The beginning of a new life

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - 1. Coming home

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



I stepped out into the bright sunshine and smiled, feeling the cold air whip around my face and hair, after the 20 hours on the hot stuffy coach it was a welcome relief. I grabbed my cases from underneath the coach and headed off towards the lane, slowly I pulled the cases, until I finally reached my destination, the log cabin. I unlocked the door and stepped into the warmth, the smell of the wood already making me feel I was home, I set my cases down and headed out to the kitchen, I looked at my favourite view. Miles and miles of wonderful untouched bright white snow cascading down the mountain, waiting for the boarders and skiers to come make their paths down the beautiful mountain, the white so reflective it was so clean so smooth, I breathed a sigh of relief, I was finally home.

The alarm clock rang loudly on my dresser, I turned over hit the off button and got up heading straight for my hot morning shower mmm nothing like a hot shower to wash a long journey out of your head. After I'd made a quick breakfast ate and cleared away, I grabbed my puffy purple ski jacket and trousers and bunged them over my hoody and jeans and braced myself for the cold and headed out down the lane back towards civilisation. I headed to the hire shop first, it was a small shop with wide aisles and there stood the funniest sexiest blonde you would ever know, he had his back to the door and was working hard, I tiptoed through the rows of gorgeous skis and boards, they all had their own designs on some beaches,some animals the guy I was going to scare was a talented man who could create any image on a board that you wanted, he made dreams come true with his artistic skills. I crept up behind him and covered his eyes, whispering huskily into his ear "guess who, lover boy" he moved so fast swung around, dropped the board in his hands and hugged me tight to him, picking me up as he did then kissing my forehead and kissing me gently on the lips as he did "God sweetie pie , have I missed you!" He slowly put me down and stood back looking at me. "Back for more? You really must love me" then we both laughed, I swatted him and turned round looking back at the shop "wow you've done a fair bit since I've been gone lover boy, this place looks amazing, you've extended" "yeah sweetie course, told you I would, great idea of yours it was too" "so you back for a while?" "Oh yeah for sure." The bell on the top of the shop door dinged "Hey Sean" some guy called from the shop doorway, I turned to look at the guy, his brilliant black hair almost took my breathe away combined with his gorgeous green piercing eyes I turned back to Sean, I leant forward gave him one last hug as he grabbed me for another kiss then I headed for the door "hot chocolate, at the shack at 7 sexy" I walked past the stranger and he opened the door for me, as I passed I felt his eyes watching me as I walked towards work.

I pressed the keys into the lock and went into the office, first in as always , I smiled and turned all the lights on firing up the computer as I went past and headed for the kitchen, made my black coffee then headed back to sit in front of the computer to check my rota for day, 6 appointments, busy day just how I liked it. The office started to get busier, the instructors coming in one by one no one surprised I was back. I looked up as this tall guy with black hair and beautiful soft brown eyes, he was removing his ski stuff and unloading into the coat closet, then he headed over in his black hoody and skater style jeans, he finally got to my desk and we hugged, "hey girl you've been gone ages, thought you'd be back weeks ago" "hey Lucas, yeah me too bit more of a crisis back home so had to take care of business there first, missing me were you?" He chuckled "when don't I miss my pain in the ass best friend, at least with you out of the picture I've been able to hit a lot more" to which he winked, I groaned "ok ok I don't need to know these sordid details, catch up soon I'm heading out got a lesson in 10 with some prissy boy no doubt"

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