Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 03, 2013



I slowly made my way back to my room, my whole body was in shock and my knees were weak. He was the first person to ever stand up to me, he must be crazy. He assaulted me on my yacht! I looked around every corner,under every door for feet, and every hallway forpyschopath. I opened the door to my room and looked at the clock. 9:45 pm. How was I going to sleep knowing that psycho was only a staircase away.I laid down in my bed and curled my sheets around my body. I just let the sway of the ocean calm my nerves. Gently it rocked back and forth. *buzz* Text from Lexy BFF 'Hey Kim, are u ok? u always answer my texts! Please dont tell me ur mad! I'm really sorry I couldnt come but I know you'll find ways of having fun' I put my phone on the table and then got up. *Ouch* I walked right into the big wooden chest. My dad had given it to me when I was 10 and then I told him to put it in here since it would match all the powder blue furniture. I'll get that psycho back when its daylight again. But I have to plan what I'm going to do, I can't just insult him anymore. It has to be something that will push him over the deep end. I KNOW! There is only one other women on the whole ship and she has ALL the room keys. The maid!!! In The morning I'd tell Chuck I needed her to clean my room. Then I'd tell her I left something up in one of the rooms so I can get into his room.I immediately started throwing clothes all over my room. I spilled some pepsi on the floor so she'd have to scrub it out. That would give me time to steal all his clothes and stuff from his room, but the only problem is where is hide it all. OOO I know. The chest! It has a lock and everything. Hopefully he has something of value so he actually will be pissed. Now I laid down to sleep and slept like a baby knowing I had a good plan. *Buzz buzz buzz buzz* My alarm sounded at 5:30 am. I had to get up early to see Chuck and the maid before everyone was awake. I quickly got dressed in a designer sun dress and flip flops and walked out into the hallway. No one was up yet, at least not the workers. I walked over to the control room and knocked at the door. "Come in" When he saw me his eyes went wide. "Is anything wrong?" I never come to the control room or get up this early. "No, I was just wondering if the maid could clean my room today." He nodded his head. "Of course, I'll make sure to tell her later in the day." sigh. "Well Chuck, I kinda need it cleaned soon. So do you think you could go ask her now." He smiled. "Alright, if your hungry the chef is up and cooking already because I asked him a couple of minutes ago to make me some eggs so if you want something go ask him." Chuck said as he left the room. "Ugh the kitchen,I'm not going anywhere near there... soon" I smirked slightly. I walked out onto the deck and saw the sun coming up over the horizon. It looked just as pretty as the sunset, if not more. I went back to my room then and opened the chest took out the stuff that was in it and put it in my closet. That took me about 40 minutes because the wooden chest was HUGE. *Knock knock* "It's the maid" I heard a women say. "Come on in" I said. She wheeled in a big cart full of cleaning supplies. "Wow only a day and a half and the room is like this." She smiled. "What's your name?" I asked her while laying on my stomach on my bed and moving my legs in the air. "Shannon" She replied. "Shannon is a sweet name." 'NOT'

"Thank you." She started picking up the clothes and found the stain. She frowned.

"I don't have my spray with me." She said. "I'll go get it for you. I have nothing to do." I got up and walked over to her. She handed me the keys. "If you insist, it is inthe closet next to room 26." I smiled. "Oh I do insist and I'll be right back." As soon I was in the hallway I pulled the key off the chain that said room 23, and made my way up the staircase. I found the spray and then made my way back down the stairs. "Here you go." I handed it to her. "Thank you so much." I walked into the hallway and went to room 23. I put my ear against the door to listen for noises. I heard through the door that the shower was running. Perfect! I opened the door ran in double checkingthere was no one in the room besides him in the shower. The door was cracked open a little bit and I could see the steam coming over the curtain. I wondered if he thought of me while he was in there, about last night. Ithought about him standing in there, washing his body and touching himself...I listened closer and I could hear heavy breathing, almost like moaning coming from the shower. I thought about running in the room and ripping the curtain back and yelling surprise just toembarrass him, but I'll have to do that tommorrow becauseI have things to be doing right now. I started looking around for anything that looked of value. A cell phone, a watch, and that was it. I began grabbing all the clothes I could carry. Starting with his underwear and pants and ran them down to my room. I was lucky today as there was no one in the hallways. The cleaning lady was gone and so I threw it all in the chest and then ran back up the stairs. The shower was still running so I continued to fill my arms with clothes and more clothes till I could barely walk and slowly made my way down the stairs. I shoved it into my chest and locked it up. I put the key under the leg of my bed. I ran upstairs again to look for more things. I walked into the room again andlooked in the nightstand and foundnothingbut before I could shut the drawer I heard the shower wasn't running. Shit! I ran back down the stairs and into my room. I found my cell phone and finally I texted my Best Friend Lexy back. 'Hey lexy, I didnt answer b4 because i was too busy pranking people.' Sent to Lexy BFF. Then I put my phone back on my table and walked into the hallway. He wasn't outside yet, butI wanted to be the first one to see his face. I walked to the backof the yacht and looked down into the bright blue water, its so beautiful here in the day. The Caribbean was one of thebest places in the world for swimming, tanning, and relaxing. I walked around the outside deck andno one was in site. I turned to the front of the ship where I normally sat to sun bath and spend my days when I saw a bunch of the guys sitting around and talking, and laughing. "He was pissed, I think it was the owners daughter." They all started laughing again. "What did the owners daughter do?" I asked as I stepped into view. "Were you the one that took all of Andrews clothes while he was in the shower? He came into my room and asked if he could borrow some stuff cause all his got jacked." The tall guy with black hair said. "Maybe." They all looked shocked. "How did you get in his room?" I smiled. "I have my ways.... so watch out." I said and just then I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see Andrew glaring at me with those wild eyes again. Theeee w

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