I'm Not Alice

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Alice Cross never believed in fairy tales, and never expected to end up in one! Alice and her two friends, Luna and Illusion, finds themselves on Halloween night in a rabbit hole. Or at lease thought they were...

Getting separated from the Queen of Hearts Bandersnatch, they find themselves at different places in Wonderland. Alice finds Ruby, the most snobby girl she has ever met, in Wonderland also. Worse, she's the Queen of Hearts new favorite, known as Queen of Diamonds. While Illusion finds her stay with the White Queen, Luna finds Mad Hatter having tea with March Hare and Dormouse.

Alice hopes to still have her head intact after the visit with the Red Queen, and Ruby.

[A suggestion Lynn the Rainbow made after watching Alice in Wonderland 2010 :P]

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I'm Not Alice : Chapter One

Submitted: August 31, 2010

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Submitted: August 31, 2010



"Alice, why don't you wear that blue dress you always adored when you were little?" asked my mom, Jasmine, who seemed to not like the dress I was already wearing. It was Halloween night, and my friends are suppose to come any minute to my house. It was my first Halloween not needing a adult to watch over me, and I didn't expect to waste it. "I think it will fit on you..."

"Mum, it's about four sizes too small!" I reminded her, messing around with the lace on the back of my dress. I tried to see my back while still looking at the mirror, but I wasn't that flexible as a owl. "Besides, I'm not into baby blue anymore."

"Oh well, I'll try making it bigger for the next time you need a color of a dress like this." I could hear my mom's shoes stomp down the basement stairs. "Maybe even lavender!"I groaned and walked out of my room, with my backpack. I really hated my mom's ideas to some things. I heard the doorbell ring, and ran down the staircase in my white boots.

I opened the door revealing Illusion, all dressed up in black. "And so we meet again..." Illusion said, with a smile curling on her lips.

"Illusion, the creeping accent isn't working." I reported, after observing her outfit. "It has to be more creepy and elagant."

Illusion frowned, and looked at me up and down. "Who are you suppose to be?" she asked, more normaler. "You look like some pesant..."

"Well excuse me, Death!" I put my hands on my hips, and gave her a glare. "I'll shut this door on your face-"

"ALICE!" My mom yelled from the basement, making Illusion smirk. "Stop that yellin'!"

I sighed, and walked outside and shut the door behind me. "Know where Luna is?" I asked, sitting on one of the steps.

"No, where?" asked Illusion, sitting next to me.

"No! I was just asking if you knew where she was." I turned to her, and gave her a look.

"Oh, no."

"I know that."

"No you didn't."

"Uh, yeah I did."

"Not before."

"What ever..." I stared ahead, seeing a bright white van pull in the drive way. "There's Luna!"

Illusion cheered, and ran down the steps, two at a time. I sighed revealed, as I walked down the stairs like a normal person would. Luna opened the van door, and jumped out. "Hello everybody."

"Lunny!" Illusion ran up to Luna, and hugged her. Luna was wearing a bright white dress, that looked like it glowed at night time, black and white striped stockings, and black laced boots. What stood out was the small polka dotted bow on the side of her head. "That took you forever to get here!"

"Sorry girls..." said Luna, acting ashamed. "I know you've been waiting for dinner."

"Dinner?" I asked, walking up to Illusion and Luna. "I already had dinner."

Luna gasped at me, then said, "Oh no! What about all that candy with you on a full stomach!" She frowned at me. Illusion stood there, looking like she was a T.V on pause.

"I forgot what I had for dinner." Illusion mentioned, confused. "Strange..."

Luna smiled at each of us, and opened her van door again. "Okay mom, we're good." she said to her mom, who was sitting in the driver's seat(no duh).

"Okay honey, see you tomorrow!" Luna shut the van door, and watched her mom speed away. She turned to us and said, "Come on! I didn't get dinner, and I'm starving!"


We already went to seven houses, and trick-or-treated. One of them slammed the door on us because they thought we we're too old to trick-or-treat. Illusion got mad and had silly string, and sprayed it all over there rose bushes when they weren't looking. Luna was telling the truth she didn't eat dinner before coming, because she ate all of her candy already, leaving her white bag empty.

"Jeez, everyone gives out small candies..." Luna complained, looking in her bag for more candy. "I'm still hungry..."

"Here," Illusion pulled out one of her Almonds bars. "eat this, I don't like them."

Luna frowned at her. "You sure?" she asked.

"I-Don't-Like-Almonds!" Illusion said, waving the Almonds bar in front of Luna. "Eat it, or I will rub it in your face!" Luna took the Almonds bar and started to open it.

I sighed, and looked in my purple candy bag, looking for a snack. "Which one should I have?"

"CHARITY!" Luna yelled in the street. "I FORGOT TO EAT DINNER!"

"Luna, shush!" yelled Illusion at Luna, throwing another Almonds bar at her.

"Oooh..." Luna stopped by a hedge, and was looking inside. "I see a bunny!"

"Really? Where?" I walked over next to Luna, and gazed in the hedge. Luna slapped me. "Ow!"

"You scared him!" complained Luna, glaring at me. "He was so cute!"

Illusion shook her head and said, "Come on, or you wont get anymore dinner!"

Luna squealed and ran over to Illusion, who was walking to the next house. I looked into the bush again, hoping to see the bunny. When seeing nothing, I ran to catch up with Luna and Illusion.

When Luna finally had enough for dinner, and all our bags were full, we decided to head over to the school and hang out and eat the rest of our candy. Illusion thought of selling her candy, and buying more silly string to spray on this guy's lawn that wasn't home. "He should be ashamed of himself." said Illusion. "He knew what his job was tonight."

"Oh jeez, come on!" Luna said, holding up her bag. "Waste all this treasure on some stupid plastic string? I don't think so!"

Illusion sighed, and kept walking toward the school.

"Oh my god!" Luna stopped walking and gazed inside the woods.

"What you see something?" I asked, and stopped walking too. Illusion did the same.

"It's a white bunny wearing a coat!" Luna turned to us. "And he had a pocket watch too!"

Illusion and me just stood there, looking at Luna as if she was crazy.

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