Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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My footsteps slowed as I walked into the endless rows of palm trees. All the branches covering the floor of the island in big heaps of green, crunching under my foot as I made my way deeper into the island. The sun was completely blocked out underneath the trees. My eyes spotted a tree house in the distance. "What?" I walked faster until Iwas only inches away from the ladder. When I looked up I saw just how high it was, like 30 ft! "Cool!" I began climbing up the old wooden ladder, foot by foot up and up closer to the top. The tree house was notvery stable but I thought maybe I can see my yacht from this height. Maybe this could point me in the right direction. Grabbing the walls I pulled myself into the thin room. The old crown shaped roofwas short so I crouch to see out. 'Ouch' I stubbed my toe on a big rock but my mind is elsewhere so i barely notice. I looked around in all directions and could see past the shore out into the ocean. Little waves beat along the coast, and nothing could be seen out in the dark blue abyss. I didn't see a ship in any direction I looked. I heavy feeling caught in my throat, how long had we been on that boat? Did he kidnap me last night? This morning? Was he capable of killing me? I scanned the beaches sand looking for him but couldn't see him anywhere. He must be hunting me down, coming through the woods right now. I felt the room shake and so I looked down to see him grabbing onto its baseand shaking it wildly. "STOP! Do you want me to die?! STOP!" I yelled. "Come on, don't act so scared! You think it's fun to bash balls well I think this is fun." He gave one side a push and it swayed from side to side. I grabbed onto the wall hoping to balance myself but it only threw the balance off more. "I'm not coming down you psycho!" I yelled. "Then I'll come up!" He started climbing up. "Your dead bitch" He yelled up again while getting closer. At this moment I was truly scared of him. This man was stronger than me, and he wasn't afraid to show it. He had already hit me once, attacked me twice. I knew he wouldn't spare me a third time, especially considering we were the only two people on this island. There wouldn't even be anyone to hear my screams.I looked around for something to keep him down. OOO The rock i stubbed my toe on. I slowly reached over and dragged it to the side right where he was climbing. 3...2...1...DROP. I looked over the edge to see if it hit and to my surprise it worked! He laid on the ground with a bump on his forehead. "WHAT NOW? wait really, what now?" I mumbled. He was still breathing but in my experience of escaping trouble I had about10 minutes till he woke up with a pounding headache and revenge on his mind.

I let out a big breath as I put my first foot down on the ground just inches away from the soon to be waking Andrew. I should mess with him since he is already furious with me. I walked over and put a hand on his warm stomach. Just a few inches down was something I feared and wanted, oddly from a young age I had this fasination with men. I wanted them to want me, but once they did I ran away. I grabbed his beltand slowly took itfrom around his hips. I rolled him over and tied his hands behind his back tripple knot. Ha ha, classic handcuffs without the actual handcuffs. "ahh" I heard him moan from pain slightly and so I jumped up and ran about 10 ft to behind a tree. He arms started to flex and his hands trying to move. He rolled over onto his back and then sat up. "Ha ha ha" I laughed as he fidgeted to get the belt untied. "When I get this off your going to pay." He glared over at me. "Yeah thats what you said last time and now look where you are." I smiled and started to walk off just as i heard the belt drop to the ground. "What?" I turned and he smiled at me with both hands free in the air. "This isn't last time, you want to just surrender now?" Before he even finished I was running as fast as I could off toward the ocean. I wasn't sure what I was going to do there but it was better than nothing. I could feel my heart pumping as I ran as fast as I could but when I hit the sand I slowled down so much I thought my heart would explode. I looked behind me for only a second but only to regret it. He was only a stride length behind me as he pounced onto me. "AHHHHH! GET OFF OF ME!" He had me pinned down in the sand and had an evil look in his eye. Then I smiled back, I grabbed a handful of sand and flung it into his eyes. He automatically grabbed his eyes and that gave me my chance. I began to punch him in thechest several times until he fell onto his side, when he opened his eyes again I grabbed more sand and threw it at him. This time unsuccessfully. I jumped up and started running for the ocean but he jumped up and was right behind me. "Just face it I'm smarter than you!" I yelled just as my toes hit the water. I could feel the splashes from the water he was propelling forward and dove into the water head first. In my effort to get away he grabbed my foot as I kicked the water. He yanked me back grabbed my shoulders. "What was that?" He asked and then pushed my head under water. I thrashed and kicked with all my might but he was stronger. My screams were unheard even by him underwater, all my air was out and thats when he pulled me up. "GASP" I sucked in as much air as I could while he started yelling things at me again. "Sorry couldn't hear you!" Then he plunged me back into the water. Thats when I felt something touch my hair, but he had both hands on my shoulders. As he let me up I first gasped for breath and then yelled "SHARK" Heimmediatelystarted looking around in the water but he couldn't see anything."You're lying!" He put me back under the water and this time I opened my eyes and no matter how much it burned I kept then open until I saw a eye looking straight at me. When he pulled me up the horror in my eyes told me the truth. He dropped me into the water and then began swimming into shore. I froze in the water unable to move until i felt it touch my leg, then my arms began propelling me into shore and before I knew it I was laid on the sand right next to Andrew both our chest heaving from the swim and me even more from being air deprived. He sat up on his elbows and looked out into the ocean still breathing heavy. "You... asshole ... that wasn't a .... shark... it was ... a ... DOLPHIN!" He yelled and hit my arm with little force because he still couldn't breath. I brought my head up an inch and saw 3 dolphins riding the waves. Ugh, now this is perfect I can't breath, I'm here with him, and he has proof I was wrong!

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