Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 06, 2013



I waited for them to release Andrew from jail eagerly. My mother of course had other plans. “Kim, I forbid you to see that boy.” I just smiled up at her, nothing could ruin this moment for me. “I hope you realize when I turn 18 I’m done with you…” The hurt showed in her eyes. I wanted to jab her further so I said, “I couldn’t hate you anymore than I do now so do whatever you want. I know it won’t hurt you to lose a daughter who was never really loved to begin with.” I watched the tears well up in her eyes. I walked away from her, away from our Mercedes and to the front of the jail where they told me he would be released.

I saw three men inside of the tinted windows standing there, and one resembled Andrew. I took several deep breaths as they approached the doors and out came Andrew! I ran over to him and jumped into his waiting arms. He kissed me neck and smiled at me like I was an angel sent from heaven. "I missed you so much, Kim" He smiled into my neck and I wanted to give him something to get very excited about.

“I want to give you a ride.” I winked at Andrew and he got serious all of sudden. “You better be serious, because I’ve gone 6 weeks without any sex.” He stared at me intensely and I laughed. “Of course I’m serious, and I thought one of your arms looked bigger than the other…” I toyed with him but he wasted no time dragging me over to the red Mercedes that I had told him about in your little jail visit.

He jumped into the driver seat and I got into the passenger side. He took the keys right out of my purse and revved the engine. “Oh my god… You’re so horny aren’t you?” I asked while giggling and he just grinned. He sped away from the jail and started heading into the city, the opposite way of my house. “Where are we doing this?” I asked curiously.

“You have money? We’re getting a hotel room…” I smiled at the thought, a night alone with Andrew after so many nights being ALONE. I put my hand on his thigh and started kissing neck. “You know I haven’t had sex for 6 weeks too?” I whispered into his neck and moved my hand farther up his leg.

“Kim…” He pleaded pushing my hands down. “I have to go up to a front desk and get us a room. I can’t have a boner and just walk into a hotel.” He smiled at me, but it looked like it hurt him to say that. I grinned mischievously at him. “Who said you would still have a boner once we get there?” I said to him and reached for his belt. He shook his head in disbelief but grinned all the while.

He took his right hand off the wheel and undid his belt because he couldn’t wait for me. I lowered my head down into his crotch and his dick sprung out of his jeans. For an instance I got a nervous, but then I remembered I wanted to do this. I grabbed his shaft and slowly put my mouth over the tip. I licked underneath the head and sucked on it for several moments, trying to prepare myself to go deeper. My hands were on his shaft moving up and down. I lowered my head a few inches onto him and he let out a grown. His hand found the back of my head and forced him deeper into my mouth. I gagged a little, but then he lessened the pressure on the back of my head and I went up and down slower than before. I felt the car sway really fast to the right and I shot my head up to see why Andrew swerved. “Sorry, I closed my eyes for a second.” I widened my eyes at him; well at least I know I’m doing this right. “Andrew you need to pay attention to road…” He grabbed my head and pushed me back down. “Shut up please and suck me.” I continued since he said please, but his forcefulness actually turned me on.

I went back to sucking on his tip and rubbing his shaft up and down. A few minutes passed of him moaning before he busted in my mouth. I held the salty, sticky, semen in my mouth for a minute contemplating whether to spit it out the window or just swallow it. Andrew had his eyes back on the road and a look of euphoria on his face. I took a water bottle I had laying in the car and filled my mouth with water so I was forced to swallow it all.

“You’re welcome.” I said as I came up for air and licked my lips. I put my feet on the dashboard and noticed we were in the city. Andrew pulled up to a nice hotel that was extremely tall and fancy. “I’ll be back, where’s your wallet?” I handed him my money and watched him walk to the hotel.

Andrew walked back out with room keys, a parking pass, and a big ass grin. I grabbed his hand and we walked into the hotel where they immediately offered us warm cookies. I grabbed two white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and we booked off toward the elevators. Once we were inside it was just us. Andrew lifted me up and pinned my arms above my head, and lifted my ass onto the hand bars in the elevator.

“You’re going to need a wheelchair when I’m done with you.” We both laughed and I tried to move my arms but he had me restrained. His kisses moved south towards my breasts. The elevator dinged and the door started to open when Andrew let my arms fall. A group of guys walked onto the elevator as Andrew turned around and I jumped down from the bars. They were all laughing at us, and I blushed as I straightened my hair back into its place. The elevator went up 3 more floors and we stepped off, but not before hearing their jokes. “HEY. Can we come watch?” One of the guys yelled at us and Andrew just laughed while the doors shut.

We jogged through the hallways looking for our number 645. “Here!” I yelled and we opened the door. Andrew went in first and then I followed him in. There was a beautiful tall bed and a large window overlooking the city. “How long are we…” Andrew stopped me mid-sentence with his lips. His thick lips crashed into mine and I closed my eyes. His tongue eased into my mouth and he picked me up and carried me over to the bed. He threw my tiny frame onto the mattress and I scooted backwards onto my elbows.

I watched him from the mattress strip off his shirt to reveal his muscular chest. I giggled with anticipation, I had been dreaming about this ever since we did it the first time.  He climbed on top of me and I loved feeling this close to him. He started kissing my neck again and his hands disappeared under my shirt.

“Andrew…” He ignored my whispers and kept kissing me. “Andrew. I want to tell you something.” I heard him sigh and lift his head up. “I kind of liked it when you were rough with me… It really turned me on.” I confessed and it made me feel so dirty. Did I really just admit to him that I like rough sex? I blushed furiously and he sat up for a minute trying to figure out what I’d just said.

“So you want me to be rough with you?” He asked me, looking very confused. I nodded my head fast and Andrew demeanor seemed to change instantly. His kisses were more intense and urgent on my neck and cleavage. He took my hands from around his neck and pinned them together above my head with only one of his own hands. I started breathing deeply, and realized I was getting wet.

Andrew ripped my shirt off in a matter of seconds and reached underneath me to unhook my bra. My nipples rose higher as if calling him to them. His finger grazed across my hips as he unzipped my pants. He lifted my butt off the mattress to slip the jeans off and squeezed my ass.  He was looking straight into my eyes the entire time. He put his hands on my knees to pull them apart, but I kept them pinned together. “What’s wrong, Kim?” He looked concerned and slightly angry.

“Nothing… I want you to be aggressive, rip my legs apart, and ravish my body” I blushed again at my description but it was true. He smiled at me and only used a little of his force to get my legs apart despite my hardest efforts to keep them closed. His hands went from knees to my inner thighs and he grabbed them, pushing me back further into the bed and positioning himself between my open legs. I felt an aching for him deep in my womanhood.

Andrew sat up to unzip his own jeans when I clamped my legs back together and he smirked at me. He put his hands closer to my womanhood and pried my legs apart. His hands grasped my thighs and ripped them open. He tore the thong off my body and touched me there. I squirmed under his pressure on my clit and let out a gasp.

“Don’t try anything funny Kim or you’ll regret it.” He said with a devilish grin and then removed his own underwear. I sat there obedient and watched his dick stare back at me. “Turn around and get on all fours.” He demanded and when I didn’t move he grabbed onto my nipples and twisted them. I yelped out in pain, or pleasure?

I did as Andrew said and he pushed my face down into the pillows and spread my legs wide. “You’re going to like this.” He said before plunging deep inside of me. I let out a moan and gripped onto the sheets. He hands gripped onto the front of the hips and every time he pounded into me front behind, he slammed me back onto his dick.

Andrew took his right hand and slapped my ass quite hard and I felt myself building up to an orgasm. I felt the faint thudding begin deep in my walls and continue to intensify. “Harder” I whispered to Andrew and he slammed into my so hard my eyes rolled back. My pleasure spilled over and I couldn’t stop screaming out his name.

When my screams of pleasure subsided Andrew flipped me over and slipped out of me before cumming. I was quite confused until he laid his dick on my chest and stroked it until a sticky substance covered my chest.

He laid next to me on the bed and looked over at me with a big grin. “That was…great.” He exclaimed through labored breaths. “Can we stay here forever, Andrew? Just me and you.” I pushed the sweaty hair off his forehead and kissed him on the lips. “Not HERE, but we will figure something out… But let’s not think about that until tomorrow…night.” We both laughed and fell into a deep sleep because for the first time in weeks we were lying next to the person who meant the most to us.

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