Once upon part 1

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This is the story about the vampire,werewolf and many more supernaturals creatures that once said to live among us.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Once upon part 1

Submitted: March 09, 2013

Reads: 462

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Submitted: March 09, 2013



ONCE UPON [PART 1introduction]

With the rise of the darkness they shall rise from the darkness. Legends say that these creatures are called the slaves of the sun andthey are cursed by the sun. Silver is their weakness, revin will make them to feel the fear and sun rays will burn them.But in absenceof sun, silver , revin they will grow stronger.

They walkamong us, live among us, since centuries and decades they have lived secretly in the darkness.They kill their preys, their prey are killed in the most dreadful way. They seduce their prey then slowly unrevealed their pleasure as time pass by they bring outtheir real face.

The face of the evil, the faceof the demon , slowly they drip the blood out from their prey body and kill them, they drain out every single blood drop and enjoy doing it.Ripping out the heart from the victim's body is their favorite. They are the predators the killer, the sinner.."They are called Vampire"

Even the coin has the tow side so do Vampires. The other part of them Vampires is most beautiful thing that everexists on the face of earth. They are immortal they are powerful, faster and smarter than human. Vampires are also known for their good and elegant looks they attract their prey in no time.

By knowing that such a deadly creatures lives among us, it was not the time for humans to rest. We humans were insecure but we still had hope. A secret group of peoples who knows the fact about vampires they trained themselves in a special way and make their body and mind strong enough to slit the throat of Vampires and kill them for good.

These peoples are called as”Hunters “they carry the blessing of the God and a case where they place all their equipments for killing the creature of the dark". A fully trained Hunter can be more "dangerous than a vampire" but still the Hunters where human with special ability to save their own kinds that’s human.

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