Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 06, 2013



I laid on my back, chest heaving for a few minutes when I remembered my enemy was right beside me. I looked down atmy black lingerie and it was ruined. The sand has chaffed the silk and lace hung around in dismay. Islammed my arm down into the sand next to me in frustration. "Did you forget about something, Kim?" My eyes shot to my right and I saw Andrew sitting there on his side watching me. His shirt was laying in the sand at his feet and my eyes traveled up to his chest. Big tan muscles stared back at me with warning. Ishuffled away from him, kicking my feet in the sand. "Now you will rot in jail for the rest of your disgusting life. I hate you." Isaid the words with such hatred my hands shook. "There is no one here but me and you. I could take you right now, in five minutes, whenever I please." He smirked over at me and it made my stomach flip. I shouldn't be here, like this on an island with a psycho. I should be in my cozy bed, waiting for Marcus to make me breakfast. Tanning by the pool before my lunch break, snorkling on the barrier reef with my best friend. All of this has gone horribly wrong. I took my eyes off him, I couldn't look at him anymore. I searched the ocean for my ship, for my saviors, but no one was there. Just me, him and this island. I felt a rough hand on my leg and I screamed. "GET AWAY!" He didn't listen of course, he was just like me. He never listened. He climbed on top of me and pushed my hands deep into the sand around my face, bruising my wrists. "Say that I'm the boss! Say you want me... I know you do." All the blood had rushed to my head, his arm now crushing my throat. I should've just said it, but I couldn't make myself. I couldn't let him win. "Nobody could ever want a pig like you. I'm better than that. I'm better than you!" I screamed back at him, not caring if he hit me. He tightened his pressure on my throat until I felt my eyes began to shut. "Wrong Choice." Hewhispered in my ear andstarted to kiss my neck. His big lips made wet kisses down my neck in a trail. His knee quickly jammed itself between my legs and pried them apart. His big arms held me down and my struggles were useless. He wouldn't spare me this time. I closed my eyes trying to picture myself somewhere else but I still felt his hands all over me. He ripped my nightgown in half down the front. I didn't see his face because I couldn't look at him. His hands grabbed onto my breasts roughly and I wanted to die. He squeezed them together andkissed them roughly, biting them for amoment. Maybe it would be better if he just killed me. He dug his hands into my back pulling me upwards. His weight shifted for moment while he undid his pants and threw them aside. I could feel his legs slip between mine and push them wide apart. His penis was warm and touched my stomach making me want to puke. I felt him enter me and even though I wasn't a virgin it still hurt. I wasn't prepared for it, I didn't want it, not like this. He kept thrusting into me, harder andfaster than the last thrust. My whole body shook with disgust, the feeling of his skin on my skin, his hands on hips. I opened my eyes only once to see him envoloped in pleasure, his mouth slightly parted and moaning. I began to cry, cry like a helpless child again. When my eyes shut I left this misery and entered another. Flashbacks swirled around in my head... ~ "Kim...Kim are you awake honey?" His tall looming figure stood above my bed, blocking all light from his face. I didn't need to see his face though, because I knew him quite well. I called him dad. I stared up at his face, tears filled my eyes. I pulled the comforter up to eyes, thinking maybe it would work tonight and he wouldn't hurt me. "Please...not tonight." My little 7 year old self cried, begged, pleaded for normality. But he didn't listen, He never listened. ~ Andrew groaned with pleasure and his whole body got stiff, he was about to finish. I felt the warmth flood inside of me and then he pulled out. Exhausted, he fell onto his back with a smile and closed his eyes to the bright sun. I wiped the tears from my eyes and ran like hell.

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