We Wish, We Dream, We Love

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Spellbook is found & two sisters find a spell that will change their lives forever.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - We Wish, We Dream, We Love

Submitted: July 18, 2011

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Submitted: July 18, 2011




We held hands as we said the spell:
“Reverse time through water & sun gods”




“Ok, what if we close our eyes?” Brianna asked.


“Alright” I said


My eyes were filled with darkness


“Reverse time through water & sun gods” we both repeated


I opened my eyes. Nothing, I was really looking forward to this :/

I was upset, having Andy as a friend when he was 14, in high school, could’ve been so cool :/

A vibration interrupted my thoughts. A text. It said:

“Adriana, HURRY UP! I need to be somewhere”

Our brother -____-


“Brianna, we have to go, our brother is outside waiting for us” I said gathering my stuff


I & Brianna ran to the front door. Once we were home, I took a nap, and then did SOME homework, and then I went into Brianna’s room


“Saluto,” I screamed as I entered “what you doing?”


“Nothing, looking at Bill videos :D” she said proudly


“You always do that” I said teasing her


“Hell yeah!” she exclaimed


“I know, & oh my God, I’m so mad that spell didn’t work >.<”


I walked toward the computer


“ I know right?! Ugh” I heard her sigh


“ Sadness” I said.


When I got to my computer I watched a new video the youtuber “BrianStars” uploaded, an interview of Andy Six & ONLY Andy Six. Ahhh, this is life.

After a few of other videos, I decided to go to sleep.



___________ ?_________________?___________________ ?___________________?


We were given: two hands to hold, two legs to walk, two ears to listen, but why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else for us to find. _ Unknown.


Next Day.


Have you ever felt that you’re becoming crazy? That everything that’s happening to you it’s out of this world? Perhaps an allusion?

Ok, this is what I’m feeling right now. But I don’t know if I’m going crazy in a good way, or a bad way O.o


I woke up standing up, beside my sister in the middle of nowhere, in front of a bus stop, I suppose waiting for the bus for school, but how did I get here? Crazy huh?


Brianna was still sleeping beside me, I had to wake her up. What the hell was going on?




Nothing. She stood there in perfect outfit & make-up. Wtf?


I kicked her on her left leg


“FTW, why the fuck did you---- Where are weeee?” o.O


“I do NOT know!”


We looked around. It was a very silent & suburban area.


I felt a vibration on my right pocket, that’s when I noticed I was wearing black skinnys... wow. I took whatever was vibrating in my pocket out. It was a beeper O.o I haven’t seen these in a WHILE. I read what it said in the tiny screen: message from tio sentin: don’t forget to walk andy and bill home.


Don’t tell me Andrew Biersack & Bill Kaulitz... naah, impossible for that to happen in 2011, they must be touring somewhere in this world.


“Those are very demonic looking clouds” XD


I bursted out laughing. They actually look demonic, like the ones in scary movies, creepy.


We heard a strange voice, “Aren’t you the new girls?”


“Huh?” I said & Brianna echoed




Brianna & I looked confused o.O


“Aren’t you Adriana & Brianna?” He asked


“Errr, yes... do we know you?” Brianna asked


“I don’t think so, not a lot of people come here to Cincinnati” the guy stated.


He was tall, blonde hair, a typical white person. Hazel eyes, white t-shirt & baggy jeans


“WHAT?! Wait up dude, this is a joke right? Cincinnati? Last night I was in NEW JERSEY! SLEEPING!” Brianna said to the nameless guy


“Yeah I know, didn’t you move in today?”


I pulled Brianna closer to me and whispered “Brianna, lets keep the conversation, cuz then he’s gonna think we’re crazy.”


“Yeah ok”


“Your uncle talk a lot about you two” the guy said


“Our uncle?” we both said together

“Yes, Sentin”


“Ohhhhhh,” wee both said in shock


“Ok, so you know our name, but why don’t we know yours?” Brianna said to the nameless guy


“I’m sorry, my name is Josh.”


“Hi Josh” Brianna said


The bus arrived


“So where are we going?” I asked


“School, like any other normal teenager” he answered.


“Oh, ok.”


We stepped into the bus.


Then I remembered something extremely important, HOW DID WE GET HERE? DOES BRIANNA REALIZE WHO LIVES IN CINCINNATI?


“Why does this city sound so familiar?” Brianna asked


“I have NO idea.” ;)


“I call dips on window seat!” Brianna yelled. Brianna was buzzing, yes like a bee.

I got closer to Brianna & whispered “ So we wake up in the middle of Cincinnati & you want a window seat?”


“Yes” :D


“Whatever, go ahead”


Brianna rushed to the window seat -.-


“Ey YO! That airplane is sexy ass hell” ;) Brianna said


“ So you’re worrying about an airplane when you always---“ think about Bill


I hear Brianna screech. “BIIIIIIIIIIIIIILL!”


“For real?”  I ask


“Yeah look” she pointed at the window


Brianna pulled the window down screaming “HI”:D she pulled her upper half of her body out the window. Bill looked at Brianna as if she was crazy. Bill...yes, that famous rockstar that makes girls drool, especially Brianna, she’ll do more than drool for him. Yup, Bill Kaulitz. But, huh? He doesn’t look like a rockstar, he appears to be more of a child... maybe 14 or 15. I saw other people beside Bill walking to school. His brother Tom and... Oh my God this cannot be, Andy? No, I doubt it, that can’t be. Oh my God, yes it is! I pulled Brianna out of the window & said hi to Andy.


“Hi Andy!” I screamed in a jolly voice :D


“Can you please tell those young ladies to sit DOWN!” the driver said


The bus passed the amazing guys.


We sat back down. When we were on our seats, people looked at us as if we were insane or we did something wrong. More like if we were some disgusting hobos.


“You know them?” Josh asked with a stern face.


“Maybe. Why? What the fuck are YOU gonna do about it eh?” Brianna asked getting up to Josh’s seat


“Those are WEIRDOS! FREAKS! GAY EMO FAGS!” Josh answered also getting up.


“Do you have a problem with gays you dumbass bitch? Leave them the fuck alone before I break yo fuckin’ face” Brianna answered


“Pardon me?” Josh asked giving his most tough-guy look


“The hell yeah you should be pardoned beyotch. You don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Would you like if I come up to you and assume you’re an asshole, oh wait, that’s what you are, apparently!” >.< Brianna said


“I’m sorry gosh” Josh apologized


“Leave me the fuck alone & don’t ever talk to me again in your god damn life before I rip your head off and play baseball with your arms to make homerun.” Brianna warned


“OOOOOO” the bus cheered


Josh looked embarrassed, humiliated, maybe something he never felt before


The bus arrived to the “School of Performing Arts”


“Oh my God! Can you believe that we saw rockstars?” I asked?


“I know! This kicks ass!” :D


“I know. But why are they in school? Aren’t they supposed to be touring or something?


“I don’t know, hmmm, maybe they came to visit?” Brianna concluded. She tried to raise her eyebrow but failed as always xP


The principle greeted us at the school entrance


“Misses Morettis” He said


“I’m the principle of this magnificent school. I’m Mr. Gaylord


I tried chuckling, but I came to a conclusion it would be disrespectful. XD


“Hi, goodmorning, were you expecting us?” I managed to say


“Yes! The whole school is well informed of your arrival!”


Was this town that small? Hmmm... I guess our uncle talks about us 24/7


“Well, if you two young ladies follow me you’ll see your classes...” we followed Mr. Gaylord XD “...I have understood that you LOVE art and have a great talent at drawing Brianna...” Brianna nodded & said yes “...and correct me if I’m wrong, you enjoy music?” I nodded


“You will enjoy our performing arts classes Misses Morettis”


While following the principle, me and Brianna searched for Andy and Bill. We failed miserably :(


As we reached the main office, the principle told us that most of our classes are together since we were subscribed into the school in the middle of September. The ugly lady at the main office gave us our schedules


Me and Brianna compared the schedules and we have the first 6 classes together, and the last two are separate. I wonder if we’re in the same grade as Andy and Bill? Do we have any classes together? I hope we find out soon(:


“Let’s go to our first class yo!” Brianna yelled


We walked down the hallway of the Cincinnati High School. The classroom was 2 steps when Brianna stopped in shock.


“Bill!” she shrieked.


Brianna ran to Bill and hugged him as if he was a teddy bear.


“Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi” she kept repeating to the confused Bill


“Is this a joke” he asked


“Naw you just to cuuute” Brianna answered


“waaassss?” Bill questioned


“Sure you look hot ass hell in the future but right now you look soooo god damn cuuuute. AWWWW! I shall call you squishy and you shall be mine and you shall be my squishy. Such a lollikauli-billybear!!” Brianna’s cheeks were red as apple as she squealed with utter glee.


“How do you know my name? Why are you hugging me?! I don’t want to be your squishy D; “ Bill said


“Cuz-----------what year is this?” Brianna asked


I walked over to Brianna


“Oh! Now you wanna ask the smart questions?!” I whispered


“Just tell me the god damn year!” she whispered back


“It’s 2003. You don’t know this because?” Bill answered


“OHHH MY FUCKING GOD!” Brianna screamed


“What’s wrong with her?” Bill asked


“You have NO idea dude” I was trying to come up with some king of excuse to explain why Brianna was reacting this way.

“She has temporary short term memory loss” I managed to say


Bill looked more confused than EVER.


“How does she know my name though?” He asked


“My uncle sentin...he... has a picture of you” I said having no idea if it was true or not


“ Oh! Him! I go over his house ALL the time with my friend Andy” Bill said with a grin. That kind of smile Brianna loves


“ANDY” I screamed at Bill


“You know him too?” Bill asked shocked




“Hellz yeah! YO! We should hang out sometime! :D” Brianna shouted


“Umm, suuure, Andy and me are going to Sentin’s house at 4” Bill said


“Oh my God. Oh my God!” she yelled


“What’s going on with her?” He asked


“Umm, I think she had epiphany” I said


Bill: o.O


“Sudden realization of great truth” I explained


“ Ohhhhh... o.O” Bill said confused “ What’s the great truth?”


“I have NOO idea”


I walked over to Brianna


“You should really stop acting like a crazed fan” I told her




“You gotta try Brianna” I said




“Shut the fuck up god dammit!”


“But he’s a cuddly teddy bear!”


“No the fuck he ain’t a teddy bear, he’s a human being, now go over there and APOLOGIZE!” I screamed at her


@_@ *sniff* “OK” he said


Brianna walks over to Bill


“I apostergize...”


*Bill pats Brianna’s back* “It’s ok, we all have issues like that”


“Yaaay” ;3






“Uhhh, ok?”


I heard a crowd chanting “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT”


“Andrew fight you emo fag” I heard


Could this be Andy?


I got in the crowd and I saw that Brianna and Bill were already there screaming for it to be stopped and suddenly a big muscular guy probably a football jock yanked Bill into the fight with... with ANDY


“Go on fight you fags” The muscular guy said


“Oh HELL NAAAAW you dumbass beyotch! You don’t address Bill like that! I dunno who the fuck you think you is, BUT YOU DON’T HURT MY BILL!


Brianna punched him in the jaw. The kind of punch that dislocates his jaw. Before I knew it, after the guy hit Bill only once, Brianna once going tooth and nail to the jock.


Meanwhile, I noticed that Andy was still in the midst of getting a pure beat down


“Andeeeeeeeh” I screamed


“You make me so Angreeeeh” Brianna continued


“How the fuck am I making YOU angry?!” Andy asked confused


“Coz you ain’t fighting back! You see, it’s all in the technique” Brianna punched the jock harder. Brianna knocked him out


I saw that one of the jocks tried to hit Andy so I went over & kicked his balls. He started crying and fell to the floor moaning “My babieeeeees”

The principle Mr. Gaylord hollered at us and called us to the office. We should be there in 5 minutes.


Bill: Ah shit, we’re fucked.

Andy: Oh my fucking God

Adriana: *laughs*

Brianna: *laughs*

Bill & Andy: What the fuck?

Adriana & Brianna: *high five*

Bill: Do you two realize we’re in trouble?!

Brianna: Yes, I’ve noticed *laughs*

Adriana: I believe we’re gonna get suspended. *laughs*

Andy: isn’t this your first day?!

Adriana & Brianna: Yeah.

Bill: Fuck my life.


Andy complained about all the things he could get taken away. Bill complained about how he didn’t want to take shit from Tom.


The security arrived to escort us to the main office. Brianna making the most stupidest of quotes says: “I want a taco wearing a sombrero that shoots lasers from his eyes... I wanna name him prancey! XD”


To Be Continued... ;)

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