Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 18, 2013



I grazed my fingers over his jawline, thick with stubble now, and I touched his soft lips. “So now that you know my deep dark secrets… I want you to tell me something I don’t know.” He lifted his eyebrows in surprise. A grin spread over his thick lips and I waiting anxiously for his response. “I’ve got into a lot of trouble these past few years, bar fights, arrests, anger management.” I sent him a flirtatious smile. “So you’re a badass.” He laughed at me, but for the first time I laughed with him.


“What did you get arrested for?” I asked him and he seemed to get a little tense. “I went out to a bar with my friend Jake and he was selling drugs to people and he had me hold it for him. So when the cops pulled us over, I was arrested for possession of cocaine.” I gasped and couldn’t stop myself from saying, “Holy Shit, my dad didn’t do a background check before he hired you… Are the other guys criminals too?” I spit out and he laughed for the longest time before answering me. “Hell yeah, most of them were fresh out of jail. That’s why they stared at you so much, the first women they’ve seen in a bikini in years.” He threw his head back in laughter and I just glared at him. “I really hope you’re kidding…” I crossed my arms trying to cover myself thinking about all those males staring at me. Usually I took enjoyment out of teasing men, but not if they were truly dangerous. “Of course I’m kidding, Kim.” He continued laughing, but eventually I elbowed him in his bruises. “Ouch. Fine I get it.” He said and put his arm around me. “What was your plan? I mean… what were you planning to do once we got here?” My eyes softened and I felt tears coming on. How can I forgive him after what he’s done to me? “Obviously I get into these situations because I act on impulse. I didn’t really have a plan, I just wanted to scare you after all that shit you did to me.”  Mission accomplished, I thought to myself. He sighed loudly and ran his hands through his thick brown hair. “Now we’re fucked.” He said with disappointment and looked away from me.


I didn’t know what to say, because part of me blamed him for this situation. I still had a block between me and him, because after all he did rape me. I blamed myself too because if I hadn’t accused him of sexual advances, stole his clothes, and tortured him then we wouldn’t be here.  It was a weird feeling to sit next to someone who I hated before, but needed now. “Did anyone know that he did that stuff to you?” He asked me after a few moments of silence. I guess he still couldn’t get it out of his head. I moved away from him a little bit, it felt uncomfortable to talk about these things that were always secrets to me. “I never told anyone.” I lied to him out of habit. I couldn’t change my ways so quickly. “Why did you get into so many bar fights?” I asked to change the subject. “Ehh, I was always so mad at everything. I thought I always had something to prove, someone to impress.” I glanced over at him and thought to myself, how old is Andrew? He is definitely over 21 if he has gotten into several bar fights… “I have another question… How old are you?” He hesitated to answer, as if he remembered I’m only 17. “Twenty-Five” He said and I counted the years in my head.

 My heart beat quickened from excitement and fear all at once. I felt myself inching towards him again, pouting my lips as if to call him on me. It worked. Andrew leaned over me and kissed me slowly. Color rushed to my cheeks and my heart was beating so fast I could feel the pulse in my toes. His lips were soft and pressed against mine with a sense of urgency. His fingers gently brushed the hair away from face and I put mine around his neck. When we came up for air, I looked at him differently than before. He was a good person, I just pushed him to the extreme and he pushed me back. He was coming in for another kiss when I put my hands between us and he looked confused. “What?” He asked and I looked down at my hands. “Andrew, I just wanted to say… I’m…s…sorry.” I said after much struggle. I had never told someone sorry before, usually other people groveled at my feet. I was used to accepting or denying apologies, but this time I had to wait those precious seconds while Andrew considered what I said.

“Let’s just call it a wash, we’re even.” He said and kissed me once more on the lips. I smiled at him and we lay back down. The sun had set, it was cold, and I just wanted him to hold me. He wrapped his arms around me, and his legs enclosed mine. I took a few deep breaths and tried to fall asleep.


When the sun came up the fire was dead, but I felt more alive than ever. I slid out from underneath his grasp and tested my ankle, it seemed so much better today. I walked over the water’s edge and felt the ocean wash over my feet. I turned to see if Andrew was awake yet but he was curled up on the sand. I took my clothes off and threw them into the sand and then walked into the ocean. I scrubbed my skin and wet my hair. I swam through the waves for what seemed like hours before Andrew got up and started looking me. I hide in the water, because after all I still liked to play pranks on people. Only the top of my head was visible in the water and I watched him walk around the fire, look into jungle, peer out into the sea. His brows furrowed and panic set in. He ran into the jungle and I lost his figure through the trees. I laughed to myself, Andrew was worried about me.


I stayed in the water waiting for him to reappear from the jungle. When he did his hands were rubbing his temple and just then he spotted me in the water. He instantly glared at me, but more playful than angry. “What the hell are you doing?” He screamed at me and I waved him over. He spotted my clothes lying on the beach and he grinned.

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