A Collection of Brief Essays on Various Social and Moral Topics

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - The Necessity of Strong Male Authority Figures

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



The Necessity of Strong Male Authority Figures

What's ironic is, I've found that parents who follow their children around constantly, trying to control everything, protect them from everything, and force them to be perfect in every way, are often too cowardly to stand up to their children if ever they actually need to. They are too afraid to let their children do anything by themselves, but they nonetheless lack the courage to control their children when necessary, so instead they impose lots of rules and restrictions on their children, because it makes them feel like they have control even when they don't. Then, when the children don't follow those rules, those same parents attempt to fix things by making more and more rules which the children, of course, also don't follow. Thus, the parents make more and more rules, and the children follow them less and less. The fact that the parents make too many rules, together with the fact that the children don't ACTUALLY have to follow those rules, drives the children farther and farther away from their parents, until at last it would be better if they had never known one another. Although a parent of either sex could theoretically do this, I have found that this is most often the case with single mothers. They lack control over other parts of their lives, so they make up for it by over-controlling their children. This is much less the case with single fathers. Men tend to be much more stubborn and strong-willed than women. Thus, fathers are much more reliable at enforcing rules, and therefore don’t feel the need to impose so many. That is why I think we need to end the phenomenon of single mothers. A strong male authority figure has a stabilizing effect on a family, because everyone can depend on him for support. Although it is not politically correct to say so, I have always found that in the absence of a strong male authority figure, a woman tends to flutter to-and-fro like a dry leaf in the wind, unable to decide which direction to go. Unfortunately, that is no way to raise a family.

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