Legendtina and The Lotus Flower

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Legendtina is an ordinary girl until her dreams become and reality and the secret Mother has been keeping changes her life forever.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Legendtina and The Lotus Flower

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013




Legendtina and The Lotus Flower



Peter went to hit mother. My little brother and I, we just watched, we didn’t want to get hurt as well. Mother spat blood, her eye purple and swollen. Peter was our father, but I never dared to call him that. He was the devil to me.


“It’s Okay,” she would always say

“Sing for me, sweet pea. Please.” She said.

Every night, before bed, Mother would want me to sing to her. I loved singing, even though I thought I wasn’t the best, Mother disagreed. She would cry every night I sang to her.

“The voice of an angel” she would always say.

My name is Christina. Christina Rye. We live in a world far away from the planet they called Earth. Our planet, Lotus, is a beautiful place. It was named Lotus because of the many Lotus flowers that were found when humans first arrived.

You see, 15 years ago, everyone lived on planet Earth, but one day something terrible forever changed it. Mother wouldn’t speak about it; she would get angry every time we asked. At school, of course, you get to know about everything. They said the Earth began to shake, buildings and homes all sank to the bottom, and everything in Earth was gone in a matter of days. “Monsters! Giants! They rose from the bottom and started killing people and destroying everything.” said Britney flipping her blonde hair.


Britney, my best friend, knew about the story because her parents told her everything.

“Momma said they were looking for something. A witch and her army searched every inch of Earth and never found what they were looking for. They rule that planet now, you know. Whatever’s left of it.”

The school bell rings and we get to go home now. I get to go home or as I call it, hell. Every day Peter would find an excuse to hit mother and every day I would wonder when the pain will go away, or when I could start defending Mother and myself.

At home, I come to do the laundry and rake the leaves outside our little yard. From outside I could hear mom making dinner. Pork chops and mash potatoes were today’s dishes. Peter would be served first and then Mother. While they ate, my brother Justin and I would go do our homework and then eat. Peter was weird but demanded those things. He hated me. I remember one night he was having an argument with Mother.

was only 5, but I remember clearly. He was mad about me being here, in our home.

“She will kill us both! Maria, you need to take her back, now!” he said.

Maria was mother’s name. Peter wasn’t the only one that hated me. Kids at school, parents, they would stare at me as if I were a freak. Christina, the girl with gray eyes. The story about Earth, the witch, they said she had gray eyes as well. From that day on, Peter would begin to abuse Mother and she wasn’t the same.

Thoughts running through my mind make me feel nausea and I am no longer hungry. I kiss Justin on the cheek “goodnight” I say. Peter and Mother were arguing about something. Again.


The alarm rings and it’s the last day at Ackley High School. I was a freshman, unfortunately. I was too smart for my class, I would always say. My teachers and Mother agreed. I get up, shower, and brush my teeth and long blonde hair. My eyes, a light gray, were my favorite feature. I head downstairs and find Justin sleeping on the couch and I wake him to get ready for school and he reluctantly does so. I open our fridge to find a dead roach, carton of orange juice and some eggs. I’ll take the juice and eggs. While serving my

eggs, I hear the door open and close. Peter would always leave first; he would never eat breakfast if I made it. He said it was cursed food, if I ever made it. Too bad for him, I thought, I made delicious scrambled eggs. I wouldn’t wake Mother, she deserves rest. I hear a car beep and that means my ride is here.

“Don’t forget to lock the door, Justin.” I scream to Justin.

He takes the school bus. I always had Britney come pick me up, her dad would drive us. Mr. Lynn was the nicest man I knew. One time he took Britney and I to Carnival 3000. The biggest carnival in Lotus! We went on several rides and ate like pigs! Corndogs, cheeseburgers, chicken fries, and zig zag potato fries, which you could pick any color! I chose purple fries. Oh how I wish we could go back.

“Good morning, Christina.” he said.

“Morning, Mr. Lynn.” I replied.

“Chrissy, I can’t believe we’re going to be 10th graders after summer!” Britney said.

“Time flies doesn’t it?” I reply.

Walking into school, I was so glad it was the last day. I hated this place. It was only Britney that made me happy. Unfortunately we didn’t share the same lunch but we did have two classes together. My first class was Geometry. My hate for math was unexplainable and never paid much attention but yet managed to pass with a very low C.

My last class was dance. Coming into class, we didn’t expect to be told to change into our leotards and dancing shoes. Our teacher, Ms. Ann, wasn’t here and a substitute was in charge. Her name was Mrs. Cuttling.

“What’s this about” says Britney approaching me.

“QUIET! No questions asked! Nobody cares if it’s the last day, you should have stayed at home!” Mrs. Cuttling screamed.

Her attitude was very nasty, I thought, and her accent was very hard to understand at times. We lined up in our usual format. Britney and I would always be next to each other. Mrs. Cuttling began to teach us a new move. A move that really, for the most part, wasn’t what we considered dancing.

“Is she serious? Like what the heck is she even doing” said Britney.

 I couldn’t help but laugh at her ridiculous movements and Britney’s funny facial expressions.

Have you ever looked up at the clock in class and wondered why time was going so slow? Well, today was one of those days, except time stopped. Everyone was still, not moving, not one single breath. I looked around, completely confused, and thinking I was having one of those dreams again, but I knew I wasn’t it. It was too real. Mrs. Cuttling, I noticed, was no longer in sight.

“What the—“I say before suddenly a loud screech interrupts me.

Mrs. Cuttling, our substitute teacher is floating the air and next thing I know she’s coming flying towards me, her skin completely coming off.

I scream and Mrs. Cuttling has turned into a monster flying to kill me. Her teeth, sharp as a shark. Her body is covered in a dirty brown cloak while her face has the look of a human covered in blood.

“Goodbye, little girl!” she yells.

I brace myself by putting both my arms in X formation covering my face. This is it, I thought. Goodbye Mother, Justin, and Britney. I am about to be eaten alive when suddenly I feel her cold body being sent flying towards the huge mirror in front of us. Mrs. Cuttling hits the glass hard, cracking it and before my eyes turning into ashes.

Unfreeze. Everyone starts moving again, continuing Mrs. Cuttling’s weird movements before they notice she’s gone.

“Excuse me, I had no idea you guys were so passionate about dancing! This brings such tears to my eyes, ladies!” says our real teacher, Ms. Ann walking in.

What just happened? I was just attacked! Hello! Did anyone else see that?! The bell rings and it’s time to say goodbye to Britney, I wouldn’t be seeing her this summer, she’s off to visit her grandparents in Bionic city. Leaving school I have so many questions. What the heck just happened to me? Was I dreaming? Is my life in danger?


Sometimes at night I have a weird dream and it’s always the same one.

A woman holding a baby, running towards the helicopter, “WAIT!” she cries. In my dream, buildings are on fire, people running, some lay still on the floor, their bodies decomposing. Sometimes I can smell the rotting corpses. As the man in the helicopter jumps out to help the lady, she screams in pain and drops to the floor. The baby cries, opening her light gray eyes. Those light gray eyes. A figure from behind sent a knife flying towards her head and instantly the man shoots a gun towards the figure that killed the lady. The gun, what we call a plasmid, sends the figure flying several feet.

“Let’s go!” shouts the man. The helicopter ascends to the sky and the shadowy figure below shouts in defeat and out of nowhere a ball of fire hits the helicopter making it explode into millions of piece. I wake up screaming again.


I get up to wash my face. I look in the mirror. Those light gray eyes. I can hear Peter mumbling some words about Mother, which makes me angry. Why is she still with him? I dry my face with the towel and I notice blood. My eyes, they’re bleeding. I collapse to the floor. A pain I’ve never felt before and suddenly I am dreaming again. I am engulfed by ashes. They’re falling from the sky and I notice damaged buildings from fire and dead bodies turned to ashes lay on the ground. I’m dreaming about planet Earth again. I hear a wicked scream from afar and I approach whatever is crying in agony. A woman, it’s the same woman I dreamt about earlier, she’s being held by the shadowy figure, a knife being held at her throat, they both see me and what I saw the woman and the shadowy figure, they both had gray eyes. Just like me.


“Wake up, Legendtina! Wake up!” the woman screams. Instead, the figure sends a chilling laugh and suddenly the ground shakes and dogs rise from it. These aren’t your pet poodle, no, these are beasts looking to kill me, and they’re made out of ashes.

“RUN!” the woman shouts. I didn’t need to be told twice. I run for my life, but what’s the worst that can happen? I am dreaming after all. I hope. The dogs they’re quick, but here, I am faster. My body feels different. I look around, trying to find anything to help defend myself and I see a long wooden stick. I swing at the first dog that jumps towards me. It screams and turns into ashes. The shadowy figure, it screams and whistles. The two remaining dogs run back and suddenly I am awake at the feel of cold water. Justin had a woken me by throwing cold water on my face. He had a terrified expression,


“Don’t hurt me sis,” he said

“You were screaming and then” he points to my leg. My leg is bleeding, I look at my hands and they’re black from the ashes. My dream, no, this wasn’t a dream. This was real, happening right now. I was on planet Earth and the woman screaming to wake up and run was in danger. The gray eyed witch is still alive.


Thoughts raced through my mind, I couldn’t sleep, what is mother trying to hide from me? It’s finally morning and I get up to make breakfast. Peter sits on the dinner table asking for coffee.

“What’s that on your leg?” he says

“Nothing, it’s just a small cut.” I reply

Mother walks in the kitchen and serves herself eggs and two pork sausages.

“Your daughter has a pretty deep cut there Maria,” says Peter

“I wonder what happened.” he says as he leaves the kitchen.

“It’s nothing.” I say.

“Let me see it sweet pea.” Mother says softly. Her voice sounds weak.

“Oh, sweetie, what happened?” she says and I just stare at her. Do I tell her? About the dream I just had? That my real mom is still on planet Earth? How growing up everything was a lie!

“Mother, I know this is all a lie!” I say without containing myself.

“What do you mean? Did you get enough sleep, sweetpea?”

“You don’t need to hide it from me anymore”

“Hide what?”

“I know you aren’t my real mom. Peter isn’t my real dad. And Justin, I don’t know if he’s even my brother” I say.

Her face turns red and she begins to cry.

“Christina, please, there’s so much to explain. I cannot do it myself,” She says.

“Pack your things; it’s time you finally know everything.”


Heading to room to pack my things, I knew I wouldn’t be returning here for a long time. I could hear Mother crying from her room. I wouldn’t be returning to school anymore, I thought. And I would probably never see Britney or Justin again. I packed just essential things like clothing and my Cinderella toothbrush. Justin was still asleep, and I couldn’t help but think about leaving him here with just Peter and Mother. He would have look after Mother now. I kiss him on his forehead and leave the room.

“Ready.” I say

“Okay, sweet pea, just a second.” Mother replies.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see soon enough!” she says.

Mother heads to the book shelf near our little fireplace.

“Over here, Christina.” She says

She begins to exam the book shelf like if it were a puzzle. I’m not sure what’s about to happen but I think I won’t like it one bit.

“Okay I think I got it now!” she says excitedly.

She pulls on a book on the top left corner, another book in the middle, another towards the bottom right, after, she pulls a book from the top right, and finally the bottom left. The books don’t fall out, surprisingly. They’re almost like a lever of some sort. Suddenly, our book shelf begins to open like a door.

“Mother what’s going?” I say.

“Christina, sweetpea, all the answers lie ahead. Just walk forward and you will meet a lady. She will guide you. Trust in her, Christina. I love you so much sweetheart.”

“You aren’t coming?” I say

“No, we aren’t allowed. Only special people like you. Christina you’ll be fine. I love you so much.”

“I love you more, Mother” I say while giving her a hug.

I step forward to what seems like a dark tunnel made out of stones. I turn to say goodbye to Mother and then our book shelf closes and I stand in complete darkness.



I walk forward into complete darkness until I see light at the end of the tunnel. My pace increases. Lanky trees engulf me. This place was different. Ahead of me on top of a cliff, a huge castle was visible. I was to make my way there, I thought. The castle was the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. It shined bright white, as if it were covered in diamonds.  It was night time here.

“What is this place?” I whispered in awe. Before I am able to continue walking I hear a voice. I turn around and there stands a woman. She wears what seems to be a night gown, a necklace with a small flute, her eyes piercing gray. She stares at me for a few seconds before finally saying “You must be Legendtina, it’s an honor to finally meet you.” And she bows.


She approaches me and gives me a hug, smiling, and giggling.

“Excuse me, do I know you ma’am?” I say

“Listen, kid I am no ma’am. My name is Madge.” she says

“My name is Christina.” I say confused. She laughs. “Your name is Legendtina and this,” Madge says twirling “is your world. Legends Forest. We have been expecting you for the longest.”

“Sorry, I don’t understand. Legendtina? Is this a joke?” I say confused

“Let’s go up to the castle. I will explain everything.”

Madge grabs the small flute that hangs from her necklace and plays a small song and giggles.

“Look up at the sky.” She tells me.

What I see are two flying creatures. As they get closer, I realized they’re unicorns, no -- flying unicorns --with wings longer and wider than the dining room table back at home. 

“Whoa, flying unicorns!” I say

“They’re called Giles. Lovely creatures.” she says.

The first Gile that lands sends the nearest rabbit running faster than a cheetah. Its body has a shade of a light blue, and its horn is a transparent white.  Another thing I noticed was its leg, it had a wound.

“Madge, what happened to its leg?” I say curiously

“Don’t ask questions till we get up to the castle.” she says.

The other Gile lands near me and bows. Its body seems to be larger than the other gile.

“That’s your Gile, Legendtina.” Madge says.

“Go on, hop on. He’s all yours.” she says with a smile.

I approach the beast cautiously and while looking at Madge she gives me an “It’s okay” nod, but I am still hesitant. I reach out my hand to touch its body. It’s soft like the blanket Mother bought me for my 12th birthday. I remember the trouble she went through to buy it for me, to keep it hidden from Peter, no gifts were allowed in our home. It’s all I ever wanted, a large soft blanket to keep me warm during winters. I examined the Gile and realize his horn was transparent, like seeing through a glass cup.

“He really likes you.” I hear Madge say.

As I climb on top, it lets out a neigh and opens its wings and begins to run. The Giles wings began to turn into a beautiful rainbow color. Faster and faster it goes and I am lifted into the air. The wind blows my long hair and I notice Madge is right behind us. While flying I realize I feel happy and free like nothing can stop me. I think about Justin and Britney and how much they would love to see what I’ve seen. I feel safe and secure here. I feel free.




Story isn't finished, would like to know what you guys think. xx

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