never thought of him as anything but a cute guy with issues until that night in the woods. After that night I have been unable to get Derrick out of my mind. I guess the same went for him too because the next day at school, Derrick approached me.

No one noticed that Derrick didn’t sit in his usual spot, alone, at the end of the day, but we just left so that we can discuss everything with no one around us. He usually just waits there until his friends make it there and leave with them.

Afraid, I urge myself to go along with him because I knew that my curiosity override my fears. I had a feeling that he wouldn’t hurt me and probably wouldn’t think about it. Derrick brought me back to the woods where we met and told me and about the creature he’s become; a Night Crawler, a shape-shifter, a creature of the night that transforms from human form to wolf… a protector of human life.

“Dianna, I’m not like normal people,” he started, as I sat on the rock not far from him. “I am rejected from everyone, even my own kind. To them, I am an abomination, a mutation,” he pauses, thinking to himself, trying to figure out a word to describe what he wants to say, “Not in the sense of what I become, but because the council chose me.”

He turns his face to me and for the first time I can clearly see the wisdom of his eyes. Just looking at him I can tell that he’s been through more in his lifetime than I can imagine. Just the thought of someone shifting into wolf form makes me think of the pain and isolation that they go through, aside from the automatic fear that I have.

“What were you chosen to do?” I ask him, completely captivated by his life story, wanting to know every detail.

“I was chosen to end the war amongst my kind,” Derrick says, “to defend my kind.”

“How can you ‘defend your kind’?” I ask, feeling like a kid that is trying to go to sleep with their parent reading Harry Potter. How is it possible to go to bed without asking, “One more chapter?”

“It’s a long story,” he tells me looking aimlessly into the trees that surround us. “It had been established long ago. I am supposed to be united with the alpha of a pack called the Eternals and to end war amongst my kind.”

As a child, Derrick had a pretty normal life without any thoughts of vampires or wolves. By twelve, Derrick moved from foster home to foster home with both of his parents dead. By fifteen, the couple that led the Nightwalkers adopted Derrick. They adopted children that could possibly turn into drug addicts and criminals and turn them into Nightwalkers. They mostly chose older children, so that they were capable of containing their secret and patrolling the areas that vampires hunt.

Derrick told me about his pack and how other creatures try to kill humans and it’s their job to protect us, humans that is. I listen to him as he describes how he became the creature that he is now. His adopted father bit him shortly after his sixteenth birthday. He told him that he would be helping the world with the gift that he now possessed. He told me how it is to transform into a creature made me want to run…, but inevitably come back.

After that day in the woods, I had a constant lunch buddy. I walk over to where Derrick usually sits and it becomes “our” table, at least that’s what I think of it as.

Derrick told me that I’m the only person outside of his family that knows about the Nightwalkers and the vampires that hunt this state, which he seemed completely fine with.

That’s one of the reasons that L.A. has the highest overall death rates, he told me. Vampires kill people then shape-shifters kill the vampires, a never ending killing cycle.

One day, he asks me about my life and I give him the overall look on my life. I constantly talk about how crap-tastic my life is, but my life’s no comparison to Derrick’s. My mom is a Birtish drunken-whore and my father a no-life who walked out on us, but compared to a person who lost their parents and are forced into being Nightwalkers; it sounds stupid to complain.

I promised to keep his secret and I’ve never mentioned a word of it to anyone, not even my friend, Amelia, who is the closest thing I have to a best friend. She always notices that something’s wrong, but she assumed that it involved family issues, so she let it slide. Amelia knows about my family issues, but doesn’t press me on the issue.

There’s only one thing that stands in the way of me and Derrick and neither of us can do anything about it. Her …

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