Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 09, 2013



I ran into the trees and hid by myself for a while. Fuck him, Fuck this place. I sat in the sand, naked and red eyed from crying. I looked out at the ocean from behind my hiding spot and saw Andrew laying in the sun, clueless to my anger and pain. The boat was sitting against the sand bank where we left it, the waves gently rocking it back and forth. I stared down at my naked body, covered in sand and bruising appearing around my wrists, and legs where he had slammed into me. I tried to remember the boat, when I woke up, there had been bags in the boat too. I peeked around my corner again and he was still lying there so I ran the long way around him, through the trees and then into the water. I washed the sand off my face, arms, legs, stomach, and out of me. I approached the boat slowly, it was only 50 feet away from him. I didn't want him to see me like this, scared and naked. I looked into the boat, there were 2 bags, I opened the first one and found mens clothes I quickly tossed that back into the little raft. Then the other bag, I opened it and saw a few outfits. I picked the most comfortable thing in there, better for me if I can run, jump, and defend myself this time. I took out the underwear and bra and slipped those on, instantly feeling relief. Blue shorts and a white tank top went on next, and I glanced back at Andrew but his eyes were shut. Maybe this was my chance, start the boat, leave him here on this island forever. I thought about pulling the cord to start the engine, but then contemplated what happens if it doesn't start, or I can't steer it? Will he put me through that again? I took another look over my shoulder and he laid there peacefully, it made me want to kick sand in his face, throw a rock at his head, kick him in the nuts! I took the bag of his clothes with me, and felt something poke my side through the bag. I looked inside and found a huge knife... My stomach fell through me at that moment, Andrew did take me here to kill me. He wants to have sex with me, use me, abuse me, and then kill me... I shot my head in his direction and seeing that he was still asleep I ran back into the trees. I will wait for him to make a move. I want to see what he does when he cant find me. - I ran farther to the side, staying hidden behind the first line of trees, but still on the outskirts of the jungle. I kept a close eye on Andrew, watched him as I made my way farther and farther away until he was just a line on the sand. I knelt down onto my knees and crouched low, keeping my eyes locked on him. Finally he made a move. He looked over to his side, almost as if he expected me to be there. He got up, shaking off the sand and slowly walked into the ocean just as I did, scrubbing the sand off his body. Then he went over to the boat, looked inside and his fists balled up instantly. He knew I took my clothes, his clothes, and more importantly his knife. His body snapped around, he held his hand out to block the sun, and he searched the treelines for me. I could hear words coming from his lips, but they were only mumbles this far away. He started stomping over toward the trees and lowered myself down onto the ground, making myself invisible. He entered the trees and looked left, looked right, didn't see me and continued in further into the jungle. I jumped up and started to follow, not too close, but I gained on him fairly quickly and now I could hear his words. "Where is that bitch?" He mumbled and turned around quickly before I could escape out of view. Instead of hiding I withdrew the knife from my bag and kept it between me and him. "I see you found the clothes...and my knife" He said to me, stepping closer trying to close the distance, but I jumped back 2 steps for every one of his. "Stay away from me." I yelled at him, but that sick smile formed on his lips again. "Put the knife down and no one gets hurt..." He put his hands up to symbolize that he wouldn't hurt me, but I knew better than to listen to the people who hurt me. He only wanted to regain control so he could rape me again. My eyes dropped down to his penis, I had forgotten he was naked, but it was that instant that he took advantage of. He charged forward and I swung the knife in the air like a crazy person, trying to cut him but not succeeding. "Stop it Kim, I won't hurt you anymore. I swear I won't hurt you..." He screamed at me, trying to get closer and steal the knife from my hands. "You're a liar! Stop. STOP!" I screamed back at him before he grabbed me around the waist and threw me onto the ground. I took the knife and sliced into his face a little bit. He grabbed the knife from my hands and sat on top of me pinning my body down again. I screamed at the top of my lungs, not saying anything, just screaming till my face was red and my voice was disappearing. "Kim calm down!" He yelled at me, but drops of blood from his face were falling onto mine and I couldn't focus. He face was very serious when he saw the blood too, he lifted his hand to his cheeck and felt the wound. He winced in pain and got off of me. I quickly got up and ran off toward the shore, toward the boat. I had dropped the bags filled with clothes and god knows what else when I started to run. I turned around and saw him casually walking through the jungle behind me, eyes on me, but he was in no rush, which made me shiver in fear even more. He didn't care it ran away, because he knew I had no where to go...

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