Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 27, 2013



I laid in bed for about 20 minutes trying to fall asleep. I stared at the ceiling and pulled the covers up to my chin like when I was a child. We still had a whole night on this ship with that monster. I heard the door knob turning slowly and tensed up. PLEASE DON’T, I shouted in my head. I closed my eyes trying to pretend I was asleep.

“Kim?” It was Andrew’s voice and I instantly shot up in bed and waved him over. He locked the door behind himself and quickly came over the bed and sat beside me. “What’s wrong? DID HE HURT YOU?” He asked through clenched teeth. I shook my head. “Not yet, he said my mom is really disappointed in me… I guess she would be.” I buried my head into my knees and suppressed my sobs as best as I could.

“Your mom would be more disgusted with him if she knew what kind of a man he was…” I couldn’t hold back my tears and thick lines of tears streamed down my face. “She did know… She does know… I lied when I said I never told anyone. I told her everyday…” A confused look came over his face, almost like he couldn’t believe a mother would abandon her child. “She let him abuse you for all those years?” He said in disbelief. I shook my head and wiped the tears away with my arm.

“She told me it was my fault because… I was so beautiful he couldn’t resist.” My eyes began to sting from the salty tears and my body shook with anger. The two people in my life who were supposed to love me and take care of me had failed me. Everyone thought he was such a wonderful person, charming, smart, rich, and had the perfect family… My mother had been young, selfish, and married for money so no wonder she didn’t believe me at first, or stick up for me later.

Andrew sighed loudly and ran his fingers through his hair. He was obviously still feeling incredibly guilty for forcing himself on me. “Kim, when we get back to New York… I want you to get help.” He said and picked my face up so I had to look at him in the eyes. “I don’t want help, I want to get away.” I confessed and Andrew frowned.

“I agree that you need to get away from him, but he has to pay for what he did to you…” I shook my head violently. “No… I just want to get away. I don’t want to look at him, speak to him, or give him a reason to follow us.” I noticed Andrew’s face go a little lighter when I said the last part.

“Did you do something stupid?” I asked curiously and he got up and started pacing. “I wouldn’t consider it stupid, but you might.” He whispered and I felt my stomach tighten. He said something to my dad, and now he has a reason to come after him. “What did you do?” I whispered and got out of bed. I knew what my father was capable of. I remembered hearing stories through the door of my father and his friends. They would talk about guns, hit men, and taking people out for not following orders. He knew a lot of people in high places, that’s how he made so much money. My mother never said what he really did for work, because I guess she didn’t know either.

“I might have threatened his life, choked him a little bit, and called him an ugly fuck. That’s about it.” He grinned while telling me this, but all I could do was gasp in horror. I was glad that Andrew had stood up for me, but now he put himself in grave danger.

The room fell into silence and I paced around the room. Andrew still didn’t look worried, until we heard a knock at my door. “Kim, open this door.” I heard my father’s voice and I froze. “Is that dead man in there?” He said while trying not to laugh. I could hear more people outside, and I peeked under the door to see many feet standing outside. I held up my hands to tell Andrew I had no clue what to do. He started looking around the room for weapon and I walked over and opened a drawer with pepper spray in it.

“It’s only me in here dad… I don’t know where he is.” I said and heard them trying to jiggle the handle. My hands started shaking, what if they beat him up, or worse had a gun… “Now Kim, we already searched the entire boat top to bottom except for this room. Either he’s in here or jumped overboard.” I heard the feet shuffling outside, I had a feeling they were going to break the door down. I pointed to the chest on my floor where I hid all his clothes. He grabbed one end and I grabbed the other. It was incredible heavy, but we carried it over and laid it sideways, blocking the entire door.

“He’s not in here. Go Away.” I said trying to sound annoyed and not afraid. Andrew walked over to me and kissed me on the lips. I grabbed his hair and pulled him closer. He lifted me off my feet by my waist and wanted to melt into his kisses. I knew when that door came down that we would be fighting a lot of people.

I heard the door knob turn completely and they tried to push it open. The antique chest was so heavy that they struggled for a moment. “Come on boys, push harder.” I heard my father barking orders because of course he wasn’t doing any work. I wondered if those boys that laughed with Andrew were helping my father. Would they turn on their friend like that? Did they have any choice?

I held Andrews hands and kissed him one last time. “I’ll take the pepper spray, you hide behind the door. If I can’t get all of them, then you jump in.” I said to Andrew because I knew they would go easier on me than him. He nodded and waited behind the door and smiled at me. I needed some reassurance because I didn’t want to lose him.

The chest moved slowly, inch by inch into the room and I could hear the men grunting and growling at the weight of it. Obviously Andrew was stronger than them since he lifted most of it on his own. I had the pepper spray ready to go, I just needed a few more inches of space to blast them all through the door crack. “Just reveal yourself now and the punish will be quicker.” My father said sternly but I put my hand up for Andrew to stay where he was. The boys pushed the door open a little further and I pointed the pepper spray directly at them, without hesitating, and sprayed them all at once.

Curse words could be heard all over the ship from them, even my father had been struck with it. “You’re dead boy!” He screamed and tried to wipe his eyes, but I waited still. Andrew walked closer to the door and peaked outside to see them all holding their eyes and crying like children. My father opened his eyes for a moment to see where we were and that’s why I took my second shot. I sprayed him directly in the eyes this time and that’s when I heard something drop onto the ground. Andrew flung the door open and we saw a gun lying on the wooden floors.

“Holy Fuck” He whispered before diving for the gun. We both gasped as we realized just how close to death he had come. My father would have shot him, hidden it, and then tortured me to my own unique death anyhow. Andrew pointed the gun at my father, and kicked him onto the ground.

“Do you have anyone else on this ship with a gun?” He shouted at my father who refused to answer. Andrew drove his boots into my father’s sides causing him to scream out in pain. “Answer me.” He said and bent on his knees to get a better look at my father. “No…That’s my only gun onboard, but you will be dead when we get to shore. I can guarantee that, boy.” He threatened Andrew.

`Andrew stepped over his body and punched him right in the face, over and over until he had a trail of blood running from his nose and shallow breathing. He handed me the gun and picked up my father’s limp body and dragged him into my room. “Andrew, what are you doing?” I questioned his sanity for a moment because my father was knocked out already. Would he really kill my father?

He dragged his body into my room and sat him on top of the chest against the wall. He grabbed the gun back and took a cup of water I had sitting on the table and threw it on his face. My dad gasped and suddenly woke up from his slumber with a massive headache. He reached up to his head and then instantly down to his belt, feeling around for his gun. Andrew flashed him a smile and then pointed the gun at his heart.

“I want to ask you some things first.” Andrew said to my father with a sickening grin. He spit some blood out onto my powder blue carpet and glared up at Andrew. “I underestimated you, kid. Maybe if you stop now I’ll just have you incarcerated and not killed.” Andrew laughed right in his face. “You’re not in the position to be bargaining right now. Just sit back, answer my questions and maybe I won’t kill you.” He said with a smirk and I just stood there watching. I didn’t know what to do, because part of me wanted Andrew to just shoot him now.

“Kim, if you don’t stop him I will cut you off from everything and your mother too. Both of you will be on the street with nothing to your name.” He said looking at me with his disgusting eyes. I thought of my mother at our home in New York drinking her wine and worrying about me. But then I remembered all those times I cried to her, asked her for help, for guidance on how to protect myself. She was my mother and she failed me, so why should I save her now?

“Don’t talk to her. Look at me. LOOK AT ME” Andrew shouted and shoved him to the ground. “I want you to answer whatever questions she has for you…” Andrew looked over me with pleading eyes, but I couldn’t form words. My head was pounding uncontrollably. I had never had so much power over my father, and I wasn’t sure where to begin. I nodded at Andrew and turned my eyes to HIM.

“Why…” I whispered and fell onto my bed because my legs would not work any longer. He looked up at me with no emotion and muttered the words, “Because I can.” I wanted to throw up, I wanted to kill him myself. I ran over the Andrew and grabbed the gun from his hands and Andrew looked a bit frightened by my anger.

I pointed it right between his eyes, placed my hand on the trigger closed my eyes and fired… When I reopened my eyes I saw my father lying there completely fine, the gun had not gone off for some reason. Andrew looked at him with wide eyes; he couldn’t believe this man was still alive. My father looked up at me with teary eyes, and tried to reach out his hand to me. I jumped back instantly and knocked right into someone. It was Chuck, my father’s boat expert and he tried to take the gun away from me.

Andrew lunged forward and knocked Chuck to his feet and I heard the man wince in pain. “Chuck what are you doing? Kill him!” I heard my father shout from the other corner of the room; he couldn’t walk because of his injuries. Chuck reached into his pocket and that’s when I took my gun out and fired twice. I hit Chuck once in the arm, and once in the stomach. He fell to ground quickly, gasping for air, and blood spilling from body. My father looked on in horror as I walked up to him.

“WHY? Why do hate me so much that you would hurt me? Why didn’t mom protect me from you? WHY?” I screamed at him through deep sobs of anger and sorrow. He swallowed hard and tried to sit up and instantly coughed up blood. “Kim, sweetheart, I don’t know why… sometimes the things people love are too strong to be taken away so easily.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I dropped to the ground; put the gun on the bed and Andrew came over to hold me.  He wrapped his big arms around me. He kissed me on the lips to reassure me we would be okay.

I glanced over to where my father was laying, but he wasn’t there anymore. “You should have listened to me, Kim.” I looked up and saw my bloodied, injured, livid father standing above us with another gun. I stared at the black handle, watched his finger move for the trigger and I jumped over Andrew. I stood right in the front of it. “I LOVE HIM!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. My father reached out his hand and pushed me away. I hit the ground with a loud thud. Andrew had the gun from the bed in his hands now. My father stood hunched over, bleeding, and weak. Andrew was strong, tall, and didn’t look away from my father’s glaring eyes. BANG.


--- WHO SHOT WHO? Muhahahahah you'll have to wait and see. I hope you all are happy, because of all  your comments I wrote this chapter instead of doing my homework... =)

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