Chapter 1: The Entire Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: ATR Book Club

Reads: 500

Everything was just fine in Kamovi, now considering it has been two months and one week since the attack of Lucky Lapin. There was nothing much going on in ATR. There was a burned village, but at this point it was mostly rebuilt. Team Justice really went in their own direction in the past few weeks. Mxddison was now the girl on the block everyone feared, Notive was the stranger hanging around in the supermarket, Syranium just played sports, Tushie24 just walked around, and 81cheney stayed at home.

81cheney took it the hardest out of everyone, being the last one and not being able to protect his friends. He saw their life orbs get taken right in-front of his eyes. Not to mention Team Chronos had to do half the work, the only reason he won was due to Kamov’s blessings. Not too much has changed in Kamovi, since everything was rebuilt. People have been saying the air has a darker sense, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Everything has been going the same, until one day a knock on the door changed it all. 81cheney approached his home’s door and turned the knob. To find the mailman there with a letter.

“May I help you?”, 81cheney asked.

The mailman reached out the letter to him and he saw it clearly said Team Justice.

“If that’s fanmail, Team Justice disbanded.”, 81cheney said to the mailman.

“It’s from a small village outside of Kamovi, I don’t have all day and I have to deliver it, I can’t bring it back.”, the aggravated mailman replied.

81cheney took the letter and said, “Have a good day.”

He heard the mailman say, “You too.” Then he closed the door.

81cheney went inside and went into the kitchen. He opened a cabinet and found a letter slicer, he then cut open the top of the letter. He carefully pulled it out, once he did a key dropped onto the ground. 81cheney picked up the key, wondering what it was. He put it on his kitchen counter. Then read the letter, it went as following,

“Dear Team Justice,

We know you still may be recovering from the disaster of Lucky Lapin. Although, we would like you to investigate what this key that supposedly leads to the chamber of GC, which holds a great energy. Korblox the ancient empire, is part of a prophecy that can destroy ROBLOX. We are Team Salvation and it took us awhile to get our hands on this.

Sincerely, Team Salvation of Admirari”

“This sounds like a good reason to get the team back together, I better hurry and find them. Although it’s 22:30 and getting late, so I better go to bed and do it in the morning.”, 81cheney murmured to himself.

81cheney got ready for bed, seeing as it was nighttime. 81cheney jumped into his bed and slept, until one dream came.

(Inside 81cheney’s dreams)

81cheney was running from a giant man dressed in blue and black, Team Justice and Team Chronos were there. Also four other children he never saw before. The ground quickly swallowed them up, they all yelled his name after it. Right then, he was back in the battle with Lucky Lapin. All of his friends got their life orbs taken, the giant man in blue and black was there instead of Lucky. He spoke for the first time, “You cannot win this battle, even that key won’t help you stop me.”

(In reality)

81cheney woke up panting and sweating from the nightmare he had. It was surely scary. He wondered who that person was, why they were messing with his mind. He did not like it one bit, but he had a mission to focus on.

81cheney hopped on his motorcycle and left his home, zooming the streets in style. First he was going to look for Syranium, last he heard he liked to play soccer. Legends of Team Justice members still floated around Kamovi, it wasn’t uncommon to hear them.

81cheney passed a few blocks, looking for the central soccer field. He didn’t play sports too much, so he didn’t know where it was. After a few minutes of searching, he found it. It seemed a soccer game was going on. He took out his “stalking binoculars” and looked at all the players. It seemed there was about 14 in total. He looked at all of them closely and not one was Syranium. He was about to go look somewhere else, until he realised Syranium frequently updates his status on TwitBLOX.

81cheney pulled out his phone and opened the TwitBLOX application, to find Syranium’s profile. He browsed through a bunch of random rubbish, he posts a little too much. About ten things in the past hour. he finally found a picture of him on the soccer field bleachers with him sticking his tongue out.

81cheney jumped over the fence. He made sure not to get caught and kept following it. He then climbed the bleachers, went to the top row and passed a few people. On the second row, he saw Syranium. It’d be hard to get to him. He climbed down, then plopped right next to him and tapped his shoulder.

“WHO ON TERRA-”, Syranium started to yelled before he saw it was Cheney.

“Oh, Cheney, long time no see.”, Syranium replied.

“Yes, I have little time to explain this. I got a magical key in the mail and we have to gather the team.”, 81cheney said.

“May I have a better explanation?”, Syranium asked.

He handed Syranium the letter from Team Salvation.

“I see, where is this key and how can we trust this Team Salvation?”

81cheney held up the key and said, “We’ll just have to, the world could be in trouble.”

“I’m really tired of having to save this world, but if we have to.”, Syranium climbed over the fence.

He then got his motorcycle and parked it next to Cheney’s. Cheney jumped on his and Syranium asked, “Where to next?”

“I remember hearing a rumour about where Mxddison was, so the ghetto.”, 81cheney proclaimed.

(In the ghetto)

81cheney and Syranium arrived on their motorcycles in the ghetto. They just let them trot along with them, with fear of them getting stolen. A bunch of teenagers were just playing rap music, this surely was the ghetto.

Sneaking around, they passed a few more rappers and tenements.

“Where do you think she is?”, Syranium asked Cheney. “We have to keep looking.”, he responded.

They passed another block, nothing really changed. The size of the buildings and people were all that did. The culture was exactly the same. The environment felt the same too. Finally they heard a girl yell.

“That just means I’m so much better than you.”, the girl said.

A guy responded, “Prove it.”

81cheney and Syranium peaked around the corner, to find Mxddison with her freeze ray. She clicked on it and the man was frozen to the wall.

“Told you!”, she yelled at the newly frozen man.

81cheney and Syranium ran out, but it was shady, so Mxddison couldn’t see who it was. She shot her freeze ray, both of them easily dodged it. Syranium snuck up behind Mxddison and tapped her shoulder. 81cheney appeared right in-front of her as she looked behind her.

“Syranium, what the heck are you doing here?”, she asked.

81cheney tapped the front of her, then she popped up and said, “Cheney?”

“Yes, it is me. Anyways we have little time to explain, so just follow us.”, 81cheney said.

Mxddison did as she was told, so 81cheney took the lead. Syranium asked her, “Why did you go ghetto?”

Mxddison responded, “There was nothing else to do, but pick on these lowly educated fools.”

They finally arrived at the motorcycles, and 81cheney asked, “Who do we find next?”

Mxddison then responded, “You know I have everyone’s numbers, so we can just call them to come here.”

Syranium yelled in outrage, “We could have called them, but we almost got killed here!”

Mxddison turned on her phone and texted both Notive and Tushie24 with the locations of where to meet them and she also added that it is very important.

Mxddison then talked, “It should be about ten minutes before they arrive here, so mind telling me what this whole thing is about?”

81cheney explained the whole story, with the letter and key as proof. Mxddison just listened to him and the occasional commentary Syranium added in.

“I see now, how can we trust this Team Salvation?”, Mxddison asked.

Two motorcycles then pulled in front of everyone, it was Notive and Tushie24. They both brought their gears and were ready for combat.

“What’s this about?”, Notive questioned.

“I was randomly walking in a park, it was boring anyways.”, Tushie24 commented.

81cheney explained the whole story over again, with the key and letter as proof, once again. “How can we trust this Team Salva-”, 81cheney stopped Tushie24 and Notive right there.

“We have to go to their village of Admirari and just trust them.”, he said.

“Where is Admirari?”, Syranium asked.

“Sounds like a fallen war clan.”, Notive added in.

“Well, it’s small, I checked on my phone earlier and the closest airport to it is thirty minutes away by car.”, 81cheney said.

“Why don’t we all meet up at the airport in two hours?”, Tushie24 asked.

“Deal”, everyone said.

From that point everyone parted and went back to their homes to get properly ready for the adventures ahead. 81cheney quickly got back to his home and changed into his normal fighting clothes. He hasn’t majorly fought since Lucky Lapin, he wondered if he could still fight as good.

For the majority of the two hours, he just tightied his place up. Making everything look good and neat, because when saving the world you totally need that.

81cheney was ready to hit the road and go. He got on his motorcycle and was ready to head towards Kamovi International Airport. It was a grey building with high ceilings, the flights were always affordable in ATR. One of ATR’s greatest treasures was a mix of cultures.

He arrived in the parking lot of the airport, to find a parking spot. He put his motorcycle on its kickstand and started to walk into the airport. There was no sign of the rest of the team. He started to look around the terminals. He saw one that said Laviet, which was a city right outside of Admirari. He went right there as fast as he could. The first thing he did was purchase a ticket, in ATR there are no ticket wait times.

He saw Notive, Mxddison, and Tushie24 right behind him. Who knows what they were talking about, it could have been anything. Tushie24 was the first to approach him.

He said, “It’s about time, now we have to wait for Syran-.”

Tushie got cut off by Syranium yelling, “I’m here!”

“What took you so long?”, Mxddison asked.

“I’m sorry, but that story is for another day.”, he responded.

Syranium quickly bought a ticket and rejoined everyone in the group. Everyone had their tickets with them and were ready to go.

The plane was soon called and everyone gathered on, besides them there was only three or four people, no one recognised them.

“Laviet isn’t too popular at this time of year.”, Syranium said.

They took off soon, with everyone ready. The plane ride took two or three hours, everyone read magazines or looked on their phones for entertainment. No one got out of their seats, not even once. The clouds were stormy, that’s a bad sign.

“Everyone put on your oxygen masks, we’re under attack!”, the pilot yelled over the intercom.

Everyone did as told and put them on, they were going to be in for a bumpy ride. The plane started shaking, it seemed like everything was going to be okay, until lightning struck the left wing right off. The plane tilted over, everyone kept grabbing onto their seats.

“Put on emergency parachutes right under your seat.”, the pilot on the intercom said.

Everyone on the team quickly got out their parachutes. The door opened, Notive and Tushie24 jumped right out as fast as they could, so did the other four passengers. Before 81cheney could jump out, Syranium stopped him.

“Don’t you hear some fighting going on in the pilot’s room?”, Syranium asked.

Both him and Mxddison listened closely, there was definitely some yelling and maybe some punching.

“Well slowies, let’s go!”, Mxddison said.

81cheney used his gavel to break the door right down, a red man was there ready to strike with his skull gladius that was glowing purple. He jabbed his sword towards 81cheney, but Mxddison stepped in and frozen the floor around him. He stepped and then slipped, he threw his sword right out of the room, which hit Syranium right into the wall.

Little damage appeared to be done to Syranium, but the sword came right back in the man’s hand like a boomerang. 81cheney took his gavel and charged, the sword’s force was evenly tied with the gavel’s. It was a contest of strength, both of them were pushed back towards the wall.

Mxddison and Syranium noticed the plane losing altitude and said, “Let’s hurry!”

They grabbed 81cheney and jumped right out of the plane, which went in the opposite direction and soon you could hear the clunk from it hitting the ground.

81cheney, Mxddison, and Syranium were safely in their parachutes, hundreds of feet from the ground. Who knows where they were going to land. They got ready to fall, as the ground got closer and closer. They finally all bent their knees and tumbled onto the ground.

“We survived!”, Mxddison yelled.

“Where are Tushie and Notive though?”, 81cheney questioned.

“Who cares? We should make our way to Admirari.”, Syranium said firmly.

“You’re probably right, but where is it?”, 81cheney asked.

“Pre-downloaded phone map to the rescue!”, Mxddison yelled with joy. She took out her cell phone and typed in a few simple commands, then a map appeared on the screen. According to the map, Admirari was right on the other side of the forest.

“It’s just that way!”, Mxddison pointed west.

“Let’s go!”, 81cheney said.

(With Tushie24 and Notive)

A bunch of small buildings surrounded them, some ashes were on the ground too. A small old lady was above them.

She said, “Oh my these poor things, quickly let them rest.”

A teenage girl said, “Yes, grandmother.”

(Back with 81cheney, Mxddison, and Syranium after a thirty minute speed up to skip boring woodland adventures.)

“We’re finally here.”, Syranium said right before falling on the ground.

“Is this the village that was recently burned?”, Mxddison asked.

“I suppose it is.”, 81cheney said.

“You’re looking at it.”, a boy with a green energy sword said.

“I suppose you’re Team Justice.”, another boy with dual plungers said.

“I thought there were more members.”, another boy with a frost blade said.

“Hello, you all must be Team Salvation. I’m 81cheney, this is Mxddison, and that is Syranium. We have two more members, Tushie24 and Notive, but after the plane exploded, they went missing.”

“Well I’m Wizzerland, that is Jpokemon, who you can just call Jay. That’s gamedude809, who you can just call Game. Then that’s Wustard.”

“Didn’t two people fall from the sky with parachutes earlier?”, Wustard asked.

“I believe they’re in the infirmary.”, Wizzerland responded.

“Where is that?”, Syranium asked.

“Just follow us.”, Jay said and everyone started to follow him.

After running through some buildings that were being built back up, they arrived at a small wooden shack. They quickly opened the new door, all seven of them took up half the shack. Notive and Tushie24 sat on a table with bandages. They both seemed to be awake.

“Hey, everyone!”, Tushie24 moaned.

“Get up now everyone, Team Salvation is also here.”, 81cheney stated.

Tushie24 and Notive easily got up.

“Great healing qualities.”, Notive said.

“There’s many wonderful berries in the woods.”, Jay said.

“Where is this GC temple anyways?”, Wustard asked.

“It’s a chamber and I have no idea.”, Wizzerland said.

“I did some research and GC is where OT is currently, so it’s somewhere around there.”, Tushie24 said.

“Hm, so we just get another airplane?”, Mxddison asked.

“That won’t work.”, 81cheney said.

“Maybe it could.”, Game commented.

“If we all combine our powers and energies, something might happen.”, 81cheney stated.

“What are we going to hold hands?”, Notive said.

(In the centre of town)

Both teams were next to each other, in a circle and holding hands.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.”, Notive said.

“Zip it.”, Syranium replied.

“Everyone focus on OT!”, Wizzerland yelled.

“Also each other.”, 81cheney added.

Everyone focused on OT. For Team Salvation, the map of all the wars. For Team Justice, all of the strange OTers showed on the news. Everyone started to glow, slowly the teams were lifted off the ground while radiating a huge amount of energy.

Soon everyone zoomed into the sky, but a lady in OT had a plan to split everyone up.

(In OT)

“General, they’re coming for the energy,”, Korera said.

“Then split them up and summon Redinosaur.”

“Got it General.”

(Back in the circle)

Three energy balls aimed towards the circle.

“They’re trying to split us up!”, 81cheney yelled.

“Then keep grabbing on!”, Wustard yelled back.

“Don’t lose the connection.”, Notive yelled.

They were split into groups of three, to fall into holes of space.

(With one of the groups that fell)

Mxddison remembered falling onto the ground. She remembers making an ice wall to slow down her fall, which saved her some of the pain. She woke up, after who knows how long.

Then she yelled out into the almost completely dark maze, “HELLO!”

She heard a scuffling noise behind her and point her freeze ray right at a person. It turned out to be Jay with Wustard right behind him.

“My bad.”, Mxddison said.

“Great we’re stuck with the girl.”, Wustard said.

“She’s not that bad.”, Jay responded.

“What’s your deal Wustard?”, Mxddison asked.

“What’s your deal?”, Wustard asked.

They were face to face, until a roaming noise was heard. It was like a silent echo. Soon eyes from down the hall glared at them. Korera jumped directly out of the shadow and tried to punch Jay, but missed.

“It’s Korera!”, Jay yelled.

“No duh.”, Wustard replied.

“Who’s Korera?”, Mxddison questioned.

“An evil witch working for the enemy.”, Jay responded.

“Come on, I’m not that evil.”, Korera said.

“Pretty sure you are”, Wustard yelled.

He then aimed an explosive arrow right in her direction, which in midair she took and aimed it right towards them. Mxddison saw it coming and was ready to launch her freeze ray right at it, but Jay grabbed one of his plungers and turned it right on Korera. Korera jumped above it and let it bang right into the wall.

Mxddison aimed her freeze ray and shot a few blasts, Wustard shot a rocket and they mixed. The freezing rocket was freezing all the walls it passed, it was coming right towards Korera. She went under it, but her legs were frozen to the ground.

Jay tried to stick his plunger towards her face, but she summoned her venomshank and forced him back. Mxddison took out her golden katana and leaped into the air, dodging her venomshank, instead the ice shattered and Korera was free.

Korera charged right at Mxddison and their swords met. Mxddison then blasted a shot at her using her freeze ray, Korera jumped right over it. She then spiralled down towards Mxddison, who was gently pushed back. Both of their swords were matched. Until Korera kicked Mxddison into the air and down onto the ground. Mxddison aimed five freeze blasts right at her, she dodged the first, the second, the third, the forth, but the fifth caught her. Her leg was stuck, at that moment a rumbling noise was heard.

It was not Mxddison’s stomach, but the ground splitting up. Korera tried to escape, but was frozen towards the wall. The divided got bigger and bigger, Korera was still stuck towards the other side. The walls finally stopped, smoke from debris covered the view. Wustard shot an arrow and Jay shot a plunger, nothing was heard, they just had to hope she didn’t survive.

With this maze of turns and twists, they all had to hope, hope that they would find each other and find the energy to stop Korblox.

Submitted: December 31, 2015

© Copyright 2021 81cheney. All rights reserved.


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