Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 13, 2013



When I opened my eyes the sun was high above us, I had slept for so many hours from exhaustion, pain, and boredom. I glanced around myself looking for Andrew and he was nowhere to be found. Shit. That means he can walk, I’m dead now. Surely he will be so pissed off at me that he’ll chop me into little pieces and eat me out of starvation. I heard footsteps coming from behind me in the jungle and I turned to see Andrew standing there along the tree line watching me. “Are you okay?” I asked hoping I sounded sympathetic. “Bruised, burned, and red eyes but I’ll make it. How’s your ankle?” He motioned to my leg. “I’m fine…” We stayed there in silence, it was weird. Every time we talked we were fighting, screaming, or threatening the others life. He came and sat on my side of the fire which was slowly dying out. We just sat, looking at one another, both of us not knowing what to say or do.

He looked over at me with concern; it was something I had never seen from him before. “When I was…” He looked away not able to say it. “When I was… you know… you said something… You said, ‘Please not again.’ What did you mean again?” He had a puzzled look on his face. My cheeks grew red and hot with anger. I didn’t remember saying that… I must have screamed it when I zoned out. “Nothing that you or anyone else needs to know about, asshole! Don’t kidnap me, rape me, abuse me, and then try to act concerned. Alright?” I kept my eyes locked onto his, but his worry didn’t turn into anger. He looked sad, like he pitied me or something.

“Who did it?” He prodded me again with questions. I stood up and stormed off as fast as I could, but he followed me. “So someone did that to you before? Who was it, Kim?” When he said my name it made my fists ball up and heat pour out of my body. “You don’t care! Leave me alone.” I screamed, but I stepped into a sandpit and twisted my already sore ankle again. He was right behind me now, watching me writhe in pain as I tried to crawl away from him. “Why don’t you just say who it was? A teacher, a boyfriend,  what?” He stopped walking and sat next to me. I was trying desperately to get away from him, clawing at the sand, dragging my body inch by inch.

“Kim, why don’t you just answer me?” I felt his hand graze my hip and I rolled onto my butt, ready to give him a piece of my mind. “I would never tell you anything, I don’t even tell my closest friends about it. Why the FUCK would I tell you?” I glared at him with such hate that he put his hands up in defeat. “Fine don’t tell me anything. I’m going to catch something to eat. I suggest you go get firewood because if you want to eat you’ll have to contribute.” He said and walked off toward the ocean.  

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