Dance All Along

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~Will fill in later, because to be quiet honest I don't know. Just doing the whole 'planing as you go' deal. It's worked out good so far c; But of course it will have to do something with dance, whether minor or major I'm not sure. And of course that romance! §Mars§

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dance All Along

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



I didn't really expect the last day of my tenth grade year to go so horribly. None of my friends, out of the five I primarily hung out with, showed up at school and teachers were assigning summer projects left and right. As I sat at the concrete table just outside of Fredrickson high school cafeteria thumbing through songs on my Iphone it hit me I'd be alone the last part of school.

The air was thick making even deep breaths feel like I was barely getting any air. I'd even started sweating behind my hairline within ten minutes. Yes, it was gross. With a mutter of curses, I pulled my red orange hair from my neck and fluffed it a good three times. It wasn't much better, but compared to the alternative, I felt like I was in neck heaven. Maybe the downtown part.

A breeze shuffled crumples of paper across the asphalt. It was the breeze that made you want to hide behind a solid object, strong and carrying pounds of dust within every inch. Arizona didn't offer much relief from the heat even in the winter months. Summer was a demon.

Giggling burst through my headphones (which were turned up all the way) and I looked up, already prepared to snap at someone. Two freshies, one I that had my art class and another one I didn't know were laughing about something while staring down at a book. I rolled my eyes and went back to shuffling with music. However, I was happy they were the only other two in the courtyard during lunch.

"Ebba, right?"

Again I looked up from my Iphone, a glare placed in my eyes. The boy who'd spoken, a guy in my grade with shaggy black hair and sparkling grey eyes smiled down at me. Sure, he was cute with a sharp face structure, but he played baseball, or at least I though from the jersey he wore. I had a thing against baseball players.

I gave him a nod and took out one earphone. Even with my rule, I tried to be polite to everyone. "Yes. Can I help you?"

The grey eyed athlete sat down across from me and turned his head to the side and made a face one may make when trying to get a toddler to understand what they'd done wrong. He began with clearing his throat and tipping a pretend hat. "Charm is not working in my favor here. Do you prefer flirty? Serious? Oh! What if I was," He paused and stood up, putting one knee on the bench and propping his elbow on his knee, chin rested on a fist. "An old-time gentleman? I bet you'd like that." He grinned.

At first he was annoying, now I was already planning an escape route.

"Ebba, Ebba, Ebba. You are just too hard to please." The boy sat down again, crossing his arms on the table. I shook my head with a grimace. No, I wasn't hard to please. Yes, I was bored with people quickly.

"Whatever your name is, name is, name is. You are just too annoying for my taste." I said dryly, putting back in my earphone and going back to the precious music. It took a lot of strength to ignore that a, to say so simply, drop-dead-gorgeous guy was sitting in front of and was attempting a flirt. But I wouldn't fall or him so easily, he had to work like everyone else did.

Someone called across the courtyard to the boy across from me, they said Zane, and he turned and waved, then turned back to me. He wasn't giving up. Bonus points in my book. I decided he at least deserved my attention, so I paused my music, put up my phone and looked at him. He seemed to know what this meant because another grin light up his face.

"She finally emerges." Zane raised his hands in the air with a 'woot-woot' and I laughed, despite myself. Maybe he wouldn't be to terrible of company for the rest of the day.


When I finally stepped off the bus and onto my house's cold tire floor, I let out a sigh. The cool cream walls of our living room and kitchen made it seem even cooler as I grabbed a Monster from the fridge and climbed to my room upstairs. It felt even better there with my fan going ninety to nothing.

I picked up my phone and sent off a quick text to my mother, letting her know I was home before dialing my best friend, Isabella. Or Iz, as she preferred.

"Hello?" Her voice came though the line sounding distant. I frowned.
"Hey Iz. I was alone today, thanks to you." I teased.

"Yeah, cool. So, did you know that if you miss more than ten days of school, they suspend you?"

I pulled the phone away from ear and looked at it, making sure I had called Iz. Sure enough her number, laughing face, and name were showing on my screen. I put it back to my ear and made a 'mhm' noise. Iz let out a loud sigh and I heard the distinct creak of her bed.

"I got suspended from missing two and a half weeks. Sorry about making your day lonely, babe. Wasn't Shelby, Dalia, or Bree there?"

"You know Bree wouldn't have been and Shelby left early for her vacay, though I don't know where Dalia was." I looked down at my lime green fingernails and grimaced. They were in desperate need of a touch up. It seemed as if then my whole summer unraveled in front of me. Hopefully days of tanning and having fun with friends would work out. My mother liked impromptu trips.

"Hmm.. call her. We could have a slumber!" Iz never called a sleep over a slumber party because she always feel asleep before the fun could really begin. Mostly Bree drew faces on her with washable marker, found one she liked and traced it in a black sharpie. Iz didn't mind, shockingly.

"Sure, but I'd have to ask my mom first. Here, I'll call her and send you and Dalia a text with the answer." I hung up after she said goodbye and hit the lock button on my phone, not bothering to call my mom. She would be home in less than five minutes anyway. It was my stolen seconds of peace before havoc reigned in the Siloh household.

Right as I smiled of this thought, I heard the door below rattle and I knew that it was my mother, her arms full of a briefcase and a baby carrier with my newest little brother, Adam. Right behind her probably tugging her shirt and chanting food was my other brother, Thomas.

Then I heard the door open and I openly groaned. It was another night of trying to entertain Thomas while keeping Adam quiet in my room while my mom hosting another one of her parties downstairs. But I gladly remembered Iz's idea of a slumber.

I tugged on my skinny jeans I had worn that day and tromped down the stairs to intercept a wailing Thomas. He beat at my thighs, once again chanting food. Absently I patted his red curls while leading him towards the kitchen.

"Ebba, thank God. Can you help with Adam and Thomas tonight?" My mom had Adam in her arms trying to shove a bottle in his mouth. The colicky baby wouldn't take it.

"Um, I can't. You said I could go over to Iz's house." I replied, taking out a box of gram-crackers and handing them to Thomas.

My mom looked up, shock on her face then guilt. True, I felt bad about tricking her, but I'd watched my little brothers four times in a row and I was tired of it. After my dad had left for his business trip overseas he wasn't home at nights like normal. I didn't get to live my social life as well as I had before. Maybe it was selfish, but everyone needs a bit of friend time, right?

Soon enough I had it all planned for me and Dalia to meet at Iz's house to 'slumber' and go to a concert that Dalia's brother was putting on at the local park. Dalia hated the concert part as music was not her thing, at all. She preferred athletics and just chatting. Iz sometimes tapped a conversation she had and labeled it "Dalia's Song." It caused laughs, but didn't strike a bell with Dalia.

As I kissed my mothers cheek and walked out of the large oak door entrance to my house, I almost leaped with joy. It was my first day away from Thomas and Adam in over a week. And I didn't even have to leave my mother alone with my brothers; she'd hired a babysitter to help.

I sat outside for a few minutes and waited on Iz to pull up in her white Mercedes. When she did, I waved and trotted towards the car. She had the door open when I got there and I dropped down into the car, letting out a sigh.
"I can't wait!" Iz screeched, wiggling her hands.

"Me either. Hey, something different about your hair." I looked at the black tresses that framed Iz's heart shaped face and scrunched my brows trying to figure out what was different.

"I got it layered." She replied simply, pulling out of my driveway and heading west towards her house. I nodded and rested in the leather seat, tapping my fingers on my thigh. For a minute we didn't talk and I knew she was saving all the important news for our slumber. It was still awkward between us after the last big fight she had which ended up in us not talking for almost a month. Even with nearly three weeks passed, a small amount of tension floated between us. I hated it considering we'd been friends since near birth. We still acted cool about it and never brought up the fight again.

Around twenty minutes later, Iz had pulled into her driveway and turned towards me with a grin. "Let's get this slumber started." She squealed, leaping out of her car. I shook my head with a laugh and followed suit.

*AN: Alrighty, so this is the second novel I'm trying out. First one didn't go so well; I didn't bother uploading it. Please tell me what you think and criticism (though healthy and nicely delivered) would be great! Thank so much for reading c: *

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