Down the drain

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chores

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013



Chapter One - Chores


"Mary! Could you please come in the parlor, please?" Mrs. Himbringe asked her daughter. In came Mary, wearing a purple and white satin dress, wearing a cute smile. "Yes, mama?" Mary asked, adorably. "Could you dust off the couch, please?" Her mother asked, showing off a genuine smile. Mary nodded, smiled, and fetched the feather duster from the wooden cabinet in the hallway. She returned to the parlor, and immediately swiped off beads of dust and lint. Then, being a smart young lady, shook the dust off into the garbage can, which became filled with gray puffs of old remembrance. Linda Himbringe was very impressed with how her young lady was growing up to be.

"Why, what you did was very nice. But, if you could be so sweet as to do me another favor..." Linda started and paused, deciding to let Mary respond. "Of course I would help with another favor, mama! What is it?" Mary said, looking up into her mom's big, brown eyes. "I'd quite like it if you washed the dining room floor, if that's alright with you." Linda responded, handing young Mary a mediocre-sized coffee colored towel. Mary accepted the towel, and in ten minutes, she came back, hoping that she had done a good enough job.

"Mary, you're such a doll! But I need help just one more time, I promise." Her mother had said, now knowing that Mary would listen and attend to all of her commands. Mary nodded, and simply gave her a look that said, What is it? "Well...I know that the kitchen floor is very dirty. So, I must ask you if you will be able to sweep it. Is that acceptable, pumpkin?" She asked. Mary grinned, and sent for a broom. Her mother could her the scrambling of footsteps - Mary's footsteps fifteen minutes after. "Mama, I have put away the broom, and am now going to take a nap, don't mind if I do..." She said softly, yawning simultaneously. Linda Himbringe couldn't help but smile as she heard her baby's steps up the stairs. And suddenly, she thought, Why don't I take a nap as well?

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